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Facilities/Track 1
Name Stage 0
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Schedule 4 August

time Talk Speaker
17:00 SHA2017 Opening Elger Jonker
18:00 Cryptowars 2.0: Lessons from the past, for the present Phil Zimmermann
19:00 When It's Not A Backdoor Erica Portnoy
20:00 Are Whistleblowers safer today than they were at OHM2013? Suelette
21:00 [placeholder civil society] Rejo Zenger
22:00 Mailpile BjarniRunar
23:00 Black Hat Locksmithing huxleypig

Schedule 5 August

Time Talk Speaker
12:00 Privacy Design Strategies Jaap-Henk Hoepman
13:00 The Security and Privacy Implications of AI and Machine Peter Eckersley
14:00 Car hacking: getting from A to B with Eve Daan Keuper & Thijs Alkemade
15:00 Mass Surveillance abusing Computational Linguistics andvecirex
17:00 Weaponized Social willowbl00
19:00 DNA: The Code of Life bert hubert
20:00 Improving security with Fuzzing and Sanitizers Hanno
21:00 Computational Thinking Pauline Maas
22:00 Detecting a breach from an < b > Wesley Neelen & Rik van Duijn
00:00 The things to do are: Christopher Clay / c3o

Schedule 6 August

Time Talk Speaker
10:00 Fermentation Mobile Frantisek Apfelbeck
11:00 The World in 24 Hours Revisited Josephine Bosma
12:00 Flip Feng Shui Victor van der Veen
13:00 Human Rights and Internet Infrastructure nllz
15:00 My Safe In Your House Erica Portnoy
16:00 How hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009 Sijmen Ruwhof
21:00 Rooting the MikroTik routers Kirils Solovjov

Schedule 7 August

Time Talk Speaker
13:00 I have a dream jos weyers
14:00 The quest for algorithm diversity Claudio Agosti
16:00 front door nightmare ObiWan666
18:00 Ethics in Technology BECHA
19:00 We don’t need no security! Jelle Niemantsverdriet (@jelle_n)
20:00 Digital personal locker multimho
21:00 Resisting Algorithms of Mass Destruction Lyndsey Jackson
22:00 The Hackeboy handheld game console Axel Theilmann
23:00 (In)discrete Music Giles Greenway

Schedule 8 August

Time Talk Speaker
11:00 Exploiting Twitter with Tinfoleak for investigative purposes Vicente Aguilera Díaz
12:00 Nerd-Wrangling 101 !! mlp, Julian Finn
13:00 Hack-a-ble Tal Melamed
14:00 Can quantum physics break cryptography's curse? Vadim Makarov
15:00 SHA2017 Badge Niek Blankers
16:00 SHA2017 Closing Elger Jonker