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Cluster:AltPwr.Net +The alternative power network, an at least 1000m2 42V DC grid you and your village can join!  +
Cluster:BS1363 +Brits and their awesome plugs  +
Cluster:ChaosWest +Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackerspaces from midwest Germany. We usualy join the individual villages or assemblies to a bigger cluster.  +
Cluster:Family Village +This is the Family Village: Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-  +
Cluster:Foodies +Cluster dedicated to the ones into food, drinks and bio.  +
Cluster:GRAPPolo +Italian Hacker Embassy open Cluster supported by Italian Grappa, evryone is invited to join  +
Cluster:Lamarr South +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages  +
Cluster:LamarrNorth +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages.  +
Cluster:LamarrNorthWest +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot.  +
Cluster:Manning +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages  +
Cluster:Nordic Villages +Nordic countries village cluster  +
Cluster:Rhodes +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot. All Villages here should be related to the Family-Village.  +
Cluster:SilentZuse +Zuse Field's hackers that love a good night's sleep and generally rest best when silent.  +
Cluster:Sirius Cybernetics Corporation +An intergalactic conglomerate of slackers, hackers, makers, united under the motto "Share and Enjoy"  +
Cluster:Snowden +Added by Team:Villages for placement of small villages.  +
Cluster:Turing +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages and save time on drawing map-outlines.  +
Cluster:Wozniak +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages.  +
Cluster:magrathea +the cluster around milliways  +
F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps +F-Droid is a powerful client that is designed to be resilient against surveillance and censorship. Plus, F-Droid is a Free-Software-App-only repository for Android systems and every Android-based fork. For its competitive character, F-Droid is not available via other "app stores" (like Google Play). You have to download it via your browser once but then it is easy to install and easy to use - and without the need for any account! However, F-Droid also misses any kind of rating system, so the sheer amount of available Free Software apps (2300+) can be overwhelming in the beginning. After a short introduction about Android and the Free Software world, I will demonstrate F-Droid with its anarchic and anti-censorship features. Next, I will come up with the 10 or so most important apps (IMHO!). Finally, I like to open up the stage for you and your favorite F-Droid app. You can explain the app with your words and by showing its webpage. In general, participants are invited to install F-Droid and every demonstrated app during the talk. Bring your own device and let us turn this talk into an interactive one! btw: If you have read a previous version of this talk, I had to change the concept a bit for technical reasons. I like to keep the interactive character, but I think that the previously planned live install presentation is better suited for a two hour-workshop and needs additional equipment.  +
Lightning:Archive Team +The internet is rotting away as private companies are focusing on making money and shut down services. There is a gang of brave rouge archivists trying to save it all. Yahoo sucks.  +