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Exact name B33rn4ryCounter
Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Description Measure the thirst of GERAFFEL citizen, RFID controld access to the draft b33r, daily and camp statistics
Has website
Persons working on Flo 0, Mic, Poke 54290, 65, SAm0815

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Tags b33rn4rycounter
Located at village Village:Geraffel
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The one and only.

The Idea


v2.0 Implementation

B33rnary Counter v2 (prototype)

b33rn4ry in action @ camp 2011



  • platform: RasPi 1 / Model B(+)
  • USB FT232 RFID reader (125kHz)
  • Backend: (my)SQL database
  • Beer amount measured via flow sensor
  • maybe LCD for display purposes