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The /lost+found is currently situated in the InfoDesk tent.


  • small black IKEA suitecase with yellow ribbon attached to the handle and mostly clothes in it. --> Please contact sha_lost_luggage[AT]online[DOT]de
  • Badge with the name "Schabi" on it. Please contact 2007 (dect) or chris.schabesberger(at)mailbox.org
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses (brown-ish). Please contact faze (dect) or anyone of team power
  • Silver casio 'terrorist' watch, lost on 1/8, please contact stijnvanderidder [AT] gmail [DOT] com
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses (no brand name on the glasses, just on the frame), please contact sha2017 [AT] timewasters [DOT] nl Somebody returned it, thanks!!! I don't know who though.. if it's you, send me a mail and I'll buy some drinks :-)
  • Blue converse male Jumper
  • Jolla phone with white back cover and a strip of black velcro at the back. If found, return to belgian embassy. FOUND BACK !!
  • Small black/red plastic tool-box with various tools (knippex pliers, tape, thin rope...). Please contact sk [at] dl2stk [DOT] eu or 8350 (dect).
  • Black Mi Band 2 fitness-wristband & lightblue HAR2009 wristband (pluisje, dect 3442)
  • OHM Hoody, size L (Rodecker on IRCNet)
  • Blue Visa debit card (BBVA Bancomer) please contact gisela(a)derechosdigitales.org
  • Brimmed green hat with rope under the chin, lost night of day 3 to 4, please contact niels [at at at at] bakker -dot- net
  • Navy blue 'mummy' style sleeping bag, rolled up tightly into its own hood. Inside is dark green. Brand is IKEA. Possible places where it could have been lost: At the pile of poles near the harbour, at the luggage shuttle collection point, or (most likely) in the tent at the car park. Please contact wynke [AT] stack [DOT] nl
  • Sleeping utensils (pillow, two blankets, two sheepskin rugs) and a black softshell jacket in a silvery/grayish trash bag. Apparently someone loaded this into his car from the luggage shuttle #10 by mistake on Tuesday around noon. Please contact harry.tuttle at primacom dot net
  • small Thinkpad charger, forgot under infodesk table after a shift. Please contact monokles at protonmail dot ch.


  • Steel bar - approx 1m long with fork on one end; found 28/7 on the grass
  • Umbrella - black; found in golfcartparking 28/7
  • Umbrella - black w/ F5 print
  • Baseballcap - white w/ Safe Harbour Authority SHA2017 print
  • Reading glasses - +1.5
  • Blue sunglasses with LED lights
  • Etos showerfoam
  • Brown jacket by Siacomo
  • Technical drawings of main tents
  • Black sleeping bag
  • Black glasses
  • Drinking bottle that says 'OlinData' on it
  • Multiple Angel badges
  • Bag for a jacket (green)
  • Werchmann cutter
  • Jumbo bag with stuff in it (found in shuttle)
  • Ampelman Etui
  • Silver mattress / isolation thing
  • Rayban P
  • Polaroid sunglasses
  • Matress + pillow
  • USB to micro USB cable
  • AH Bonus kaart
  • Audio cable
  • Bicycle seat cover
  • Rayban sunglasses
  • Cosmote SIM card
  • Swimming trunks
  • A right shoe
  • Black backpack
  • Red USB to micro USB cable OPO
  • A badge (E-Ink)
  • Black wallet
  • Orange purse
  • Purple children's jumper
  • ID + Maestro
  • Black + grey women's jacket and top
  • small pot of .. creme?
  • "FATH" sunglasses
  • Grey wallet
  • Black shirt that says "Barleycorn Bastards"
  • Wileyfox Swift 2X phone, found in the pile of plushies next to CTF. Currently still have it there, will dropped off @ infodesk soon.
  • Little black plastic cover of an Olympus camera, found in Heaven
  • About one gram of weed, found near the Italian Embassy on the main road. (SHA512-village)
Some eye piece cover for an Olympus camera?


  • Folding Bicycle "Totem" with a CYBER Sticker on both Sides, now i have to walk :-( I hope you break all your bones while using my bicycle, it does have some dangerous design faults. Obri (talk)

In a broader sense

Hacker looking for hardware

  • If anyone has a spare screen with HDMI input and doesn't need it for this event, I'd be happy if I could borrow it :) Uberardy (talk) 15:27, 4 August 2017 (CEST)

Hacker looking for BIOS password

  • I’m looking for the BIOS password for my Thinkpad x250 (yes it *is* mine). If you’ve done this before, please let me know (Twitter: @funzelfee)

Hardware looking for hacker