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  • SHA2017 and Stichting IFCAT Foundation accept no liability for your package.
  • Although we will sign for receipt, it's still at your own risk. If it happens to be damaged or if the delicate contents were replaced with scrap wood in transit, that's not our problem.
  • If for any reason your package seems dangerous in any way, we might reject or dispose of it before informing you — and still disclaim any liability.

If your package gets lost, there is nothing we can do about it.

Please find alternatives

Please only use this option as a last resort.

Specifically, do try real hard to get someone with a car to deal with the payload instead of shipping it. Receiving packages for a lot of visitors is too much work, and there are way too many things that can go wrong.


If you're having packages delivered to SHA2017, please use the following address format if possible, or at least include all the following information:

   SHA2017 p/a Scoutinglandgoed
   Via: Team Logistics
   Nulderpad 5
   3896 LV  Zeewolde
   The Netherlands
  • Add your expected package to the list at the end of this wiki page. We'll update this page when we get the parcel.
  • Don't put any of our phone numbers on the shipping label. Use your own mobile phone number.
  • "LV" is part of the postal code "3896 LV".

BBQ meat, pizza, drinks, and perishable foods

We have great food vendors on site. As such we cannot be involved for commercial reasons, but also this isn't feasible for logistical reasons. Please don't bother us with such deliveries.

If you want to arrange anything like this, you're on your own: wait for it at the gate until it arrives. Delivery trucks are not allowed on the terrain. On a side note, whole sale suppliers have quite strict policies on deliveries, a better choice might be to do a shopping run yourself in a nearby supermarket.

Small parcels

Small parcels (boxes) will be routed to our storage; once it has arrived, infodesk can tell you where to pick it up.

  • Note: we can't receive envelopes, so make sure small stuff is in a box even if it would fit in an envelope.

Big parcels

Big parcels MUST BE ON A PALLET and will be delivered to the village directly if the village has a physical presence (e.g. a tent) and is reachable by one of the roads. If not, we'll leave it on some other field -- possibly in a restricted area from which you cannot pick it up without our help. We might leave it outside in the rain, so please make sure it's weatherproof.

Expected/delivered packages - ADD TO THIS LIST!!

Please sort by date.

Expected arrival date Recipient name Village How big and heavy is it?
metric please!
Description of contents Received? (to be edited by Team:Logistics)
Before Monday Jul 31 Absolutely do not have anything delivered before Monday 31 July.
We don't have the people or equipment to deal with it.
Saturday jul 29 Sebastius Team Badge Package Drukwerkdeal banners for Badge Bar not yet
Saturday jul 29 Sebastius Team Badge Package Foto Konijnenberg not yet
Saturday jul 29 Sebastius Team Badge Package Nedis probably not adressed to my name not yet
Tuesday aug 1 Sebastius Team Badge Package Farnell not yet
Tuesday aug 1 Sebastius Team Badge Package not yet
Tuesday-Wednesday Aug 1-2 Tapio Haapala Sauna Finland PRKL euro pallet,~2m, 600 kg Camping gear & village lights etc not yet
Tuesday-Wednesday Aug 1-2 Gioque ItalianEmbassy-PastaCoffee&Chillout EuroPallet ~350kg Consumables (Pasta,..) 2017-07-26 aka way too early. Grrrr.
Wednesday Aug 2? Stef Louwers Family village package Rope not yet
Wednesday Aug 2? Stef Louwers Family village 6? DHL packages, each up to 1.3 meter long, 2 kg Bamboe-sticks not yet
Wednesday Aug 2 Espero Family village DHL package, 2 kg icibici workshop supplies not yet
Thursday Aug 3 Fish_ HITR2NDB Rolcontainers (approx 5), we are onsite Kitchen for the village not yet
After Tuesday Aug 8 You can't have anything delivered to SHA after the event!