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Take a look at Press/coverage and add coverage!

Tell press

Do you want to tell press something? Do you want them away from your village?

Press guides (the angel volunteer press helper people!)

Requirements: some experience with press, and affinity with (previous) hacker camps. Please introduce yourself to and enroll on Engelsystem:

You pick up press from the entrance or info desk. You show them around the field, remind them of the privacy of our visitors. If the journalists have an appointment for an interview, introduce them to their interviewee. If they want to interview a speaker, you can bring them to Speakerdesk.

You help collect interesting facts to share with the press. You share your own experiences with the journalists if they want them, but refer to the spokespersons for statements from the organisation.

  • Refer journalists to Speakerdesk for interviews with speakers.
  • Refer journalists to the Shortlist of Spokespeople.
  • Suggest projects & villages from Press/tell and add stuff there from your own experience.

Preparation for the guides

Bring a DECT phone and preferably a cell phone too, please. Do some reading so you're prepared for the basic questions:

  • (the rules, the story)
  • the press statements we'll be using so you can refer to those
  • the program if you like
  • the booklet and the map.

Set up a meeting with DWizzy so he'll set you up further. We'll coordinate mostly from the info desk.


  • one per (overlapping) shift, 3 hr shifts, office hours: 10-13h, 12-15h, 14:30-17h

Rules for press

The rules and press package can be found on