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Terrain panorama derchris.jpg

As SHA2017 is on a field, the best way to enjoy the entire festival is camping. We advise sleeping every night, and you'll be more comfortable in some sort of shelter.


  • Village buildup (on request): From August 2 12:00
  • Buildup from: ±26st of July 09:00 to 3rd of August 22:00
  • Teardown from: 8th of August 18:00 to 11th of August 22:00

*=Only access on written confirmation(!), dates might alter slightly.

More details of the event planning are in the FAQ.


The whole terrain of SHA2017 is divided into fields. A list of all Fields is and details about the individual Fields can be found here. The individual fields also show how much of space is already registered by villages(*). We hope that this will help to balance the usage of the available space.

*=as of now, the numbers are still mocks


Since we can't allow to many cars on the field during buildup, we build a tool to help visitors to distribute their arrival over time. By setting the 'Buildup-Timeslot' value on your User-Page you can indicate when you want to arrive and enter the field with a vehicle. That data is then aggregated and shown on the Camping/Buildup page.

Those timeslots have no binding value! They just exist to help planning. The Security/Entrance Team will hand out vouchers to enter the field on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Bring your own tent

If you're completely new to camping, look camping for beginners here.

Small Tents

The most obvious way to provide a sleeping space it bring your own tent and camp on the field. There are no requirements for small tents. Small tents provide sleeping space for a maximum of 5 persons, or are small pavilions.

Big Tents

Large tents need to be pre-registered for safety reasons (fire-safety, escape-routes, ...). So please mention them in the villages-registration-form. They also need to be fire-retardant according to NEN 6065 class II norm (equivalent DIN 4102-B1). Big tents include for example:

  • Hacktents
  • Kitchentents
  • Loungetents
  • Sleepingtents for more than 5 persons.

It will also need emergency lights, and a fire extinguisher if one of the following is true:

  • Tent is larger than 60m²
  • Peak usage is > 50 people (think of a party)
  • Normal user is > 30 people (daily usage: hacking, cooking, ...)

Campers, Cars and special Vehicles

The terrain is quite squidgy, so scouting doesn't like any vehicles on the grass. That leaves only a few small areas that can be used for vehicles. Therefore the number of vehicles allowed on the fields during the event is limited.

So please consider other options and leave the camper-spots for families and handicapped persons.

Getting a Camper-Ticket

A small batch of camper-tickets is availabe in the ticketshop. One Camper-Ticket is 10€. First-come-first-serve.

Important Rules

  1. A camper-ticket is not a parking ticket! Its intended only for camper/caravans and not for any kinds or cars/vans/busses.
  2. You can't select the position of your vehicle on the terrain. That means you most likely won't be able to camp next to a specific village.

Special Vehicles

We do recognize that some people want to bring 'special' vehicles (Hackerspace Bus, Art installations, ...). It they are an important part of a village or contribute to the awesomeness of the event it will be possible to have them on the terrain.

Details are unknown yet, please come back later. In the meantime, you can contact Team:Villages and tell them about your special vehicle to have it pre-registered.


If you come by boat, and your boat is suitable for sleeping, then sleeping in the harbor is possible.


If you can't or don't want to bring a tent, there are some other options.


KarTent drawing.png

A KarTent is a tent you can order from the sha ticket shop, they are made from water resistant cardboard. These tents are one use only, but after the event all the tents get recycled. This is a handy alternative to buying a tent for one time use if you didn't have one or when you want to save room when travelling by leaving your tent at home. You get the carTent on the terain, and you can place it at your village or other available camping area.

The dimensions are 1,60 meter by 2,20 meter while being 1,30 meter at the highest point. Further more the tent has two layers of carton to keep out the rain and to function as isolation.

The tent is available in two options. You can buy it with or without sleeping gear. The sleeping gear will include an air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow that you can keep or donate to the salvation army after the event.

Big tents


We offer the possibility to rent big tents via the ticket shop.

  • Size 5mx5m
  • 550€ for the whole event
  • wooden floor
  • ready to move in on Day 0

Since those tents are rather plain and boring please bring some decoration. Blinkenlights are always welcome :) Please do not to damage those tents, the orga will pay a deposit for them. If you do something really stupid and damage the tent, we will ask you for monetary compensation.

Tables and chairs

Similar to the tents, you can also order chairs and tents to be ready for you at the campsite.


If you don't like to sleep in a tent, we have blocked rooms in the hotel across the lake. This is Postillion hotel at strand Nulder (Amersfoort, postillion-hotel-amersfoort-veluwemeer). You can use the code "sha2017" to reserve one of the blocked rooms (currently only through phone reservation). The Safe Harbour Authority will run a ferry across the water.



SHA-2017 has their own harbour that is run by the Safe Harbour Authority. The goal of the Safe Harbour Authority is to offer an harbour for boats to dock during SHA-2017, be the on water camping ground of boat lovers, a ferry service, learn about technologies related to boating and organizer of fun water related activities. In order to facilitate that in a safe way we will offer harbour safety services that are available 24/7 during the camp in conjunction with Team Safety. We will have offices, good communications and trained volunteers. The Safe Harbour Authority adds to your SHA2017-experience and brings a cool eye candy and learning at experience to the SHA2017-community. You can find more information on Safe Harbour page.