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Badge Badge project - Documentation - Github - Sponsorship - Organisation

install mpfshell just run:

git clone
cd mpfshell
sudo pip install pyserial
sudo pip install colorama
sudo pip install websocket_client
sudo python install


usage: mpfshell [-h] [-c [COMMAND [COMMAND ...]]] [-s SCRIPT] [-n] [--nocolor]
                [--nocache] [--logfile LOGFILE] [--loglevel LOGLEVEL]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c [COMMAND [COMMAND ...]], --command [COMMAND [COMMAND ...]]
                        execute given commands (separated by ;)
  -s SCRIPT, --script SCRIPT
                        execute commands from file
  -n, --noninteractive  non interactive mode (don't enter shell)
  --nocolor             disable color
  --nocache             disable cache
  --logfile LOGFILE     write log to file
  --reset               hard reset device via DTR (serial connection only)

More on mpfshell usage Open the shell from the folder where there are the file to upload

mpfs> open ttyUSB0 #Go to launcher on badge because in sleep not work
  repl  #enter the python shell
  import shell #import the shell library
  #exit from the shell python with ctrl+] and the badge will be blank
  cd /lib
  md ./your-folder
  mput .*\.py

Remove the cable, go to the launcher and you will see your-folder

Alternatives: ampy