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A project is a collaborative enterprise that brings together certain people, groups or communities. A project is usually connected to one or multiple Villages, which places it on the map... otherwise just say where it is on the page.

Browse through the list to find interesting projects, but more importantly: walk around on the camp-site and have a chat with the people from the projects you find interesting and discover even more than you could think of.

If you work on some project on the camp or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form.

List of projects

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Projects:3D PrintingThis page aims to collect all informations about this topic at SHA.Village:NeighbourhoodNerds
Projects:@c3aocFlying thingsVillage:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Projects:@c3trocThere was a small tourist train at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg which got decorated beautifully by the viallagers. We have created a 1:11 scale model train of that one. If you have LGB (Gauge G, 45mm) tracks, please bring them.Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Projects:Alles Allen1part of the social movement allesallen formed by the many facing the g20 in hamburg, july 2017Village:Travellers Village
Projects:Arduino HomeKit DriverPort the code from GitHub/HomeACcessoryKid to Arduino so it can run on ESP8266Village:GadgetFriday
Projects:Auto Mate HackingMake your way to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to try and hack our custom vending machine. There are a number of ways to hack yourself to an ice cold bottle of Mate or Fritz cola. We have hacking challenges for young and old, experienced and noobies. Besides the auto mate we also have the possibility to hack our lego trains:


Don't forget to bring your laptop
Projects:B33rn4ryCounterMeasure the thirst of GERAFFEL citizen, RFID controld access to the draft b33r, daily and camp statisticsVillage:Geraffel
Projects:BadgeDesign, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.
Projects:BinaryVoiceBinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partially German) radio station on the major camps since 2009. We've had a few name changes based every event, but the core always remained the same people :) If you want to be part of this awesome project, please see Team/Vacancies for all the info.
Projects:BioFeedbackTentWe bring a Sahara 400 tent that will be equipped with LED-strips, speakers and a lot of sensors like EEG (openBCI, Muse, Mentalab), HRV+spO2 (cheap BLE wearable), breathing (radar: Walabot). It will read your biosignals and convert the surrounding space into a 3D immersive biofeedback systems. You sit or lie in the center of the tent and will interact with your visualized and sonified biosignals. If your state changes, the sound and lighting will change. And also will changes in the sourrounding change your state. Prepare yourself for a trippy experiency of deep meditation and lots of fun.Village:NeuroVillage
Projects:CTFWe are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.Village:CTF Village
Projects:CalliopeCalliope makes it easy for kids and also adults to learn how programming works and to get in touch with electronics. We will some boards with us and will offer on demand workshops.Village:Family Village
Projects:Cat Challenge
Projects:Dolphin Wii/GameCube EmulatorDolphin is the most popular GameCube and Wii emulator and supports all major operating systems. Examples of things to work on: graphics emulation, Qt user interface, just-in-time CPU code recompiler, high-level emulation of DSP microcode, testing on real hardware, and much more~ If you're interested in contributing, want to learn how it works or just want to play some games, come to the Emulator Village and say hi!Village:Emulator Village
Projects:Fermentation MobileWe want to establish "fermentation mobile", center which will help to spread the art&science of fermentation around the world helping the kvasir's to live decently by doing that.Village:Foodhackingbase
Projects:FreifunkCommunity wireless projects in Germany and beyondVillage:Freifunk
Projects:Hack in The Class (HITC)Village:hitr2ndb
Village:Family Village
Projects:Hack the Fire TruckHacking a fire engine provided by the local fire department ('safety region').
Projects:HackTheVUHack The BinaryVoice VU Meter on the FM Tower !
Projects:Ham Radio ActivityThere is quite some amateur radio activity on the camp site. This project page is intended to collect information about the different stations to provide a better overview. Please put a line below and add your location to the village list if you have something set up and do radio operation at SHA2017!
Projects:IPv6 Christmas TreePing the IPv6 Christmas Tree to light it !Village:Belgian Embassy
Projects:IceCreamTreatI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.
Projects:Illumos HackingWe would like to provide an environment to work on illumos, illumos based distributions and services. Everybody is welcome to contribute.Village:Frubar
Projects:Join us now - a choir to perform the Free Software songWe are gathering to form and perform the Free Software song. On stage.Village:Free Software Foundation Europe
Projects:KAPSetup for kite aerial photography, making aerial photos with a simple single line kite and a hacked camera
Projects:KillerBeeA slightly sweet yet deadly drink made with vodka, hot peppers and honey.
Projects:KlampfinatorA campfire guitar, driven by an arduino, with no strings attachedVillage:Warpzone
Village:Family Village
Projects:Lego Train HackingCome to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to compete in a SCADA lego train hacking challenge. Are you able to complete a set of three hacks to lay waste to our Dutch Lego Railways system? If you succeed you've hacked yourself to a 'free' bottle of Club Mate from our custom vending machine. Besides lego hacking, it is also possible to hack our auto mate:


Don't forget to bring your laptop
Projects:Live-Music-SessionWe would like to invite YOU to join our Live-Music-Session - just come over to watch and hear or even join us in making music. We are going to play songs from different centuries, genres and artists mostly related to Rock and Pop. For more information see free text below...Village:Geraffel
Projects:LoraLightA group of 22 people came to me after my talk LoraLight to help with the protocol. This group is to follow up on that.
Projects:PopcornA Blinken-light overloaded, AC/DC blasting, TiLDA Mkπ badge enabled popcorn machine. All proceeds from sales are donated to the brain research fund.Village:Family Village
Village:Another Castle
Projects:Probiotic Drinks EverywhereFermented drinks made, shared and offered by the group of brewers to the SHA2017 community.Village:Foodhackingbase
Projects:RaZberryRaZberry brings Z-Wave to the Raspberry PI platform. Z-Wave is the leading wireless communication technology for smart homes. Raspberry Pi is a little and inexpensive computing platform the international developer community fell in love with. The RaZberry platform adds all the components needed to turn a Raspberry PI board into a fully operational and inexpensive Z-Wave gateway.Village:Z-Wave
Projects:SHA217 OBCZFree books to the masses. Because SHAring is caring.
Projects:SHArterzugTo rent a train picking up participants of SHA 2017 within Germany. (And bring them back again, of course) The project is canceled.
Projects:SHAtRouletteChat roulette on the SHA2017 DECT and VOIP network
Projects:Technopolitics villageThe technopolitics village Tsja... is a meeting place for people and organizations interested in the political dimensions of technology within SHA 2017. We're doing talks, workshops and meetings in an open structure. You're invited to contribute!Village:Tsja...
Projects:Tesla HackingTesla cars are build with embedded Linux based computers and CAN buses. Some things are discovered, others not. We will explore what is possible and beyond.Village:Belgian Embassy
Projects:Tesla Hacking 2We will try to add autopilot features to a pre-AP Tesla Model SVillage:ItalianEmbassy
Projects:Tesselation 2.0Tessellation 2.0 for iOS and Android by ChaosDav. Use Tessellation in your spare time to create great looking tessellations. A tessellation is the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps.Village:GadgetFriday
Projects:Test ProjectI've made this wiki do things exactly the way i want it.Village:StitchVille
Projects:The One Ring WorkshopGoldsmithing WorkshopVillage:Foodhackingbase
Projects:There really is no GameVillage:Travellers Village
Projects:TimeOperationsCentreVillage:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Projects:TimelapseTimelapse cam, with autogenerated videos.
Projects:Totem ProjectThe Training using Online Tools for Effectiveness and Measurability (TOTEM) project is an independent, safe and secure MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) containing tools on secure use of the Internet. The platform is meant to support trainers and trainees online to assist before-, during- and after offline trainings.

The project will enhance the capacity of human rights defenders and journalist to work more securely and assist them to do their work in more effective ways.

The target groups often face great risks while doing their work to promote human rights, TOTEM will enable them to work mitigate those risks as much as possible.
Projects:Train of Thought - open experimentWe're performing an open experiment (Hands-on) on cognitive enhancers, such as coffee and microdose of psilocybin (legal) mixed with Lindt dark chocolate.

We'll perform benchmarks using our open cognitive games platform - Train of Thought. Please come to our village Hippocampus for more information!

The first session will take part on Sunday, August 6 at 11:00, at Lamarr 52.283944836863,5.5240613108062
Projects:Traveling all gender unicorncolor nail polish saloonnailpolish saloon
Projects:VUMeterJust like at OHM2013, the 24m high FM tower will have a giant LED VU Meter again. Like all v2.0 projects, it will be bigger, better and even more awesome than v1.0
Projects:VoiceoversInstalation with brain computer interface sensors
Projects:WhatTheHelmet workshopMake a boring hard hat into an object of utter coolness! This is a fun, hands-on workshop for anyone over 13 (if younger, bring a parent or other adult) who wants to make their own super cool steampunky helmet.
You'll be working with hot glue and paint, so dress for the occasion.

If you are crafty at all, and like shiny things, this workshop is for you.
Projects:WinkekatzeThe winkekatzen badge app. The best app there is. With real mqtt maneki neko winkekatze in our \dev\lol village.
Projects:Z-UnoZ-Uno is the first and only easy to use developer board that allows you to create your own Z-Wave device without deep knowledge of Z-Wave protocol or programming. Z-Uno is a mix of Z-Wave home automation radio protocol power and Arduino simplicity. Being inspired by Arduino project Z-Uno inherits all concepts of easy-to-use hardware and software solutions, keeping maximum flexibility.Village:Z-Wave
Projects:altpwr.netA 42VDC power grid for experimenting and sharing solar/wind/zero-point/water/human energy! Join by adding yourself to the mailing list and say hi! :)
Projects:drone raceOur goal is to introduce FPV drone racing to all participants of sha2017!
Projects:hck2fckI have no idea what I'm doing.
Projects:saunaSauna for SHAVillage:Sauna Finland PRKL
Village:Family Village/Archery workshopVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/BallpitVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/BamboestiekVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Bird of Prey Show and WorkshopVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Alexander Field
Village:Family Village/Bouncy CastleVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Climbing rack
Village:Family Village/Fizzy foaming car wash
Village:Family Village/FrisbeeVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Garden sprayerVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Glow in the dark chalk
Village:Family Village/HammocksVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Helium balloonsVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Inflatable Fun LandVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Inflatable roller wheelVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Lego & DuploVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Paddling pool
Village:Family Village/PionierenVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Plastic sand & water table
Village:Family Village/SandpitVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/SlacklineVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/TaekwondoVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Tarp
Village:Family Village/TrainCluster:Family Village
Village:Family Village/Trampoline
Village:Family Village/VolleyballVillage:Family Village Large Playing Field
Village:Family Village/Water Gun Painting
Village:Family Village/Water/Sand playbox - Solar powered self containedVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/board games - cardsVillage:Family Village Playing Field
Village:Family Village/build - disassamble PCs

There are 87 announced projects.


Facilitating projects

These projects facilitate service for everyone visiting the camp.

Project Goal Contact IRC channel
Badge Design an awesome badge #sha2017-badge
Safe Harbour Authority To have a hacker flotilla village of at-least 42 boats for hackers to live and sleep on during the event. #sha2017harbour
altpwr homepagewiki An extra low voltage DC (PELV) grid during the event. #altpwr
BinaryVoice Digital + FM Radio Station #sha2017