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== Cohesion ==
== Cohesion ==
== Content ==
== Content ==
* Tardis room not explained on Frab so I didn't done 2 talks in the schedule
== Content/Heralds ==
== Content/Heralds ==
== Content/Speakerdesk ==
== Content/Speakerdesk ==

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General / Overall

  • Example feedback -- Sha2017.org-stitch (talk)
  • Otter!
  • a great event, much fun and much to experience and learn, thank you everybody! :)
  • Been there, had fun!
  • No music after 2am was kind of bad joke


  • Prices at the Bar felt like a ripoff to me - eg. EUR 1.50 for a candy bar. There are gas stations that sell them for less. :( -- Mkie (talk)
  • Premade Tschunk and at some point without ice while the drink itself was on the more expensive side.
  • No fruit Juice only soda stuff, so for abstemious the only solution was Pepsi and 7-up



  • Tardis room not explained on Frab so I didn't done 2 talks in the schedule





Family Village


  • I did not like the way purchases at Bar/Foodcourt were handled, by buying coins. Especially the no-refund policy. (this was added by User Derchris but not properly signed)
  • The coin thingy felt like a bit of a ripoff, as you would always have some useless plastic coins left over at the end. And the coin machines always spat out the coins on the floor, despite the attempted fixes with tape - it seemed they were designed by people who have never designed such a thing before. -- PoempelFox (talk)
  • The plastic coins are so unbelievable senseless. Don't we have this €-thing within the EU to exchange goods / services against cash already?
  • No prices for the coins online in advance of the event, No prices for the food / drink items online.


  • While the food at the food court was good, there was not nearly enough choice. Especially if you wanted a main meal to eat and not just some sweets, your choice was "a burger", "fries", "noodles from a wok" or "vegan stuff trying to imitate meat". That really isn't a lot to get repleted, and at 2 meals a day you repeat everything multiple times. Also, at least on the first two days the food court was completely overwhelmed by the demand, the queues were endless, you'd stand in line for an hour. And they opened too late - at 14:00 on day 1, only the 'holy crepe' was open, nothing else. Did you not expect people to eat on the first day?! -- PoempelFox (talk)
  • I wasn't so pleased with food court. The food was ok, but just ok while only delivering small amounts of food seemed like a ripoff for me. Disclosure: I'm spoiled by the food from the angel kitchen :)

Infodesk / wiki

Logistics (shuttle, waste)

  • The ability to post packages to the event was invaluable. I was able to repair diesel bike and go home. --Russell (talk)
  • Luggage shuttle, so useful, very helping, so wow!
  • No bottle drop points :(

Music Lounge

  • Expanses for silent Headphone parties can be spared.

Silent Lounge

NOC / Network

  • I wish my ISP would have the same quality

POC / Dect / Fieldphones

  • worked very well



Productiehuis / recordings / track tents / AV / VOC

Safety / stewards / first aid / Fire Marshalls

Sysadmin / bofh

  • There were sysadmins? I didn't notice, therefore they did a very good job!


  • Should another event occour on this field, the fields on the harbour-side of the dyke should all be powered to allow use. Because they have a ground where water quickly drains, so they never flooded or got overly muddy, and they were well protected from the wind. Many people realized that, and Snowdon field was completely packed with sleeping tents. If Zuse had had power and network infrastructure, it would probably have been well used as well. -- PoempelFox (talk)
  • Assigning explicit maximum noise ratings for fields made this event way more enjoyable than the last ones -- Sprawl (talk)

Ticket and Entrance


Volunteering / Angels

  • The food was EXTRA ORDINARY! Kudos to the kitchen crew; please never ever change anything. The food was twice warm meal, it was tasty, it had at several dishes, it was complex to tease one, and I was actually having a full stomach every time and that means something with my bottom less stomach -- Pcdog (talk)
    • I liked the food too. The cooking was done by "Mecklenburger". You can meet them at different festivals and the bigger events done by CCC. They will be at 34c3 in Leipzig for sure.
  • I recommend to put of a sign in the walk way towards the fields and main area to sign up as Angel in the Angel system. This is to have a bigger traction in the beginning of the event.
  • For most of my shifts (even the money handling and/or more complex ones) I never met the person in charge / a coordinator and therefore got different or no instructions.
  • At some point even Heaven was overtaken by volunteers without proper instruction / planning. They did a very good job (thanks for the after midnight coffee delivery!), but at the same moment it felt like the organizers of SHA2017 had lost control over quite big parts of the event.
  • All the angels really were angels. Some of them even working 8+ hours a day beside they had payed >200€ for an ticket!
  • Having only one disinfection machine (and no dishwasher) in the angle kitchen was kind of a bad joke. Delivering over thousands meals every day needs a little up scaling for the cleaning capabilities too ;)