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(42V DC grid project)
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Cluster Name altpwr.net


Generated SHA Flag (experiment here)
Website https://www.altpwr.net
Contact join@altpwr.net
Name altpwr.net
Description The alternative power network, a 42V DC grid you and your village can join!

We have over 2kW of solar panels and a 15kW 400->42V converter, a lot of safety systems so you don't get fried! We offer 4A or 16A protected user/village connections, FREE addon for SHA2017! :)

Total Floorspace requested by villages 82 m²
Interests 42V, 42VDC, solar, microgrid, grid, off-grid, green, altpwr, DC
preferred Location
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A cluster of villages and users joining the 42V DC grid.

See https://www.altpwr.net for details!