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This is the place where you can add FAQ-entries if:

  • you have an open question and don't want to send it directly to Infodesk
  • you think you have an answer but aren't with a team that should be responsible for that answer

How do I add an entry to the FAQ?

By choosing the right page, and adding something with the code from Template:FAQ.

I added a page (/FAQ/team member..) on this wiki but it doesn't show up in the list

This is a semantic wiki, meaning you can add objects that show up in queries; for instance, FAQ entries show up in the FAQ page. If you don't see them where you expect them, you could try refreshing the page server-side. That means, don't refresh your browser, but hit More -> Refresh.

Is it ok to come with a campervan/caravan?

Yes, but there are very limited spots. Please take a look at Camping for more info.