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Exact name Starting the LoraLight Group
Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Description A group of 22 people came to me after my talk LoraLight to help with the protocol. This group is to follow up on that.
Has website
Persons working on ArticCynda, Devlaam, Eythian, Kgbvax, XTaran

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Self-organized sessions

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Tags lora, loralight
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The slides of my presentation is here: File:LoraLightShort.pdf

-- update Sep, 14

Gitlab and Slack have been setup, the first draft of the new protocol is published and the discussions have started.

If you want to join, still possible, send me an email, see below. To everyone else: see you in four years. Hopefully we have something nice to show! This will be the last update on this page.

-- update Aug, 13

Up to this moment approximately half of the group did react in one way or another. Not all of you have explicit preferences. Time to make up the score, these are the votes:

  • Gitlab: 4x , Github: 3x
  • MIT: 5x , Apache: 2x , BSD: 1x
  • Slack: 3x , IRC: 3x , Telegram 1x

As stated, in case votes are equal, i get to decide, so this is the outcome:

By mail you will receive the various invitations. If you were not on the initial list, but still want to join, you can send me an email:

-- update Aug, 9

Guys, I enjoyed the hacking session we did on Monday. Forming a group on this page however seems a bit problematic, for example, although my user page says I am working on this project, it did not show up in the list quickly. Unclear why, but if this is the case for me, it can be for others too.

First, the mail I send to everyone, should be received by now, if not, drop me a line (with subject loralight/sha2017) to let me know: Second, if you received the mail, please reply too, so i know i did not lost you. What we want to do first is setup a github/gitlab account first and settle the license stuff. Majority decides, if equal on votes, i decide.

To keep it practical, let us only choose between the proposals that were brought to the table earlier. So, in your email specify:

  • I favour (github / gitlab)
  • I favour (MIT / BSD2 / BSD3)
  • I would like most to contribute with (your expertise)

To educate yourself a little you can visit these webpages:

An other option, totally defendable, would be:

  • I am sorry, it was nice, but i think i will lack the time for anything serious.

And it would be nice to have some platform to group-communicate on, please state your preference:

  • Lets talk on (IRC (which?) / Slack / Telegram / ...)

Note: Facebook (and thus also WhatsApp) is a no-go here, sorry.

One last thing. Some people already started to register Github accounts, Domain names, IRC group names etc. I understand this is all very well meant, but i'dd rather be this to be based on community decisions than on first come first serve basis. So everyone feels their opinion matters. Hope you'll understand.

That's it. This will be finalised in the weekend. If i did not hear from before Saturday 12 aug, i will send one last email. On Sunday the account will be opened. Of course you can still join later, but decisions made will not be rolled back.

Surly Hacking Always!