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Exact name Timelapse
Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Description Timelapse cam, with autogenerated videos.
Has website www.leaseweb.nl
Persons working on M4rcu5

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Tags video, timelapse, cam
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As delivered via email:

302 redirect to latest image: http://get.timelapse.live/1708001/01/latest.jpg (as documented: http://timelapse.live/api-docs/get.html)

generated timelapse video: http://video-cdn.timelapse.live/1708001/01/timelapse.mp4

the API endpoint: http://api.timelapse.live/v2/projects/1708001/cameras/01/images (as documented: http://timelapse.live/api-docs/api.html)

ProjectID: 1708001, CameraID: 01

If you'd like to include it on a website, and have the image reload in-place, we have a small js lib to help out: https://bitbucket.org/timelapselive/javascript

Currently the camera is taking an image every minute. I may vary the speed of the video during the week to play it a bit faster.

Located in the radio tower.