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Welcome! This is the orga wiki, containing a lot of organizational information about the SHA2017 event.

Beware: As of 1st November 2016, this wiki will be reachable on

Be aware that information on this wiki can change and may not reflect the final event. A separate visitor-support and villages wiki will be ready soon, so contexts are split. You are of course hereby invited to participate in the orga, you can do this by contacting one of the teams.

SHA2017 is a non profit outdoor Hacker camp/conference taking place in The Netherlands in 2017 on August 4th to 8th. It is the successor of a string of similar events happening every four years. These are GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR and OHM. Similar events are EMF 2016 in the UK, CCC Camp and congress in Germany.

The festival is organized for and by volunteers from and around all facets of the international hacker community. Knowledge sharing, technological advancement, experimentation, connecting with your hacker peers and of course hacking are some of the core values of this event.

The SHA2017 organization is starting up, which means that there is more than enough room to join teams and become a crucial part in bringing SHA2017 to life.

If you have any questions regarding the event, we have a FAQ.



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