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Lightning:Electronic Lock Fail +This is a short talk about a cheap electronic lock, picking electronic locks, and making a better one.  +
Lightning:Elphel OpenHardware Cameras +Alexandre G. Poltorak (aka polto) is a Free Software and GNU/Linux expert. He has founded his first FOSS company in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, and since then he has formed many specialists within Free Software community and actively participated in LPI.org. He is also member of the board of LSM (RMLL.info). Alexandre has largely contributed in partnership network of professionals around FOSS creating new companies & products and has developed many new ideas. Having an in-house experience of Elphel's hardware, Alexandre recently developed his own comprehensive product - 3D4π - a fully integrated panoramic & stereo-photogrammetry solution which enables creation of geo-referenced panoramas and 3D point-clouds based on Elphel Eyesis-4π & PHG camera series. Alexandre's role, at Elphel, is to promote Elphel's business model, and to build up solid and productive relations with Universities, FOSS community & partner networks. Hobbies: advanced knowledge in blockchain technology and 22 years of practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.  +
Lightning:Free Software Song Choir +We are a choir that will sing the Free Software Song. Come, listen, enjoy.  +
Lightning:Hack Blockchains +Blockchains are now hitting the big time. It started with Bitcoin, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Blockchains allow for an uncensorable, always available, slow irreversable, global transactional database. Big companies are going in big time. Governments get left in the dust. So if hackers get bored with Cloud, start hacking blockchains.  +
Lightning:Introduction Talk +A brief introduction on how to do a lightning talk!  +
Lightning:Join us now! - a choir to perform the Free Software song +We are gathering to rehearse and perform the Free Software song. On the third day of SHA at 5:15 pm we will have a 2h-workshop to let the choir and conductor Benjamin Wand practice the sing-along. Most probably on day four, we are reaching out to find a stage where this choir will perform the Free Software song for everyone to listen.  +
Lightning:Legal history of cannabis in the US +Do you know who is making profit from so-called "war on drugs"?  +
Lightning:Live cryptocurrency Bitcoin market manipulation (for fun and profit) +Cryptocurrencies are risky and volatile. My recommendation to you - unless you know you are doing - invest in BTC and ETH but avoid day trading, that consumes too much energy... Here we an amazing example - I got stuck with some worthless coins. Let's pump the market together... Promise to print as many $10 paper wallets and spread the crypto wealth. Here is the example coin: https://yobit.net/en/trade/XT/BTC  +
Lightning:Opendigitalradio +Opendigitalradio develops a FOSS transmission chain for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) that comprises audio encoding, multiplexing and modulation, and is used in 24/7 production radio broadcasts in several european countries. This talk gives an overview of our activities.  +
Lightning:Pirates in practice +Things I learnt running for the Pirate Party in the 2017 UK general election.  +
Lightning:Pragmatic Hardware Outsourcing +Outsourcing Hardware done right in a co-creating way. Based on a Hardware project I did at Philips Healthcare in 2011 for TMC Electronics. Learn from this and prevent death train projects. Screw white vs. black outsourcing. Let every party use the tools and processes they want to use and make a great product. But make a prototype before you freeze the spec, keep in close contact with your colleagues and your outsource partner. Because your customer will see and use your outsource partners product but see your logo on it. So, make great products, each doing your own thing using trust and open source software.  +
Lightning:PrivacyScore +PrivacyScore allows you to test websites and rank them according to their security and privacy features.  +
Lightning:Quick introduction to MattockFS +12 sheet teaser talk discusses MattockFs's roots (MinorFS and CarvFS) and introduces MattockFS's core features (Write-once data-archive, local message bus with capability based access controll and trusted provenance logs).  +
Lightning:SHA2017Game Review +I created the SHA2017Game 'color game'. I'll share what it does, how it works, what went wrong, what went well, and some statistics.  +
Lightning:URadMonitor - Monitor Your Environment +The uRadMonitor project provides radiation and air quality monitors to provide for a global network of monitoring measurements on a map, where the measuring is done by volunteers that send their data to the site. The network has just added a number of mobile measurement devices, which made a big improvement to the visualizations necessary. The project has been Finalist in the HackADay Prixe 2015, and is Internet of Useful Things Hackaday Prize 2017 Finalist. There will be some monitors on the terrain, and a badge app is in the works, so everybody on the terrain can follow the current readings. We will ask for participation to do some self measurement and app improvement.  +
Lightning:bullshit.money +Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies, the crypto-economics are going to transform the world. We are creating programmable money. Money that have all proprieties we are looking for. ICOs are great way of funding Free Software project, but sadly now-days most of the ICOs are useless bullshit ponzi schemes. We have created an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token - the bullshit token. Our goal is to revolutionize the economy of appreciation by quantifying the invaluable, namely, bullshit. We want to provide an opportunity for people to express themselves by spending their BSH tokens on the bullshit they come across. We imagine a future where much value will come from being able to view the amount of bullshit associated with a project or online entity. We are working on a Proof-of-Bullshit decentralized consensus algorithm to ensure that the recipient addresses marked with Bullshit are marked on-chain as bullshit forever.  +
Lightning:hackeryoga.com +5 minutes hands on presentation of some super-basic yoga moves... That is easy!  +
Projects:3D Printing +This page aims to collect all informations about this topic at SHA.  +
Projects:@c3aoc +Flying things  +
Projects:@c3troc +There was a small tourist train at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg which got decorated beautifully by the viallagers. We have created a 1:11 scale model train of that one. If you have LGB (Gauge G, 45mm) tracks, please bring them.  +
Projects:Alles Allen +1part of the social movement allesallen formed by the many facing the g20 in hamburg, july 2017  +
Projects:Arduino HomeKit Driver +Port the code from GitHub/HomeACcessoryKid to Arduino so it can run on ESP8266  +
Projects:Auto Mate Hacking +Make your way to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to try and hack our custom vending machine. There are a number of ways to hack yourself to an ice cold bottle of Mate or Fritz cola. We have hacking challenges for young and old, experienced and noobies. Besides the auto mate we also have the possibility to hack our lego trains: https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Projects:Lego_Train_Hacking P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop  +
Projects:B33rn4ryCounter +Measure the thirst of GERAFFEL citizen, RFID controld access to the draft b33r, daily and camp statistics  +
Projects:Badge +Design, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.  +