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==Rules for press==
==Rules for press==
* A press badge & lanyard will help visitors (including volunteers) identify you as press. Wear your press badge so visitors know you’re with the press.
The rules and press package can be found on https://sha2017.org/press
* Respect privacy: don’t make recognisable photo/video of our visitors, even when in the background. Some visitors have good reasons, such as personal safety, you can always ask for explicit permission. All speakers can be pictured during their talk - unless otherwise stated at the start of the talk. Do not record the faces of visitors without their explicit permission. We have visitors that have good reasons for anonymity. With people in the background, you could blur faces or position yourself so people are only filmed neck-down. Or, position yourself so that people would have to willingly pass your camera.
* ‘Villages’ (the sub-camps on the field) and workshops may deny you (or anyone else) entry.
* We have a diverse group and value free speech. Statements by visitors, volunteers and speakers are their own, and often are not the consensus voice. The Press team is able to tell you which person speaks on behalf of the organisation. Hints for journalists
* Questions? Want a tour of the field? Want to interview someone from the organisation, or one of the speakers?<br />
Please walk by the info desk, contact press@sha2017.org or +31362020712
The full press package can be found on https://sha2017.org/press

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See: sha2017.org/press.

Press guides (the angel volunteer press helper people!)

Requirements: some experience with press, and affinity with (previous) hacker camps. Please introduce yourself to press@sha2017.org.

You pick up press from the entrance or info desk. You show them around the field, remind them of the privacy of our visitors. If the journalists have an appointment for an interview, introduce them to their interviewee. If they want to interview a speaker, you can bring them to Speakerdesk.

You help collect interesting facts to share with the press. You share your own experiences with the journalists if they want them, but refer to the spokespersons for statements from the organisation.


  • one per (overlapping) shift, 3 hr shifts, office hours: 10-13h, 12-15h, 14:30-17h


Rules for press

The rules and press package can be found on https://sha2017.org/press