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SHA2017 wil be held in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The camp location is called Scoutinglandgoed.


Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde
Nulderpad 5
3896LV, Zeewolde
The Netherlands
Coordinates: 52°17'03.9"N 5°31'18.5"E

How to get there

By car

From highway A28

  • Take exit 9 (Nijkerk, Zeewolde, Wells)
  • Follow the exit from the N301 (Berencamperweg) to Zeewolde / Almere and go 2.5 km straight ahead
  • After passing the Nijkerkersluis, leave the N301 on your right-hand side
  • At the exit turn left, to the Erkemederweg
  • Follow the Erkemederweg for 3.5 km and follow the bend, turn left at the Nulderpad
  • After about 750 meters, the main entrance of Scouting Estate Zeewolde is on your right-hand side

Coming from Almere and Lelystad

Warning: Due to one-way roads during the event, this route contains a short detour! There will be signs to guide you.

  • Follow the N305 (Gooiseweg) in the direction of Zeewolde
  • Continue the way onto the N301 to Amersfoort
  • After 5 km you'll see the SHA traffic sign, turn right using the off-ramp to the N704 (erkemederweg)
  • At the end of the off-ramp turn left and follow the erkermedeweg for 5km until it's a bit smaller and named Nulderpad.
  • Keep following the Nulderpad until you arrive at the SHA parking and terrain.


If you have free seats on your car or you're looking for a driver, check the CarPooling page!

By camper or special vehicle

Camper access

If you have a camper ticket follow the signs camper, after verifying your ticket you will get the option to choose one of the 3 camper locations, camper spots are first to come first serve. Campers cannot drive on and off the terrain during the camp, so make sure you do your shopping before you arrive.

Special Vehicles

If you have a pre(registered) special vehicle, follow the sign campers, after verification with someone from team:villages they will help you get to your spot. Special vehicles cannot drive on and off the terrain during the camp. Further information to be found here

Public transportation

Shuttle service

The field itself is hard to reach with public transportation. Therefore, a shuttle service will run from and to Nijkerk central station.

Plan your journey by train / zug/international towards Nijkerk. From Nijkerk there will be a shuttle service that takes you to camp. The schedule can be found here

From Schiphol

Schiphol has a good train connection with the rest of the Netherlands. Take a train to Amersfoort, and transfer there to a train to Nijkerk. For more details, see train.

From abroad

Plan your trip to Nijkerk. There are some ways to get to the camp site from abroad. goeuro is an international public transportation planner that can help you.

By bus

But if all fails or you want to move around hacker incompatible times such as 7 in the morning, there is a public shuttle service called Connexxion.

From Monday to Friday bus 142 can take you near the terrain every hour from around 07:00 to 18:00. Take bus stop Nulderpad and walk about 500 meters down Nulderpad where you'll obviously see the entrance to SHA (the nerds walking around there might be a hint).

From the Hotel (ferry service)

There is a ferry service from the site to the hotel. Departure times, contact information and how this works is listed at the Ferry Service page, here.

By boat

It is possible to go by boat to SHA-2017. Given the location and the locks you have to pass there are limits to boats with a maximum of 90 meters in length, 9.9 meters in width. Check your maps before going. The SHA-2017 Harbour can handle ships that run no deeper than 1 meter, but then there are still some options. You can find an arrival map with waterways here (pdf). A more elaborate description will follow soon. The safe harbour is situated at the Nuldernauw-lake. Docking places are limited. When coming by boat reserve your place as early as possible.

Coming from the direction of Amsterdam/Almere

  • From Amsterdam you have to pass the Oranje Sluizen (Oranje Locks) which are open 24/7;
  • Follow the Buiten IJ/IJmeer;
  • Pass on to the Gooimeer followed by Eemmeer;
  • You will pass through the Nijkerkersluis - this lock only operates limited hours monday-friday 07:30-19:00 and saturday/sunday 10:00-19:00 - NOTE THESE HOURS ARE STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE;
  • Now stick to the route marked with bouyage until you reach buoy numbered: NN19

Coming from the direction of North Sea/Wadden Sea/Friesland

  • From the IJsselmeer move towards Ketelmeer;
  • You will reach the Roggebotsluis (lock) that will operate limited hours monday-friday 07:30-19:00 and saturday/sunday 10:00-19:00 - NOTE THESE HOURS ARE STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE;
  • Then move past Drontermeer and subsequently Veluwemeer;
  • Via the Wolderwijd you will reach the Nuldernauw;
  • The harbour will be located near buoy NN19

Boat arrival procedure

When arriving by boat at SHA2017 you need to have arranged in advance that with the Safe Harbour Authority. The water in and nearby the Harbour is very under and you may easily get stuck. We may have other activities making docking a bit tricky. This is why we guide each arrival and departing vessel and provide necessary information and warnings that apply. For those that have a Harbour ticket they will receive a personal e-mail with relevant communications related to their place in their Harbour, docking procedures and safety.

Upon arrival they will be provided with services to obtain their wristband in an easy manner as well as their amenity kit. Before arriving contact the Safe Harbour Authority using VHF radio on channel 88 (simplex!) approximately 5 km before arrival or by calling us at: +31 36 2020 702. When VHF-equipment is present the use of VHF-88 is mandatory. No ships will be accepted with notification of arrival for safety reasons. You can help yourself and us by calling in as soon as you depart or have rough estimate of the arrival at the last locks before arrival so that we can plan in advance.

When reporting you will be provided with the latest weather information, flow and tide as other relevant information. This information is available in Dutch, German and English. Also we handle one vessel at a time and thus can request you to slow down your arrival or keep you waiting to ensure a safe and pleasant arrival for every ship. We try to deliver that information as early as possible to you to make your trip to SHA2017 as enjoyable as possible. Rest assured that we want you present as soon as possible so we will and try to get you in the Safe Harbour as soon as possible.

If you have registered with MMSI for your AIS-system we will know when you're at the final locks and prepare for your arrival in advance. Using our administration we will pro-activily call you if we need info.

In the Safe Harbour we have Harbour rules in addition to the SHA2017 rules.

Please remember to promptly walk towards the Main Entrance to register and receive your regular wristband and an extra wristband that will grant you access to the harbour area.

By bike

The Netherlands are regarded as being very bike friendly. If you want to put it to a test or simply do not want to ride alone to the camp site, maybe you find somebody here.

From the UK

See Travel options from the UK.

From Hamburg (Germany)

A free bus is going from Hamburg to SHA2017 and back. see here.

When you get here

If you need any help you can call us over the DECT system at TKTS (8587) or the regular phone system at +31362020718.

By car

Please park in the field designated by the signs. If you don't have a parking ticket look for the angel with the scanner who may sell you one.

Then, please proceed to the entrance tent.

By camper

If you have a camper ticket follow the signs marked 'Camper'. You will be directed to temporary parking by the road. From there, you will make a short walk towards the Main Entrance. After verifying your ticket you will get the option to choose one of the 3 camper locations, camper spots are first to come first serve. After you pick the camping area, you get a token with color of that area. Please drive to the area and present the token to the parking angels there. Park at any spot of the area. They are clearly outlined on the field. Campers cannot drive on and off the terrain during the camp, so make sure you do your shopping before you arrive.

By boat

Show your Boat Ticket to the harbour authority and proceed to the entrance foot entrance to register.

By public transport, walking, or anything else

You'll find the ticket tent near the gate. Please queue up if there is a line and one of our team will scan your ticket, get you set up with your wrist band, and welcome you to the event.

Special Case: Minors

There are some requirements around identification and alcohol laws. If any single member of our team thinks you might be under 25 they will ask you for ID showing your birth date is after the 4th of August, 1999. If you do not oblige, or do not have ID, you will be assigned a minors wristband.

There is a limited list of valid proofs of identification for this purpose in the Netherlands:

* Passport
* EER ID card (including dutch ID card)
* Dutch Foreign Nationals Document (in Dutch: Nederlandse vreemdelingendocument)
* European drivers license

These things are not valid proofs of identification:

* Expired documents that would otherwise be valid (expired passports)
* Copies of valid documents
* Random other cards, such as bank cards
* Fake ID cars such as lichtbildausweis

If you are uncomfortable sharing your name with us you are permitted to cover the name on the ID during verification, but we need to see the picture.

Special case - Speakers

Please sign in at the speaker desk. All questions can be sent to to DECT 1213 Speakerdesk, +31362020713.

Special case - Animals

Only service Animals are permitted.

Special case - Press

You should have enrolled via https://sha2017.org/press. At entrance, you'll receive a press badge (a paper one) and be directed to Infodesk.