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Exact name HackTheVU
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Description Hack The BinaryVoice VU Meter on the FM Tower !
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Hack The VU

You've all noticed the giant VU Meter on the BinaryVoice FM Tower. As discussed in Projects:VUMeter it shows the audio level of the BinaryVoice FM radio station.

But it also has a network interface to control the LEDs !

You can control it over UDP via on port 555

It has 80 LEDs of which you can set the RGB color value.

The protocol

Send the following message: SET:XX:RR:GG:BB to UDP port 555

  • XX: the led number (from 0 to 79, bottom to top)
  • RR: the HEX RED color value
  • GG: the HEX GREEN color value
  • BB: the HEX BLUE color value

For example


echo SET:39:FF:FF:FF | socat -t 0 - UDP:

will set the middle led to white


Please be gentle since it is only an Arduino Uno on a small network shield. :-)

After 10 seconds of silence the tower will return to normal VU meter operation