Darf das wirklich Radio machen - Eine Radioethische Betrachtung

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This will be a radio show on the Projects:BinaryVoice.

Darf das wirklich Radio machen.png

The radio show will be in my butchering of the English language. No knowledge of German is required to listen or participate.


There will be music intermingled with these segments.

Ziwzi Ziwzi Ooh Ooh Ooh Ohh

Just a simple religious programme for Robots.

100 Protocols

Artistic appreciation of protocols. This time T.30.

Wissenswertes über Erlang

Short facts about Erlang

Space Shoe Experts Time

An interview with an expert on the topic of shoes in space. This interview will be in the Na'vi language.

Movie Soundtrack Quiz

Here you have to guess movies based on their sound. Clips or pieces of their soundtrack are played and the contestants who guess it right will get points. The number of points at the end determines the order in which prizes are picked. If there are less participants than prizes, everyone will get one.

It might be sensible to bring your laptop, as it will be allowed if the questions turn out to be to hard. Maybe we'll have an IRC joker. :)

Contestants wanted

Have you ever watched a movie? Are you able to hear? Then this is your chance to win fabulous prizes.

All you have to do is recognize audio clips of (more or less) famous movies and TV shows. You then get points which are edible. The number of uneaten points are used to determine who may select their prize first. Knowledge of German is not needed. Bring your laptop!


The prizes are DVDs and CDs of various sorts. Since there probably will be more prizes than contestants, it's very likely that everyone will get one.

Just some of the DVDs and CDs you can get


The edible point system has been provided by HFO-Telecom [[1]]. They are looking for people who have worked with computers in the past.