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Public Information

The following information is shown on the page of your cluster. They have an informational purpose for visitors of your cluster page and It will be shown within a info-box, its purpose is to inform visitors of your cluster page. Please fill in all the information you'd like to provide. Note that all fields can be accessed by visitors, web-archives and search-engines requesting pages from the wiki.

Exact Name
This name is used to generate a SHA Flag. You can experiment a bit with your flag name here.
You can put links to websites describing the cluster into this box. If you have multiple URLs, you can just separete them by a comma (",") which will allow the wiki to parse them properly.
Official contact
You can provide some information here, how a person might contact you in case of interest or questions. For example a mail address, website, IRC-Channel, (DECT) phone number and/or the name of a specific member. Please do not try to create a link to a user page, as this will result in a broken cluster page.
Short description.
Place a short description about your cluster into this field. For detailed information use the Free Text field below. Please do not use any wiki-code except line breaks or lists within this field.
To be filled in by Team:Villages
Add tags describing your cluster. You might want to use tags provided via autocompletion or add new tags that do not yet exist along the wiki. Hint: It is normally wise to use tags that other clusters share rather then creating new, unique keywords. Unique tags will only be shown on your cluster but filtered on other pages.
Location (GPS coordinate)

You can get a GPS coordinate by right-clicking below map and copying the value in the box above. Be aware that the map indicates a _desired_ location of the cluster, which might be moved elsewhere (you will be informed if contact details are available).

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Your main Cluster Page

Please put some more info describing the cluster here. This will show up as the content of the cluster-page: