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  • You can create your own announcements. Only announcements from Sysops will be shown on the main page; announcements you make on your village/project/personal page are shown here.
  • Note: you need to refresh this page if you add a new announcement, and announcements will only be allowed from this page.
  • Do you have something interesting to show the press? Tell the press guides!
  • To prevent clutter, please add an expiry date and/or time. If you set it to 2017-08-03, it won't be shown at 2017-08-03. If you set enddate=2017-08-03 20:00, it will be shown up until 19:59 that day.
|enddate=ISOdate when the message is not shown anymore


{{Announcement|Get ready to camp!
{{Announcement|Get ready to camp! Expired in 2013!|}}