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Exact name BADGE
Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Description Design, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.
Has website,
Persons working on Anus,, BramJM, MarkusBec, Raboof, Rkachowski, Roosted, Sebastius, Sprite tm, Tsd

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Tags hardware, leds, project, orga, badge, awesome, gadget, ESP, ESP32, E-ink
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Badge Badge project - Documentation - Github - Sponsorship - Organisation

You probably want to get started using your badge.

If your badge has been hit by ransomware, see how to enter Safe mode.

'Pre-badge' board

Badge presentation

Please see the talk (slides) we gave during SHA for a nice overview on how we managed to pull this project off.

Why make a badge?

We would like to distribute badges to every SHA visitor for 2 main reasons

Augment the event

Name badges are nice, but a display can do much more than static text. With the onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity we can deliver for example weather information and timetables right to visitors. And what if you could have live subtitles of the talk that you are watching around your neck?

Be a development platform

As most hackers like ourselves like to tinker with hardware and software, the badge will be an open platform to experiment on. All the basics for a great development platform are on board, including handy inputs and outputs. We designed the badge to be accessible, and easily programmable by MicroPython in an online environment. We strive to use new and cutting-edge hardware on the badge to demo modern IC's and modules.

What is on the badge

First and foremost, the badge will have a 2.9" e-paper display (296x128pixels). This is a 1-bit monochrome display which supports partial refresh, and with some firmware hacking we are able to emulate a larger bit depth and increase its responsiveness.

Footprints for six SK6812 or pin-compatible addressable LEDs are placed above the display. These were chosen to match the official SHA2017 design, which includes a freedom flag consisting of six RGB colours based on the SHA1 hash of some text or data. Using the ESP32's hardware SHA1 unit we may be able to display the colours corresponding to for example the name on the badge.

Any interactive badge needs input. To keep the badge a single-sided load for production, we opted for eight touch buttons (up, down, left, right, a, b, start, and select). The battery will be decently sized, and should be able to last for at least a day when used interactively. The battery life will of course be better when only used as a badge, thanks to the e-paper display :)

How far is the badge?

The hardware design is finished, and we are very satisfied with it.

SHA is dedicating its income towards organising an awesome event. Of course the badge is part of that, but its parts and manufacturing cannot be covered by the ticket sales. Nearly everything will need to come from generous sponsors, and we still need a lot of those.

I want to help your badge!

Awesome! Please contact Team badge! We are currently in need of your help! Parts or funds in any way would help us a lot.

What can you offer in return?

We can display your logo on the badge's screen, as well as the SHA2017 website. Of course, you will receive a thankful mention in our presentation during SHA2017.


We need your support in building the badge. In return, we are offering a spot for your logo on the website, the info booklet, lanyard and on the badge itself. Additionally, we would like to challenge you to write an awesome app for the badge to interact with our visitors.

Commercial sponsors

There are two main routes to sponsorship which will be particularly helpful:

  • Goods and services

We need a number of electronic components as well as PCB manufacture and assembly. If you have facilities to supply such goods and services, or if you have preferential pricing with your suppliers, this is the most efficient route.

  • Cash donation via invoice

Your sponsorship would be tied to specific goods and services, but we would source them directly and provide you with an invoice. This is the simplest route.

Would you like to support the badge?

Please send us a message through or call +31 85 888 3001.


Total donations so far: 1300!

Always wanted to sponsor a component? Want to be part of this amazing badge? Now is your chance! Whatever your budget, we will be able to handle your crowdfunding craves! In return we promise to send you extra love and sign your badge during the event!

  • On-site DIP (Do it Professionally) repair station €400 << YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘

We get some nice soldering stations, a hot-air reflow station and assorted tools to help you with your badge. After the event, this setup will be donated to a Dutch hackerspace of choice to upgrade their soldering endeavors. Paying it forward to enable more hackers!

  • Expansion header and SD slot €500 << YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘

Want to add stuff to your badge? This badge has no hats or shields, but scarves! The expansion header makes this really easy. Just drape on your upgrade, write some code and go! The header contains a few GPIO's, power and most importantly: the data-out for the LEDs so you can connect even more of them! More storage is also possible with the addition of the SD card slot.

  • Stickers €100 <<< YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘

You thought the badge was awesome, but have you seen our stickers? We haven't, but they will be awesome and a very exclusive kit-only piece. There will be only one print run!

  • Vibe-motor €1200 <<< Working towards this goal!

To let you know when something is happening, we want to add a vibration motor to your kit. Solder it in place and get notified when your favorite talk is up (some coding might be required)!

  • LEDs 6xSK6812 €2400

SHA2017 loves colours. Six coloured bars for each sign, name, and activity based on its SHA1 hash. To celebrate this, we want to hand out 6 LEDs per badge. The SK6812 we'd like to supply has a nice additional feature: a white LED next to the red, green and blue we all love. Whether you want them for appreciating your SHA1 hash, a handy flashlight by night, or crazy disco mode in the lounge, these LEDs will surely brighten your day! The LEDs will be in your badge-kit for you to solder on the board yourself, at the on-site DIP.

We would like to thank the following crowd-funders for their generous donations:



We've begun gathering and writing the documentation you'll need to get started on the Badge. It's an immense project, like the badge itself.

Here is where you find the docs!

Behind the scenes

If you are interested in the making of this badge or want to help out, take a look at these URL's:

Badge Bar


Lasercut casing

Make it at FabLabTruck or on your own laser. Design file is here