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In the Safe Harbour we have a offer a safe haven for hackers coming by boat to SHA2017. We have a fun place to relax, experience technology in a different way and enjoy camp. We – the Safe Harbour Authority – offer several facilities: Safe Harbour Office. This is the place where we coordinate everything needed in the harbour (safety, registration, fun related activities);

  1. Docking places for boats. When registered and in possession of a ticket you can dock your boat in the harbour and have one of the coolest places to sleep and relax. We have infrastructure to deliver water, power and networking. For captains we offer a captains club and with a little bit of luck our own official licensed butler with sailing expertise will take care of your service requests;
  2. Water rescue. Hopefully we will never need it, but if needed the Safe Harbour Authority offers rescue on the water in dangerous situations;
  3. Ferry service. Between the Safe Harbour, the hotel in Nulde and the WSV Strand Nulde Harbour. This gives you extra opportunities to sleep across the water, have a quiet diner with beautiful water view or dock you boat with more draught and still make camp by boat;
  4. Fun. If you want to learn how to sail, learn about shipping technologies, swim, use a canoe or play in the water we offer you the facilities to do so. As part of the harbour there will be all sorts of activities for water amusement and tech experiences related to boating, water, etc.
  5. Press registration. In the Harbour Office is also the press registration desk where journalists can have themselves accredited, informed about camp and receive latest information before the explore SHA2017 in the for them most efficient manner;
  6. Safety, stewards and first aid expertise. The Safe Harbour Authority is a full member of the team that has everything to do with your safety and security. We are involved in organising everything needed for stewards, safety and first aid to make that happen in a safe way from trainings to making contingency plans. From the harbour office on a ship we will administratively arrange everything non-crises;

Harbour Rules

Even water is fun it is not without risks that you can cause for yourself or your environment. There are a couple of harbour rules that you must adhere to. Not because we like rules, but simply because we want all of you to enjoy the harbour and return home in good health. The rules are partly Dutch law and partly camp rules:

  1. In the Harbour zone we deal with all sorts of moving vessels, moving vehicles, recreational activities as well maintenance activities. Simply put there are water related risks and the Safe Harbour Authority bears a responsibility for safety and security. So we require you to follow instruction by crew of the Safe Harbour Authority without discussion (we can do that afterwards). Those instructions will only be given when needed for safety and security. Only the Sharbourmaster (Harbour Master) or his/hers replacement is allowed to give binding instruction. He or she will be recognizeable [logo to be added];
  2. On a boat the skipper or so you will captain is always responsible for the safety on the boat. All external signals can only be an advice. In the Harbour the Sharbourmaster is responsible. When given orders you have to obay;
  3. It is everybody’s duty to do everything possible to prevent accidents from happening, injury from occurring and damage from occurring;
  4. Ships need to contact the Safe Harbour Authority before entering the Harbour. You can do so through VHF Channel 88, by calling 8888 on your DECT or dialling
  5. No undocked ship shall be anchored within 100 meters of the dock, lay lines, nets, pots or floating gear attached in areas that are used as fairways or in a position that is likely to cause obstruction to other harbour users unless in areas indicated by the Sharbourmaster;
  6. Maximum speed within 100 meters of the harbour is 5 km per hour or 2.7 knots per hour;
  7. No vessel should discharge rubbish, effluent or pollutant of any kind within the harbour limits. We are in a protected environmental zone. Any violation will be reported to the authorities as it is dangerous, filthy and unhealthy. Violating these rules may result in fines up to €20.500 and up to two years imprisonment. No black water dumping!
  8. Water carries noise long ways so no loud noise after midnight and before 7 am in the morning;
Watch over your kids please.jpg

Children up to 12 years are not allowed to play or be alone in the harbour and the surrounding area (up to half of the Hopperfield). Watch your children since water is not without risk!

  1. We disencourage swimming in the harbour except in designated area's. Because it might be risky with ships coming and going. There will be section of the harbour where during camp ships are not allowed to move. This will be indicated with a line with yellow balls. You can use this space, but it is not a swimmingpool with life guards! You have to take responsibility (e.g. be there with your kids, don't use it when it is dark and you're alone, don't do drugs and swim/play, don't do alcohol and swim/play, etcetera);
  2. The ferry service is offered for free. On the shuttle the captain/skipper is responsible for your safe crossing across the Nuldernauw. Dutch law requires you to follow the captain's/skipper's orders. This is not meant to be funny yet purely a safety and responsibility thing. That means when needed you get a task in the safe crossing or docking of the ship. In extreme situations has the right to refuse passengers. He or she can also demand people to use safety measures like the mandatory life vests, certain seating or requesting to wait for the next vessel to arrive. We are working very hard to make SHA2017 a brilliant experience. But please understand that we aim for 0 incidents and want you all to be safe. The second priority is to ensure you have a fun and a good time at SHA2017 our captains are very well aware of that.