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Visitors and volunteers have asked several questions about the SHA2017. Since we're still a year away from the event, not all details are known yet. Some details depend on the contract with the location, which is in its final stages. Also some depend on the permit, which depends on official procedures that won't be completed until the beginning of 2017. This page can provide (partial) answers and have a single source of truth for early information (that will be added to the website later). Do you want to help with the FAQ? Check out: FAQ/crowdsourced.

Do you have a question that is not answered on this page? Feel free to mail us at infodesk@sha2017.org

Questions regarding tickets are answered in the Tickets FAQ: here.


Post SHA

When can I come again?

No doubt in four years time, there'll be another event. But as tradition has it, there will be new people in the orga - and some familiar faces doing different things

Can I buy a badge or shirt after SHA?

You can buy shirts and hoodies until the 1st of September in the SHA ticketshop. The badges are all gone. But since they're open source, you can always try to make them yourself, or have someone make them..

what happens to the found stuff?

We're collecting all found stuff and working on a way to have them returned to their owners. You can check the Lost and Found page for now, and add to it.

What happens to the website and wiki?

We're twilighting into an archive mode, because sponsorship for the servers is ending. Of course if someone could sponsor our server, we can continue operating for a bit longer!

Where can I drop my feedback?

On the Feedback page we're collecting feedback; both things we can learn from (or rather: the next organisation) and things that make us feel warm about the effort we put in.

What happened to video X on YouTube?

All videos had to be re-uploaded to YouTube 0and gotten a new URL. You can find them all on the SHA2017 YouTube Channel, and of course on media.ccc.de.


What are the dates of the event? At what time can I enter the field?

The event will occur from the 4th of august (Day1) till the 8th of august (Day5).

The field will be open to all visitors from the 3rd of august. Cars are allowed that day on the field during buildup, but need to leave the field at 22:00. Teardown starts on the 8th of august at 18:00h. From that moment on, cars are allowed on the field again. Visitors that will not help with teardown needs to leave the field before 12:00 at 9th of august.

Day Weekday Date Time Event
Day -8 Wednesday 26 July 2017 Buildup (orga) - Be early = Help out
Day -5 Saturday 29 July 2017 Buildup (orga + volunteers) - Be early = Help out
Day -1 Wednesday 2 August 2017 12:00 Access for village build-up
Day 0 Thursday 3 August 2017 12:00 Access visitors
22:00 End of build-up
Day 1 Friday 4 August 2017 12:00 First talk
17:00 Opening talk
20:00 Keynote
Day 2 Saturday 5 August 2017 Talks
Day 3 Sunday 6 August 2017 Talks
Day 4 Monday 7 August 2017 Talks
Day 5 Tuesday 8 August 2017 Talks
16:00 Closing talk
18:00 Tear down start
Day 6 Wednesday 9 August 2017 12:00 Leave terrain (visitors), Teardown (orga+volunteers)
Day 7 Thursday 10 August 2017 Teardown (orga + volunteers) - Stay late = Help out
Day 8 Friday 11 August 2017 Teardown (orga + volunteers) - Stay late = Help out
We need help with buildup and teardown, please register in the Angelsystem to enlist!

Is there merchandise? Free volunteer t-shirts?

There is, on the left side of the food trucks! But if you haven't pre-paid your SHA merchandise, it is probably sold out. You can try at the last day. The angel shirts are for those who've helped 3 days with build-up, or did 20 hours of shifts registered in the engel.sha2017.org, or have a red wristband.

I have submitted a proposal in Frab for a talk/workshop, when will I get accepted?

We have filled the majority of the program and mailed those who were selected. Unfortunately sifting through the great number of applications is time-consuming and responding to hundreds of applicants is unfeasible. You can check your status in Frab: if your talk still has the status "new" in Frab, it has not been accepted or rejected yet. If it has the status "rejected", we simply haven't managed to inform you about that yet since we cannot send mass mailings to everyone with a "rejected" talk. If there are further questions that haven't been answered in the previous sentences, do mail to content@sha2017.org. Do realise that every question asked that has been answered in the foregoing bits of this text takes away capacity for processing remaining unaccepted proposals.

What happened to GHP, HEU, HIP, HAL, WTH, HAR or OHM?

Starting with the Galactic Hacker Party, every four year the Dutch hackerscene organises a new event with a new name. The previous one was Observe Hack Make (OHM, 2013).

Can I give a talk, workshop or something else cool?

Submissions can be entered through the SHA2017 content submission system:


The deadline for proposals was the end of March, 2017. But if you are Edward Snowden’s Chinese brother and come out in April we will see what we can do. Also, if you are from outside the European Union, you may have visa requirements with a substantial lead time, please mention that in your proposal so we can give it a priority for processing.

Can I help?

We love to have some help! You can help in several ways, both before and during SHA2017. Leading up to the event, you can help with the Orga. This will give you unique possibilities to learn stuff and expand your skill set, while you have fun with other people and be involved with the event. See team's for available positions. If you want to help out during the event, that will be great too! You can register now, and help in august. There are several roles with short shifts where you can make this event possible. More information will become available closer to the event.

Camping, buildup&teardown and villages

{{FAQ |q=Where can I set up my tent? |a=If you are part of a village, you can set up your tent at that village. There are two places reserved for solo camping: The middle area of Turing field and the nort-west area of Lamar field.

I want to help during build-up!

Great! Please contact us before planning your extended stay. You can register in the volunteer system

I want to help with tear-down!

Awesome! Indicate in the volunteer system when you want to go, and you should be able to help. If you don´t want to help, you have to leave the campsite before 9/8/2017, 12:00.

What about building up of a village?

Villages take some more time to build up. Therefore, pre-registered villages can enter the terrain from 2-8-2017.

When can I get my kartent?

Kartents will be available from the 28-7-2017. They will be hand out from a central spot on the terrain. You can then move it to your preferred camping spot, for example in your village. On the 9-8-2017 they will be collected for recycling.

Can I bring my trailer or pop-up camper on the field?

Updated: no trailers are allowed due to the bad condition of the field. Exceptions can be made by Team Villages.

Can I drink the tap water?

You can get Water from the faucets at the Showers / Toilets. It's all drinking water.

Where have the paper towels gone?

Due to misuse and the mess, you can't find paper towels at the toilets any more.

Where can I pick up tables and chairs I ordered?

On the Flowers field near the paved road in front of Italian Embassy. last chance on Sunday 10:00-11:30, there is a pick-up point. Just show them your ticket. If you want to pick them up earlier, send a nice mail to infodesk@sha2017.org.

Where can I set-up my tent freely?

There are free-for-all areas on the Lamarr, Turing and Snowden field.


What about noise, music etc.?

Mind (y)our neighbors after 24:00 till 8 am. After midnight loud noises/music etc. are not allowed/appreciated. If you want to make noise... start earlier.

What is the picture policy of SHA2017?

The excellent thing to do is ask before you take a picture. Not everyone wants to have his or her photo taken, and especially not find themselves on the internet. Crowd shots are fine. Thanks for not video live streaming as you walk around the event. However, some areas and villages will be picture-free zones. Be aware that other villages are free for awesome projects, and that these projects could contain cameras or webcams.

How is waste-disposal arranged?

Regular event waste (trashbags) can be disposed of in one of the many bins around the fields.

For larger items (not household trash): Please take home everything you bring to SHA2017. Bear in mind that everything you leave behind will cost us valuable volunteer-time and money we could be spending on more fun stuff!

If you still want to get rid of bulk waste (grofvuil) like for instance a sofa: you can request us to rent a 40m3 bin for you with 2000kg capacity. Cost would be 600 euros, paid in cash in advance. Additional 1000kg capacity can be bought for 150 euros Please contact team Waste via Infodesk on days 0 or 1 (please as early as possible, at least before 13:00!). Single point of contact per bin, and the bin will be your project to manage as team Waste is too busy with teardown. You can share the bought bin with other villages, as long as there is one contact per bin for us to deal with.

Are open fires allowed (bonfire, barbecue, ...)?

No, unfortunately not because of safety reason.

Open fire is anything that is not gas powered, allowed are (butane, propane) powered stoves and barbecue grills. If u are cooking for 1 person we will allow small burners on fuel (like spirit of alcohol) , make sure u cook in the open air ! There will however be a offical sha2017 organized campfire near the beac, feel free to join.

Please make sure u have a fire-extinguisher in the area.

Can I sell foods or drinks?

Food-safety-regulations (HAACP) don't allow that. However, if it's non-commercially (so donations only) this does not apply.

Drugs are allowed?

Just like our previous events, drugs are not allowed (any kind, any amount)

Can I put something on the Dyke?

See dyke

Is it allowed to swim in the water on the terrain?

Yes you can swim in the pond that has Chriet Titulaer island in it, and in the harbor or at the beach near Engelbart field.

The other ponds are not for swimming because of the terrains irrigation system that is in those ponds (tube's and such)

Be careful when swimming out of the harbor or the Engelbart beach: the Nuldernauw is very wide, very deep and very cold. Also there might be currents you are not expecting and boats on the water that won't notice you until they hear 'bonk'.

Is it allowed to fly drones over the terrain?

There is a field next to the terrain (alexander field) where you can fly drones. This is above flowers field, on the left where you entered the camp.

In recent months/years the drone regulations have become somewhat stricter. These rules can be summarized as:

Only fly during the day Maximum height is 120 meters Grant passage to other air traffic Be able to see the drone when in flight Don't fly over crowds and the campsite Know your drone, it's quirks and hardware Respect privacy (camera drones) Fly responsibly and careful

See more at Drones and https://www.drones.nl/wetgeving/


We love dogs (and giraffes), honestly, but we can't have them on the field. Certified service-animals are, of course by decency and law, allowed.

Assorted questions

How can I contact Infodesk?

The best way is mailing Infodesk at this domain (sha2017.org). At SHA, we will have a physical desk and a phone number: INFO (4636_

Where is the lost and found?

During SHA, Infodesk will be the place to leave valuables you have found. If you lost something, you can come to the Infodesk tent and ask.

How do I add an entry to the FAQ?

By choosing the right page, and adding something with the code from Template:FAQ. If you have a question, send a mail to info@sha2017.org

I added a page (/FAQ/team member..) on this wiki but it doesn't show up in the list

This is a semantic wiki, meaning you can add objects that show up in queries; for instance, FAQ entries show up in the FAQ page. If you don't see them where you expect them, you could try refreshing the page server-side. That means, don't refresh your browser, but hit More -> Refresh.

Where is everything? Where's the map?

We have an excellent online map where you can find all the hotspots for SHA! Take a peek at map.sha2017.org

Are there Streams of the Talks?

Yes, streams will be provided by media.ccc

FAQ/formerly asked questions