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Cluster:AltPwr.Net +The alternative power network, an at least 1000m2 42V DC grid you and your village can join!  +
Cluster:BS1363 +Brits and their awesome plugs  +
Cluster:ChaosWest +Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackerspaces from midwest Germany. We usualy join the individual villages or assemblies to a bigger cluster.  +
Cluster:Family Village +This is the Family Village: Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-  +
Cluster:Foodies +Cluster dedicated to the ones into food, drinks and bio.  +
Cluster:GRAPPolo +Italian Hacker Embassy open Cluster supported by Italian Grappa, evryone is invited to join  +
Cluster:Lamarr South +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages  +
Cluster:LamarrNorth +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages.  +
Cluster:LamarrNorthWest +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot.  +
Cluster:Manning +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages  +
Cluster:Nordic Villages +Nordic countries village cluster  +
Cluster:Rhodes +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages in one spot. All Villages here should be related to the Family-Village.  +
Cluster:SilentZuse +Zuse Field's hackers that love a good night's sleep and generally rest best when silent.  +
Cluster:Sirius Cybernetics Corporation +An intergalactic conglomerate of slackers, hackers, makers, united under the motto "Share and Enjoy"  +
Cluster:Snowden +Added by Team:Villages for placement of small villages.  +
Cluster:Turing +Created by Team:Villages to group some villages and save time on drawing map-outlines.  +
Cluster:Wozniak +Created by Team:Villages to group some smaller/medium villages.  +
Cluster:magrathea +the cluster around milliways  +
F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps +F-Droid is a powerful client that is designed to be resilient against surveillance and censorship. Plus, F-Droid is a Free-Software-App-only repository for Android systems and every Android-based fork. For its competitive character, F-Droid is not available via other "app stores" (like Google Play). You have to download it via your browser once but then it is easy to install and easy to use - and without the need for any account! However, F-Droid also misses any kind of rating system, so the sheer amount of available Free Software apps (2300+) can be overwhelming in the beginning. After a short introduction about Android and the Free Software world, I will demonstrate F-Droid with its anarchic and anti-censorship features. Next, I will come up with the 10 or so most important apps (IMHO!). Finally, I like to open up the stage for you and your favorite F-Droid app. You can explain the app with your words and by showing its webpage. In general, participants are invited to install F-Droid and every demonstrated app during the talk. Bring your own device and let us turn this talk into an interactive one! btw: If you have read a previous version of this talk, I had to change the concept a bit for technical reasons. I like to keep the interactive character, but I think that the previously planned live install presentation is better suited for a two hour-workshop and needs additional equipment.  +
Lightning:Archive Team +The internet is rotting away as private companies are focusing on making money and shut down services. There is a gang of brave rouge archivists trying to save it all. Yahoo sucks.  +
Lightning:CMD CTRL hacking your websites with a single line of code +How do you manage 10+ domains, 10+ blogs, many other online properties? Inject a single script so that in case of emergency you can do some magic... Redirect the traffic, or something, anything.  +
Lightning:Caminostones +This talk is about an innovative, international art project which uses miniature painted art, messages or stories and technology to connect people.  +
Lightning:Capture the flag: Hacking the SHA2017 light infrastructure +How a team from the "Italian embassy" village hacked some of the light installations here at SHA2017  +
Lightning:Catching notebook thief via tracking +Notebook stolen, recovered, thief arrested by police - all on the same day. A funny experience I had while attending a conference in Geneva.  +
Lightning:Detecting phishing domains +How can you detect if a domain or a sub-domain is used for phishing? After analyzing a little more then 2milion dns records we hatched a plan to detect if a hostname is used for phishing using a little bit of AI.  +
Lightning:Electronic Lock Fail +This is a short talk about a cheap electronic lock, picking electronic locks, and making a better one.  +
Lightning:Elphel OpenHardware Cameras +Alexandre G. Poltorak (aka polto) is a Free Software and GNU/Linux expert. He has founded his first FOSS company in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, and since then he has formed many specialists within Free Software community and actively participated in LPI.org. He is also member of the board of LSM (RMLL.info). Alexandre has largely contributed in partnership network of professionals around FOSS creating new companies & products and has developed many new ideas. Having an in-house experience of Elphel's hardware, Alexandre recently developed his own comprehensive product - 3D4π - a fully integrated panoramic & stereo-photogrammetry solution which enables creation of geo-referenced panoramas and 3D point-clouds based on Elphel Eyesis-4π & PHG camera series. Alexandre's role, at Elphel, is to promote Elphel's business model, and to build up solid and productive relations with Universities, FOSS community & partner networks. Hobbies: advanced knowledge in blockchain technology and 22 years of practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.  +
Lightning:Free Software Song Choir +We are a choir that will sing the Free Software Song. Come, listen, enjoy.  +
Lightning:Hack Blockchains +Blockchains are now hitting the big time. It started with Bitcoin, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Blockchains allow for an uncensorable, always available, slow irreversable, global transactional database. Big companies are going in big time. Governments get left in the dust. So if hackers get bored with Cloud, start hacking blockchains.  +
Lightning:Introduction Talk +A brief introduction on how to do a lightning talk!  +
Lightning:Join us now! - a choir to perform the Free Software song +We are gathering to rehearse and perform the Free Software song. On the third day of SHA at 5:15 pm we will have a 2h-workshop to let the choir and conductor Benjamin Wand practice the sing-along. Most probably on day four, we are reaching out to find a stage where this choir will perform the Free Software song for everyone to listen.  +
Lightning:Legal history of cannabis in the US +Do you know who is making profit from so-called "war on drugs"?  +
Lightning:Live cryptocurrency Bitcoin market manipulation (for fun and profit) +Cryptocurrencies are risky and volatile. My recommendation to you - unless you know you are doing - invest in BTC and ETH but avoid day trading, that consumes too much energy... Here we an amazing example - I got stuck with some worthless coins. Let's pump the market together... Promise to print as many $10 paper wallets and spread the crypto wealth. Here is the example coin: https://yobit.net/en/trade/XT/BTC  +
Lightning:Opendigitalradio +Opendigitalradio develops a FOSS transmission chain for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) that comprises audio encoding, multiplexing and modulation, and is used in 24/7 production radio broadcasts in several european countries. This talk gives an overview of our activities.  +
Lightning:Pirates in practice +Things I learnt running for the Pirate Party in the 2017 UK general election.  +
Lightning:Pragmatic Hardware Outsourcing +Outsourcing Hardware done right in a co-creating way. Based on a Hardware project I did at Philips Healthcare in 2011 for TMC Electronics. Learn from this and prevent death train projects. Screw white vs. black outsourcing. Let every party use the tools and processes they want to use and make a great product. But make a prototype before you freeze the spec, keep in close contact with your colleagues and your outsource partner. Because your customer will see and use your outsource partners product but see your logo on it. So, make great products, each doing your own thing using trust and open source software.  +
Lightning:PrivacyScore +PrivacyScore allows you to test websites and rank them according to their security and privacy features.  +
Lightning:Quick introduction to MattockFS +12 sheet teaser talk discusses MattockFs's roots (MinorFS and CarvFS) and introduces MattockFS's core features (Write-once data-archive, local message bus with capability based access controll and trusted provenance logs).  +
Lightning:SHA2017Game Review +I created the SHA2017Game 'color game'. I'll share what it does, how it works, what went wrong, what went well, and some statistics.  +
Lightning:URadMonitor - Monitor Your Environment +The uRadMonitor project provides radiation and air quality monitors to provide for a global network of monitoring measurements on a map, where the measuring is done by volunteers that send their data to the site. The network has just added a number of mobile measurement devices, which made a big improvement to the visualizations necessary. The project has been Finalist in the HackADay Prixe 2015, and is Internet of Useful Things Hackaday Prize 2017 Finalist. There will be some monitors on the terrain, and a badge app is in the works, so everybody on the terrain can follow the current readings. We will ask for participation to do some self measurement and app improvement.  +
Lightning:bullshit.money +Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies, the crypto-economics are going to transform the world. We are creating programmable money. Money that have all proprieties we are looking for. ICOs are great way of funding Free Software project, but sadly now-days most of the ICOs are useless bullshit ponzi schemes. We have created an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token - the bullshit token. Our goal is to revolutionize the economy of appreciation by quantifying the invaluable, namely, bullshit. We want to provide an opportunity for people to express themselves by spending their BSH tokens on the bullshit they come across. We imagine a future where much value will come from being able to view the amount of bullshit associated with a project or online entity. We are working on a Proof-of-Bullshit decentralized consensus algorithm to ensure that the recipient addresses marked with Bullshit are marked on-chain as bullshit forever.  +
Lightning:hackeryoga.com +5 minutes hands on presentation of some super-basic yoga moves... That is easy!  +
Projects:3D Printing +This page aims to collect all informations about this topic at SHA.  +
Projects:@c3aoc +Flying things  +
Projects:@c3troc +There was a small tourist train at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg which got decorated beautifully by the viallagers. We have created a 1:11 scale model train of that one. If you have LGB (Gauge G, 45mm) tracks, please bring them.  +
Projects:Alles Allen +1part of the social movement allesallen formed by the many facing the g20 in hamburg, july 2017  +
Projects:Arduino HomeKit Driver +Port the code from GitHub/HomeACcessoryKid to Arduino so it can run on ESP8266  +
Projects:Auto Mate Hacking +Make your way to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to try and hack our custom vending machine. There are a number of ways to hack yourself to an ice cold bottle of Mate or Fritz cola. We have hacking challenges for young and old, experienced and noobies. Besides the auto mate we also have the possibility to hack our lego trains: https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Projects:Lego_Train_Hacking P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop  +
Projects:B33rn4ryCounter +Measure the thirst of GERAFFEL citizen, RFID controld access to the draft b33r, daily and camp statistics  +
Projects:Badge +Design, manufacture and distribute a badge for every SHA2017 visitor. The badge will enrich the event by delivering useful information to visitors, and be a great developing platform.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice +BinaryVoice has been the Dutch (and partially German) radio station on the major camps since 2009. We've had a few name changes based every event, but the core always remained the same people :) If you want to be part of this awesome project, please see Team/Vacancies for all the info.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +‘Radio Barbren’ - Hacker tales outside Safe Harbour  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Some of the most interesting speakers of that day to do an interview with one, two or three guests  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Talk about Art and Politics Claudia and Josephine Bosma  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Getting stuff ready for actual live radio.... Anything could happen here  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Preventing sleep deprevation  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Commenting on closing ceremony . .  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Late Night Muppets  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Once the moon is up, PsychiC transforms into a host, DJ and guest calling the shots. Get on board or get the f*ck out.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +‘Radio Barbren’ - Hacker tales outside Safe Harbour  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Goed verhaal, lekker kort  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +This is a slightly better show than the previous one  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Preventing sleep deprevation  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Late Night Muppets  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +The Hackerspace hour, bring on the noise  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features originals of famous songs.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Once the moon is up, PsychiC transforms into a host, DJ and guest calling the shots. Get on board or get the f*ck out.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Goed verhaal, lekker kort  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +This is a slightly better show than the previous one  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Cancelled :(  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Preventing sleep deprevation  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Some of the most interesting speakers of that day to do an interview with one, two or three guests  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Talk about Art and Politics Claudia and Josephine Bosma  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Late Night Muppets  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +The Hackerspace hour, the future... KIDS!  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features "weird" songs.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Once the moon is up, PsychiC transforms into a host, DJ and guest calling the shots. Get on board or get the f*ck out.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +An alternative future perspective  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Goed verhaal, lekker kort - Fun Fun FUN Edition  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +This is a slightly better show than the previous one  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Preventing sleep deprevation  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Some of the most interesting speakers of that day to do an interview with one, two or three guests  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Talk about Art and Politics Claudia and Josephine Bosma  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Late Night Muppets  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Ergens vanaf een lokatie  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +The Hackerspace hour, the future... WITH KIDS!  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features (hard)rock songs.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Once the moon is up, PsychiC transforms into a host, DJ and guest calling the shots. Get on board or get the f*ck out.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +An experimental show mire info [[Darf das wirklich Radio machen - Eine Radioethische Betrachtung|here]]  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Goed verhaal, lekker kort : GRANDMIX Edition  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +This is it, the kickoff show for SHA2017.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Some of the most interesting speakers of that day to do an interview with one, two or three guests  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Talk about Art and Politics Claudia and Josephine Bosma  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +The Hackerspace hour, the past...  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Anything is possible in the Graveyard Shift! This episode features songs I like best.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Once the moon is up, PsychiC transforms into a host, DJ and guest calling the shots. Get on board or get the f*ck out.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +A roundtable conversation with individuals seeking to make the world a better place. We will hear about projects, initiatives, and person missions, but without all the formality and hubris of mainstream conversations. Normally hosted each week in the heart of Amsterdam, this time we're recording live from SHA 2017!  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Some of the most interesting speakers of that day to do an interview with one, two or three guests  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Talk about Art and Politics Claudia and Josephine Bosma  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +Preventing sleep deprevation  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +The Hackerspace hour, what's next  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +So long and thanks for all the fish.  +
Projects:BinaryVoice/Schedule +This is the best show  +
Projects:BioFeedbackTent +We bring a Sahara 400 tent that will be equipped with LED-strips, speakers and a lot of sensors like EEG (openBCI, Muse, Mentalab), HRV+spO2 (cheap BLE wearable), breathing (radar: Walabot). It will read your biosignals and convert the surrounding space into a 3D immersive biofeedback systems. You sit or lie in the center of the tent and will interact with your visualized and sonified biosignals. If your state changes, the sound and lighting will change. And also will changes in the sourrounding change your state. Prepare yourself for a trippy experiency of deep meditation and lots of fun.  +
Projects:CTF +We are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.  +
Projects:Calliope +Calliope makes it easy for kids and also adults to learn how programming works and to get in touch with electronics. We will some boards with us and will offer on demand workshops.  +
Projects:Dolphin Wii/GameCube Emulator +Dolphin is the most popular GameCube and Wii emulator and supports all major operating systems. Examples of things to work on: graphics emulation, Qt user interface, just-in-time CPU code recompiler, high-level emulation of DSP microcode, testing on real hardware, and much more~ If you're interested in contributing, want to learn how it works or just want to play some games, come to the Emulator Village and say hi!  +
Projects:Fermentation Mobile +We want to establish "fermentation mobile", center which will help to spread the art&science of fermentation around the world helping the kvasir's to live decently by doing that.  +
Projects:Freifunk +Community wireless projects in Germany and beyond  +
Projects:Hack the Fire Truck +Hacking a fire engine provided by the local fire department ('safety region').  +
Projects:HackTheVU +Hack The BinaryVoice VU Meter on the FM Tower !  +
Projects:Ham Radio Activity +There is quite some amateur radio activity on the camp site. This project page is intended to collect information about the different stations to provide a better overview. Please put a line below and add your location to the village list if you have something set up and do radio operation at SHA2017!  +
Projects:IPv6 Christmas Tree +Ping the IPv6 Christmas Tree to light it !  +
Projects:IceCreamTreat +I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  +
Projects:Illumos Hacking +We would like to provide an environment to work on illumos, illumos based distributions and services. Everybody is welcome to contribute.  +
Projects:Join us now - a choir to perform the Free Software song +We are gathering to form and perform the Free Software song. On stage.  +
Projects:KAP +Setup for kite aerial photography, making aerial photos with a simple single line kite and a hacked camera  +
Projects:KillerBee +A slightly sweet yet deadly drink made with vodka, hot peppers and honey.  +
Projects:Klampfinator +A campfire guitar, driven by an arduino, with no strings attached  +
Projects:Lego Train Hacking +Come to the T-shaped Northwave tent on the back of the Torvalds field (near the water) to compete in a SCADA lego train hacking challenge. Are you able to complete a set of three hacks to lay waste to our Dutch Lego Railways system? If you succeed you've hacked yourself to a 'free' bottle of Club Mate from our custom vending machine. Besides lego hacking, it is also possible to hack our auto mate: https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Projects:Auto_Mate_Hacking P.S. Don't forget to bring your laptop  +
Projects:Live-Music-Session +We would like to invite YOU to join our Live-Music-Session - just come over to watch and hear or even join us in making music. We are going to play songs from different centuries, genres and artists mostly related to Rock and Pop. For more information see free text below...  +
Projects:LoraLight +A group of 22 people came to me after my talk LoraLight to help with the protocol. This group is to follow up on that.  +
Projects:Popcorn +A Blinken-light overloaded, AC/DC blasting, TiLDA Mkπ badge enabled popcorn machine. All proceeds from sales are donated to the brain research fund.  +
Projects:Probiotic Drinks Everywhere +Fermented drinks made, shared and offered by the group of brewers to the SHA2017 community.  +
Projects:RaZberry +RaZberry brings Z-Wave to the Raspberry PI platform. Z-Wave is the leading wireless communication technology for smart homes. Raspberry Pi is a little and inexpensive computing platform the international developer community fell in love with. The RaZberry platform adds all the components needed to turn a Raspberry PI board into a fully operational and inexpensive Z-Wave gateway.  +
Projects:SHA217 OBCZ +Free books to the masses. Because SHAring is caring.  +
Projects:SHArterzug +To rent a train picking up participants of SHA 2017 within Germany. (And bring them back again, of course) The project is canceled.  +
Projects:SHAtRoulette +Chat roulette on the SHA2017 DECT and VOIP network  +
Projects:Technopolitics village +The technopolitics village Tsja... is a meeting place for people and organizations interested in the political dimensions of technology within SHA 2017. We're doing talks, workshops and meetings in an open structure. You're invited to contribute!  +
Projects:Tesla Hacking +Tesla cars are build with embedded Linux based computers and CAN buses. Some things are discovered, others not. We will explore what is possible and beyond.  +
Projects:Tesla Hacking 2 +We will try to add autopilot features to a pre-AP Tesla Model S  +
Projects:Tesselation 2.0 +Tessellation 2.0 for iOS and Android by ChaosDav. Use Tessellation in your spare time to create great looking tessellations. A tessellation is the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps.  +
Projects:Test Project +I've made this wiki do things exactly the way i want it.  +
Projects:The One Ring Workshop +Goldsmithing Workshop  +
Projects:Timelapse +Timelapse cam, with autogenerated videos.  +
Projects:Totem Project +The Training using Online Tools for Effectiveness and Measurability (TOTEM) project is an independent, safe and secure MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) containing tools on secure use of the Internet. The platform is meant to support trainers and trainees online to assist before-, during- and after offline trainings. The project will enhance the capacity of human rights defenders and journalist to work more securely and assist them to do their work in more effective ways. The target groups often face great risks while doing their work to promote human rights, TOTEM will enable them to work mitigate those risks as much as possible.  +
Projects:Train of Thought - open experiment +We're performing an open experiment (Hands-on) on cognitive enhancers, such as coffee and microdose of psilocybin (legal) mixed with Lindt dark chocolate. We'll perform benchmarks using our open cognitive games platform - Train of Thought. Please come to our village Hippocampus for more information! The first session will take part on Sunday, August 6 at 11:00, at Lamarr 52.283944836863,5.5240613108062  +
Projects:Traveling all gender unicorncolor nail polish saloon +nailpolish saloon  +
Projects:VUMeter +Just like at OHM2013, the 24m high FM tower will have a giant LED VU Meter again. Like all v2.0 projects, it will be bigger, better and even more awesome than v1.0  +
Projects:Voiceovers +Instalation with brain computer interface sensors  +
Projects:WhatTheHelmet workshop +Make a boring hard hat into an object of utter coolness! This is a fun, hands-on workshop for anyone over 13 (if younger, bring a parent or other adult) who wants to make their own super cool steampunky helmet. <br />You'll be working with hot glue and paint, so dress for the occasion. <br /><br />If you are crafty at all, and like shiny things, this workshop is for you.  +
Projects:Winkekatze +The winkekatzen badge app. The best app there is. With real mqtt maneki neko winkekatze in our \dev\lol village.  +
Projects:Z-Uno +Z-Uno is the first and only easy to use developer board that allows you to create your own Z-Wave device without deep knowledge of Z-Wave protocol or programming. Z-Uno is a mix of Z-Wave home automation radio protocol power and Arduino simplicity. Being inspired by Arduino project Z-Uno inherits all concepts of easy-to-use hardware and software solutions, keeping maximum flexibility.  +
Projects:altpwr.net +A 42VDC power grid for experimenting and sharing solar/wind/zero-point/water/human energy! Join by adding yourself to the mailing list and say hi! :)  +
Projects:drone race +Our goal is to introduce FPV drone racing to all participants of sha2017!  +
Projects:hck2fck +I have no idea what I'm doing.  +
Projects:sauna +Sauna for SHA  +
Session:Advanced Probiotic Brewing +Overview of different styles of brewing using variety of microbial cultures (for more advanced brewers).  +
Session:Arduino for kids soldering +This workshop is easy enough for total little newbies (year 8-88) to learn all you need to know to get going on an Arduino. It's basically simular to Mitch arduino for total newby's workshop, but than focussed on kids in the age of 8-12 years old. There are manuals in dutch and english, and if needed i'll translate to german on the spot.  +
Session:ArduinoForTotalNewbies +''Learn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project''<br /> <br /> You've probably heard lots about '''Arduino'''. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a '''TV-B-Gone''' remote control out of an '''Arduino''' you can take home with you.<br /> <br /> ''(This is one of many cool things happening throughout SHA in the huge '''Hardware Hacking Area!)'''''<br /> <br /> This workshop will be given twice<br />(both identical):<br />    Day 2: 5-Aug, 1pm - 4:30pm<br />    Day 3: 6-Aug, 1pm - 4:30pm<br />  +
Session:Autopsy of IoT - Nabaztag, the Hare +One of the most dangerous characteristic of IoT is being hidden. So what better than opening and disassemble things of IoT trying to understand how they work and what is inside? The first inhabitant of IoT, the hare Nabaztag is the protagonist of the first autopsy of a series. And probably, after the autopsy, there will be a resurrection!  +
Session:Badge casing lasercutting for absolute beginners +A laser cutter is the perfect tool to make casings for your electronics projects (and for many other things). We brought our Trotec lasercutter from the makerspace to the campsite. You can use it for your own projects in our truck, located in the Hardware Hacking Area (near crocodile lake). Workshop: sunday 13:30-16:30  +
Session:Brief history of IoT (Internet of Things) +While the IoT buzzword became common in the last four years, in june 2005 a French start-up began to sold the father of all Things of Internet, the Nabaztag. Being mainly an object of feeling, (despite being sold as “ Information console - portable media player”). Nabaztag will tell us this Internet tale of dreams and nightmares, describe the present and guess maybe a bit of future  +
Session:Build & Program your own do-it-your-selfdriving car +Build & Program your own do-it-your-selfdriving car.  +
Session:Build your own Synthesizer +Build your own Arduino-based synthesizer  +
Session:Bullet-Proof Hosting +Presentation about the different forms of bullet proof-hosting (for any content)  +
Session:BurnerConnect +Burners of SHA - let's meet!  +
Session:CTF +We are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we are currently in the process of organizing the official CTF for the SHA event.  +
Session:ChaosWest Soundscape +ChaosWest provides a stage with PA, DJ equipment and lighting where DJs and other musicians can make/play music. More info to come.  +
Session:Cheap SCA with Open Source tools +During this workshop in the Riscufefe village, security analysts from Riscure will show how Side Channel Analysis techniques work (DPA) with super cheap equipment (less than 60 euro the full setup) and Open Source SCA tools (jlSCA). IMPORTANT: You will get a VM which you can practice what you learned; please bring your own laptop with >15GB of free disk space and VirtualBox installed (with extension package)!!  +
Session:Cheese Rendezvous +We will meet again tasting wide selection of gourmet cheeses and related condiments.  +
Session:Cider Flows +We will taste selection of ciders coming from different regions and scales of production.  +
Session:CineMeh +Come watch movies with us, at village Yolocation's CineMeh, the only SHA2017 outdoors cinema cobbled together with ducttape and bedsheets. tonight (the 5th of August) we'll be showing: 22:00 - Hackers 00:00 - V for Vendetta the 6th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Office space 0000: Tron The 7th of August we'll be showing: 2200: Groundhog day 0000: Groundhog day As we are limited in seating, please bring your own chair, and BYOB.  +
Session:Crazy Carts and other Electric Vehicle Hacking +We want to build some crazy electric vehicle with you!  +
Session:Cryptokids workshop for kids +Cryptokids workshop for kids  +
Session:Cyberbullying: reverse engineering +The workshop focuses on a real case of cyberbullying: participants will have the opportunity to disassemble the aggression using the method of Zanshin Tech martial art, recognize specific attack techniques used by the bully and learn how to stop them and stay safe in the digital world. The minimum age to participate is 11 years old.  +
Session:DIY sushi +Let's make sushi together. We will start from washing the rice and finish with forming the rolls. The goal is to make sure everyone will know exactly how to make it later, at home. We can adjust for almost every allergy or diet restriction.  +
Session:Discussion about alternative social media/reasons why they aren't replacing mainstream social media and what we can do about it +Discussion about alternative social media/reasons why they aren't replacing mainstream social media and what we can do about it (e1k)  +
Session:Do Music/Sounds for fun +try to make 1song  +
Session:Drink and Think +Drink and Think: Talking about heavy issues in a slightly intoxicated state. Day 1: Theme: Data as commons. Smart citizens in a Smart City. Host: Waag Society. Day 3 Host: Bits of Freedom  +
Session:ELI5 + Fears and Hopes about Data and Society +DATACTIVE: ELI5 + Fears and Hopes about Data and Society. Opening of the box of fears and hopes of Datafication.  +
Session:Esperanto 'Meet-up' +Meeting of people that speak Esperanto; or people that want to listen to it ;)  +
Session:FHB SHA2017 Party +We will organize Food Hacking Base (fhb) SHA2017 party, come and enjoy!  +
Session:FPGAs for Newbies +This workshop is intended for people with very few knowledge about FPGAs and VHDL. We will cover which software is required and where to get it, creating a first project and let some LEDs blink. Please send me an Email to fpga-workshop@federationhq.de *only* if you want to participate, so I can try to organize some FPGA boards to use during the workshop. Please send questions regarding the workshop to byterazor@federationhq.de According to the number of participants the workshop will take place at Geraffel Village or somewhere else.  +
Session:Fermenting with Kefir +Learning how to ferment with milk kefir grains.  +
Session:Find the geocache +Finding a geocache is fun, finding it together is even more fun. We will gather at Area42 (opposite Kevin the Container) and jointly try to find the geocache. Friday 20:00, Saturday 13:00, Sunday 13:00, Monday 13:00, Tuesday 11:00  +
Session:Flamethrowers 101 +A 1 hr introduction to building propane flamethrowers, including basic principles, safety but no demo :-(  +
Session:Forensic Practicing +Forensics4Kids  +
Session:ForensicsInsideOut +Forensic Practises  +
Session:Free Software in the Dutch public sector +Almost 15 years ago now the Dutch government first officially commited to adopting open source software. But what has come of that? Spoiler alert: very little! Especially compared to other countries. That's why it is a recurring theme in politics, as policy does not result in change. In this presentation I'll dig deep and highlight the projects that do meet that initial goal of open source adoption.  +
Session:Freedombox installfest +An introduction to FreedomBox, a 100% free software self-hosting web server to deploy social applications on small machines. It provides online communication tools respecting your privacy and data ownership. If you bring your own single board computer (think Raspberry Pi) you can join the installfest and go home with your own FreedomBox. Otherwise install it on a virtual machine, or just join in to help others and share the experience.  +
Session:From NoT to IoT (or the opposite?) +NoT (Network of Things) and IoT (Internet of Things) looks like overlapping definitions, the second following the first. During this short course all the above will be discussed and a lot of complexity and loops will emerge. In fact IoT and NoT developed mostly in an independent way and still today are seen as separated things. Is this true or a big and dangerous mistake?  +
Session:Gadget Garage +I have accumulated lots of small IT gadgets and accessories over time that I am giving away (for free) - but only for good causes. Except USB/network/HDMI/VGA/Audio/power/... cables and various power adapters- anyone can take as many as we have.  +
Session:Gene-coop: The first collaborative DNA bank +Gene-coop: The first collaborative DNA bank. (Pieter van Boheemen)  +
Session:General Data Protection Regulation +Diskussion über die EU Datenschutzgrundverordnung  +
Session:Getting started with DIY level 3 autonomous driving +We will explore the current status of open source efforts to develop autonomous driving, from the release of the Comma.ai platform to the recent OSCC project.  +
Session:Ghosts in Shells +We want to build translucent, lightweight, 3d sculptures and use what ever you like as a model. This session is kids friendly although adults help is needed to cut the children out when they are wrapped in. It really has no age boundary. Needed Material: Bigger Scotch tape, cling wrap, bandage scissors (from your first aid kit), an object/person you want to copy.  +
Session:Git from the inside +“Detached head” and "Non-fast-forward push denied" - (error)messages in git are not always easy to understand and often lead to cargo cult (https://xkcd.com/1597/). I'll show you how "git sees the world". You'll know to speak to git in its own language. No prior knowledge of git required!  +
Session:Hack in The Class: Arduino for kids +Subtitle: Arduino for kids, how to start playing with electronics Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested n creating interactive objects or environments. So also for kids! \o/ This workshop will give you an impression what Arduino is, what the hardware platform and extensions does, how you can work with the hardware and interface. Finally we will help all kidsstep by step how we made one (may-be more) of our projects like Blinky (our LED board), the Garduino (for Garden automation) or our Hackerspace automation system. You can just drop by, max 15 kids (due to amount of hardware). Session will be at the HITR2NDB and not in the family village. Although we will be there to guide a group :-) Age: if you can read a bit English it’s probably fine, or bring your mom/dad/friend who can :-) Needed: A laptop would be nice with root or possible root exploits ;-)  +
Session:Hack in The Class: CTF for kids +How to play allowed hacking games. In the world of hacking a lot is not allowed because breaking into computer systems is prohibited. (Of course) But it doesn’t stop us from doing “legal allowed” hacking. CTF’s and online Wargames are the way to learn more about computer security and the ways around it. During this workshop you will learn what is allowed and what is not. We well demo what hacking is, explain what a CTF is (and why it is allowd), how you can start yourself and learn! Age: from 12 years and up Needed: A laptop with root access  +
Session:Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama +Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama - Beg, haggle, sell, buy, barter and swap! Campers are invited to bring old electronic components, mechanical parts, obsolete technology, abandoned projects, unwanted gimmicks, surplus acquisitions - anything hack-worthy to sell or swap with others!  +
Session:Happy Keyhole Hacking +Playing with the Keyholes from There Is No Game you may remember from 33c3. Meeting in the black yurt in the Traveller's Village.  +
Session:Heads +Make your laptop slightly more secure by installing coreboot and Heads firmware.  +
Session:How does ICANN work +How does ICANN work by Julf  +
Session:Howlistic Howling +Holistic Howling is a group based howling practice, which encourages safe, non-verbal communication through Howl Circles. Circles are formed ad-hoc at festivals and events, and through a friendly group using the WhatsApp smartphone app. It's completely free, and good for the soul.  +
Session:Introduction to Mozilla ChangeCopyright +ChangeCopyright è la campagna europea di Mozilla per sensibilizzare gli utenti riguardo l'uso di internet e sul materiale che condividono in rete. Slide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SYDABVZQYsfdrIU4Avl9eHjFG3XbsprNn2FgdQP93ow/edit  +
Session:Introduction to soybean fermentation +Introduction to soybean fermentation making tempeh.  +
Session:Italians Do It Bigger +We’ll set a 3D printing workshop and non-stop activity with a 3mt tall printer. Workshop will teach to approach everyone to 3D printing with hemp fiber and polymer derived by corn seeds. Workshop and activities will be surrounded by a sensorial experience with essential oils prepared by a florentine artist joining design, art, open source technology  +
Session:Join Mozilla: We Have Cookies +Join Mozilla: we have cookies! Vieni a scoprire cosa fa Mozilla per te e di come in Italia stia agendo nella creazione di club cittadini e campus universitari per promuovere la alfabetizzazione digitale, la programmazione e sicurezza su internet.  +
Session:Join us now - a choir to perform the Free Software song +We are gathering to rehearse and perform the Free Software song.  +
Session:KiCad-basics Workshop +Want to learn how to use KiCad? This workshop will make a walk trough starting with the schematic design and going trough until the gerber export of the finished project.  +
Session:Kombucha is Easy +You will learn how to grow kombucha SCOBY making a lovely probiotic drink for yourself.  +
Session:KubernetesDockerClusterWorkshop +''Learn how to deploy docker application on a Kubernetes cluster''<br /> <br /> You've probably heard lots about '''Docker'''. Now Docker alone is useful, but to deploy it you are better off using an orchestrator like '''Kubernetes'''. This workshop will tell you how to install one on your laptop, write your own yaml files, and learn the basics on how to use a kubernetes cluster.<br /> <br /> This workshop will be given twice<br />(both identical):<br />    Day 2: sat 5-Aug, 19:30 - 21:30<br />    Day 3: sun 6-Aug, 19:30 - 21:30<br />  +
Session:LED TSHIRT UPCYCLING +Pimp up your existing clothing for SHA2017 with LEDs - no programming necessary or soldering - instead we use sewing! Bring your own clothing and I will teach you about what is an e-textile and then you can create your own illuminated fashion tech on the spot! Kids welcome with adult supervision. This class is DAILY starting Aug 5th until Aug 8 at 11am in the Hardware Hacking Area  +
Session:LEVELZ-23 +we will play aggro drum and bass, if you're not familiar with the style - please come and talk to us come on down and get your levels checked howling encouraged -- STRICTLY NO MCs -- MCs on rotation^H^Hmushrooms: - MC Ruinit - MC Don't bother - MC Tryharder - MC Escher  +
Session:LearnToSolder +Learn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek. <span style="color:orange">'''''This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops<br />at the Hardware Hacking Area!'''''</span>  +
Session:Let's talk in private, introduction to GPG and VPN +Let's talk in private, introduction to GPG and VPN  +
Session:Lora Hacking +Just have some fun with Lora.  +
Session:MadTeaParty +Artists and rabbits join for madness and tea, in a cozy corner yet to be found. Feel free to bring tea and your fancy hat.  +
Session:Make aluminium profile connections +Quick workshop where you learn how to make sturdy aluminium profile connections. Always handy to know.  +
Session:Medical Device Security +find me to discuss Medical Device Security call DECT 5001  +
Session:Mesh Networks in Brasil +“Free Digital Territories” is an artistical research project focusing the exchange of the work by free network communities in Brazil and Germany. 2017 we spoke to people active in free WiFi communities as the Casa dos Meninos Sao Paulo, where mesh networks support also education, the COOLAB which is funded by Mozilla to bring the idea forward, the Sempreviva Organização Feminista (SOF) is planning a Meshnetwork, to support farmer women in Vale do Rebeira, the NGO „Article 19“, which is engaged for the expression of free speach. And we spoke to Flávia Lefèvre, member of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, who esplained us the situation of internet in Brasil. In this talk I want to give you a summary about the meetings and our further plans. Time: Day 3 @2pm Duration: 30min  +
Session:Missing Maps Marathon: validation +Come help map Malawi, and validate the work of other mappers  +
Session:Mobile World +Digital forensics could be very challenging when you need to work with mobile devices. They are far more difficult to investigate than PCs or Macs, and, at the same time, they are connected with many different cloud services. We’ll talk about new extraction and analysis programs, as well as cloud technologies  +
Session:Modern Digital Forensics analysis, where to find evidences +In the modern interconnected world it’s not simple to find where digital evidences are. They can be found on devices (both PCs and mobiles), on virtual machines, in the cloud. We’ll discuss about modern investigation techniques, OSINT, and how to correlate information from different sources to trace where the evidences could be found.  +
Session:Monitoring Government Surveillance Capabilities by means of Transparency tools +This project is a concept to exploit the availability of public procurement data sets, required by anticorruption transparency laws, to discover government surveillance capabilities. We'll present early findings of a mixed-strategy approach, based on transparency and privacy activism, to uncover government capabilities analyzing procurement data of Ministry of Interior, Justice and Defense that are allowed by law to buy and use surveillance products and services. This project will present manifold outcomes, such as the mapping of surveillance capabilities, expenditures, governmental project code names, providers and peculiar participants of surveillance related tenders. The project will move forward exploiting the new FOIA laws by asking for:<br /> - all invoices of each company that we found out selling surveillance technologies to the government<br /> - all technical and economic offers of all the contractors related to surveillance technologies<br /> In this way, we’ll try to shed light on the use of surveillance technologies providing a public database of knowledgeable information that can help to hold governments accountable for violations of human rights.  +
Session:Morse Code workshop +Communicate by morse code. De morse key has to made by your self. All materials are available and included in the workshop. number of participants 7 (at once) last workshop 7/8/17 15:00 lt  +
Session:Music Synthesizer Meetup +Get-together to show our music synthesizer projects, and talk about how they work. All are welcome to learn and share!  +
Session:My own system +Modern Personal Computer are migrating to an Always-on paradigm. We use cloud account to authenticate, Cloud drives and services, software houses want to collect more and more personal data. The simplest solution could be to choose an alternative operating system (like GNU/Linux or *BSD) and simply ignoring the world which is changing. Otherwise you can begin an hardening process and try to balance new Technologies and a resonable level of security. It's challenging but you can do it. Furthermore It's a way to build an antiforensics system  +
Session:New challenges +PCs and Macs are changing. They are inheriting many features from the mobile devices. They use cloud accounts, SSDs, cryptography, always-on and connected-stand-by. These features are challenging and are changing extraction and analysis techniques. Now it’s not more possible to simply acquire an hard drive and then perform an off-line investigation. You have to mix and match different approaches.  +
Session:Noise +Effects of amplified noises on the general sleep behavior of homo sapiens after midnight  +
Session:Open Molecular Cooking Night +Open Molecular Cooking Night is the perfect place to put a molecular twist on some of your favourite recipes.  +
Session:OpenStreetMap Mapping Party +During the camp, the Maptime village will organize a small OpenStreetMap Mapping Party. We will head out into the forests surrounding the camp and see if there is any information we can add to the map. On return in the camp, we will add the data directly to OpenStreetMap using the iD or JOSM editors. Join us if you want to learn how to edit OpenStreetMap, or if you simply would like to have a hike in the nature around the camp.  +
Session:OpenStreetMap.org: cartography development +Openstreetmap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. The focus of this talk will be on the development of the cartographic stylesheet used on OpenStreetMap.org.  +
Session:Organizational Security for Human Rights Defenders in the Global South +Organizations defending human rights in what is referred to as the Global South -- what some prefer to call, the developing world -- have to deal with lack of resources in the face of intrusive surveillance and interception from governments. How can they protect their data, either at rest or in transit? How can they protect the information entrusted in them by their constituencies? This workshop is meant to come up with a practical manual that can be used by those organizations to learn how to secure their information so that they can stop worrying about that and get busy doing their primary job: protecting human rights.  +
Session:Oscilloscope: What it is and how to use it +In this course I would like to show you what a oscilloscope is used for, how it works and how you have to use it. The Goal is, that you know how to: * correctly select the type of measurement device * correctly set up your device, that you see what you are interested in * interpret the measurement display and know how accurate it is  +
Session:PCB Layout and Manufacture for Terrified Beginners +We're going to go from a schematic to a PCB layout, and then manufacture the PCB and a reflow soldering stencil to go with it. No prior knowledge needed. Please bring a laptop with Kicad 4.0.6 installed. Takes about 4 hours, cost is on a pay-what-you-want model. This is an experimental workshop I'm teaching for the first time, so your input is going to be fundamental to future editions. Join/help others in not being terrified anymore!  +
Session:Pink Snakes and Other Blinking LEDS (Solder and assemble kits) +Solder and assemble the Hammes Hacks RGB LED sheild or the Charlieplexed shield. Cost (inc. materials) 40 euro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdOZB8iYkNo&list=PLOODSiZqm-6UeWLWglQs6WxsMtcTySr-z or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZnQFtUXSJo&list=PLOODSiZqm-6Vi7pS7f9fTLt6Id5IrYVqY  +
Session:PolyConnect +Poly People of SHA - let's connect!  +
Session:Post-talk discussion Ethics in Technology +Q&A session hosted by Tsja, after the talk! There will be probes ;-)  +
Session:Post-talk discussion about Decode with Marleen Stikker +Post-talk discussion about Decode Marleen Stikker (Waag Society). After the talk on the SHA main stage https://program.sha2017.org/events/152.html there is room for further discussion.  +
Session:Post-talk discussion about Update the Updates +Post-talk discussion about Update the Updates. After the talk at the SHA main stage https://program.sha2017.org/events/100.html  +
Session:Post-talk discussion: Relationship status of technology and legislation: It's complicated +Legislation & technological developments... Hmm...  +
Session:Pragmatic Utopism; actionable approaches to unbreaking the world +Many of us aware of the many problems threatening the proliferation of our species and the wonderful planet hosting it so gratituously. Some of us have ideas on how to cope with some of these problems, but many of ideas are overly abstract and theoretical. This session will be a discussion on practical, actionable approaches to problems pertaining to our furthered existence on this planet. Your (constructive) critical views and surprisingly diverging views are much appreciated.  +
Session:Privacy Café +The Privacy Café is not just any café - it's a chilled-out place where you can come and learn about privacy/anonymity, tools to help you achieve this to an extent, and drink fine tea (and other hot beverages) in a relaxing environment! Newbies encouraged and welcomed!  +
Session:Public Money Public Code +The FSFE's latest campaign "Public money, public code" (PMPC) evolves around the demand targeted at public administrations to release software which is paid with taxpayers' money as Free Software. We believe that publicly funded software should be considered as public good and be freely available for everybody to reuse, study, share and improve. All public bodies should treat public funds carefully, ensuring the best possible value-for-money is obtained whenever public money is being spent or invested. Therefore, Free Software and re-use should be the norm, not only for the public sector to reduce the costly expenses for the acquisition of proprietary licences, but also for it to regain the control over its IT infrastructure. Free Software should be seen as public good, with value-added for every democratic society and its citizens, for co-operation among public authorities between regions and states. In my talk, I will give an overview and the status of our PMPC campaign, together with concrete action points on how everybody can engage in the campaign and support our goal.  +
Session:Queer Feminist Geeks Meetup +Meeting for LGBTIQ*, queer, feminist or otherwise fabulous geeks and allies TAKES PLACE AT TAU WORKSHOP TENT, NOT AT THE QFG VILLAGE  +
Session:Races with the do-it-yourselfdriving cars + beer +After building and programming do-it-yourself-driving cars in the 3 o'clock sessions, there'll be races with the do-it-yourself-driving cars + beer.  +
Session:Raspberry Pi Robot Programming +We show the raspberry pi robot pi2go how it can find his way on his own. There is also time to play around with a labyrinth and invent together a small game challenge.  +
Session:Regulating Law Enforcement uses of Trojans +Implementing a Law to juridically, operationally and technically regulate the uses of Trojan in Italy The complexity of implementing a policy (law) and related operational and technical procedures to regulate the uses of Trojan by Law Enforcement in a way that protect civil rights while not preventing investigations from going on with the right balance of juridical/technical implementation.  +
Session:Salmiakki tasting +Come taste ammonium chloride in solid and liquid forms!  +
Session:Secure communications hardware +This talk will focus on securing end-point-devices from attack by state level actors. This kind of IT security is important when these devices are operating in potentially hostile environments. Examples would be: securely communicating from an embassy, operating as a journalist and running certain industrial production environments. First we will show some attack vectors employed in the past by state actors. Then protection measures are demonstrated, starting with low level treat protection and ending in full-scale paranoid mode. It will demonstrate how far one must go (and can go) to achieve a certain level of security.  +
Session:Silent Disco +ᕕ(⌐■◞ ■)ᕗ with headphones  +
Session:Smart Kids Lab +Smart Kids Lab (Gijs Boerwinkel + Frank Vloet)  +
Session:SolarBot +Assemble your own solar car by following simple instructions. Workshop for kids starting at age 6 and up. Workshops will happen on regular basis in Village:BEECreative (Olsen field) Day 2 : 11:00 - 12:00 Day 3 : 14:00 - 15:00 and 17:00 - 18:00 Day 4 : 13:00 - 14:00  +
Session:Soldering intro for kids +Learn how to solder a simple Maker robot badge. Kids starting from age 10/11 on. Workshops will happen on regular basis in Village:BEECreative (Olsen field) Day 2 : 11:00 - 12:00 Day 3 : 14:00 - 15:00 and 17:00 - 18:00 Day 4 : 13:00 - 14:00  +
Session:Still Riding Anyway +Join us at a ridearound camp with your personal human transport machine!  +
Session:Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners +Surface mount electronics for terrified beginners. Learn to assemble tiny parts on circuit boards by building a working power supply. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you who never touched anything electronic before. 90mins, 20€/kit, avoid caffeine immediately before.  +
Session:The Future of Digital Rights, a Socratic conversation +The Future of Digital Rights, a Socratic conversation (Bits of Freedom)  +
Session:The One Ring Workshop +Mobile goldsmithing workshop  +
Session:The digital martial art +Zanshin Tech is a digital martial art focusing on the digital aggression and teaching how to use mind and technology to avoid, solve or stop the conflict. In this quick overview we will introduce the discipline, describing the activities, the educational method and the structure of the art itself.  +
Session:The first session +This is a placeholder session, just to make sure sessions are working. If you still see this and there are over 10 other sessions registered already, feel free to delete this one :)  +
Session:The future of digital security education - developing sustainable, continuous learning approaches +Digital security trainings play a very important role in securing activists and human rights defenders and increasing the efficiency of their work while they use the internet. However, a lot of the time, face-to-face security trainings are hard to organise, conduct and follow-up post training. Over the last several years, we have seen a variety of community developed toolkits, guides and other resources that help aid security trainers educating the human rights community on how to protect themselves and their peers from the multiple threats they face. As technology rapidly evolves, the digital threat landscape evolves with it. Digital security tools and tactics go outdated pretty quickly and it is becoming extremely important to create new sustainable approaches to help human rights defenders stay updated with the latest, efficient ways to improve their defense and minimise these threats. Some newer initiatives such as https://advocacyassembly.org/ and https://totem-project.org are trying to improve the efficiency of online learning by applying some of the best practices from traditional forms of online education such as MOOCs(massive open online course) and interactive testing methods to digital security trainings aimed towards the activist community. This session aims to engage with rights activists, digital security trainers and other thought leaders from the community to discuss and help develop the future of digital security trainings, with focus on offline and online methods/techniques that can be combined to create a training environment that encourages better community engagement, helps build a continuous learning environment and increases knowledge retention.  +
Session:Tor Relay Operators Meetup +Tor Relay Operators Meetup  +
Session:Train of Thought Open Experiment +It's time to explore the cognitive enhancing properties of magic truffles (microdose) and coffee! We'll use our open platform - Train of Thought - for cognitive games to benchmark your performance versus placebo group. Take part in an open microdosing or coffee experiment at our village! The first session will take part on Sunday, August 6 at 11:00, at Lamarr 52.283944836863,5.5240613108062  +
Session:Vim Meetup +Let's meet up on Tuesday morning, 9 AM between the Pi and Tau tents to talk about our favourite text editor. If you have any problems, we could help you with solutions. You can ask questions, share your favourite plugin, whatever you like.  +
Session:What code are you running? +In my presentation I'll explain why we need to increase the trustworthiness of our systems, and what solutions are being worked on to increase that trust. Some of the projects I'll highlight are Reproducible builds, GuixSD, QubesOS and the L4 kernel.  +
Session:WhatTheHelmet workshop 2 +Life in general, and hacking in particular, can be dangerous! Protect yourself from falling objects, flying drones and gamma rays... but do it in style. Come and join us to create one of these ultimately cool and geeky helmets. Whatever comes at you, you'll be able to think 'What the hell, I'm protected.'  +
Session:Windows forensics +Windows 10 is, at the same, the old good Windows and a completely new operating system, capable to run on different architectures, from IoT to Virtual Reality systems, passing by convertibles, tablets and 2-in-1. Let’s have some fun together…  +
Session:Z-Uno +Build you own home automation device based on Z-Wave technology with Z-Uno developing board.  +
Session:Z-Wave +Introduction in Z-Wave home automation protocol. Introduction in RaZberry - Raspberry Pi based Z-Wave home gateway.  +
Session:g20 protest meetup +some of the inhabitants of travellers village have been on the streets during g20 and organizing parts of the protest over nearly months. as we're coming from hamburg often we're asked to tell how we experienced the week of protest. this session is a gathering all around the different perspectives on this world changing week in hamburg, come over with questions, ideas, your perspective.  +
Session:meetup ethereum & concept art +transdisciplinary brainstorming and idea exchange on smart contracts, social transformation and tools for a new world. In an art activist perspective it seems that ethereum brings a mindblowing next level to a lot of thoughts.  +
Session:whiskyleaks +We all bring whisk(e)ys and share it with each other  +
Village:'; DROP TABLE Villages -- +Group of hackers and security enthousiasts from The Hague  +
Village:/dev/derp +Some slightly disorganized nerds, feel free to join us :-)  +
Village:/dev/lol +/dev/lol is a Hackerspace based in Linz/Austria  +
Village:/dev/tal +Hackerspace Wuppertal, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.  +
Village:133713pwnies +CTF team  +
Village:1838 +1838. A mixed group of people located near Düsseldorf,germany. Interested in everything, especially PI, arduino, food, beer, cooking, CERT, and much more...  +
Village:212 +Feel free to join.  +
Village:4e5a53c +Some friends hacking on various open-source software and hardware things  +
Village:ACKspace +Gathering of ACKspace participants and friends  +
Village:AR +We will play around with iOS 11 and the new AR API. We have also a HTC Vive to play with.  +
Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa +Amalgam Assembly of awesome Austrian Hackspaces  +
Village:American Embassy +For Americans and friends at SHA2017  +
Village:Anarchist +Your friendly anarchist gathering space.  +
Village:Another Castle +THE biggest and best retrogaming area on any event. Ever. Seriously. We're bringing 200m2 of pure arcade classics, like multiplayer race cabinets of Daytona, SCUD, Outrun2 and Sega Rally. Various 2 player lightgun cabinets like Time Crisis2, Rambo and Virtua Cop. And what about whacky and weird Japanese arcades like Puri Puri Poogie, Panic Park, Propcycle and Pang Pang Paradise. But wait there's more! Besides arcades, we also have an area dedicated to all your favorite retroconsoles complete with relaxing couches, multiplayer setups and frikking everdrives. Insane stuff, right. See, this only possible on SHA. And of course you can play Asteroids on a 1w laser. Wow, just wow..  +
Village:Area42 +Bringing the shed on vacation since HAL.. Everytime a bigger shed.  +
Village:Attraktor +The Attraktor Makerspace in Hamburg  +
Village:BBQ +We were at Megabit, HAR2009, OHM2013, FOSDEM, and T-DOSE. We play D&D, quake, hack & tinker, and provide grilling as a service.  +
Village:BEECreative +Creative stuff with youngsters  +
Village:Baconsvin +A group of friends involved in security, crypto and open source who like to hang around and meet others.  +
Village:Baloon Captains +Dane's with alot of stuff, and alot of fun.  +
Village:Belgian Embassy +Hardware Hacking Area and Belgian beers  +
Village:BlinkenArea +Blinking stuff and some electronics kits for sale.  +
Village:Bratzenamt +a village  +
Village:Brigadoon +A small scottish village.... no, in fact, a village of people from more or less the middle of Germany, associated with the CCC Goettingen - plus friends & family. We'll have a bit of common infrastructure and there'll often be nice and friendly people around, so feel free to come by and have a chat!  +
Village:Bristol Hackspace +Bristol Hackspace, MK Makerspace, a bit of Notts and elsewhere...  +
Village:C4outpost +like on the last camp, outpost of cologne ccc  +
Village:CTF Village +We are a group of hackers who are part of the Eindbazen CTF team and we organize the official CTF for the SHA event.  +
Village:Campers +Bunch of colleagues camping out @ SHA  +
Village:Cave of Monsters +Levels Checked... Advice Supplied... Infrastructure Messed with... Wombling Free....  +
Village:Chaos Bodensee +Various people from different hackerspaces / organisations located at or near lake constance  +
Village:ChaosZone +[[CCC]]-affiliated groups from the [[wikipedia:en:Soviet occupation zone | former soviet-liberated zone of germany]]  +
Village:Chaosdorf +Hackerspace in Düsseldorf, Germany  +
Village:Chaospott +Hackerspace Essen, Germany. Part of Chaos-West Cluster.  +
Village:ColourYourSha +We will add visual effects to the SHA2017 event. In this village we live during the event and you, as visitor, are welcome to play with our colour-manipulating toys.  +
Village:Darksystem +layers of fail I Ist der chan zu hart, bist du zu schwach I people are FUCKED! I Words can't describe how beautiful we are! ... but numbers can. 2/10.  +
Village:DasLabor +Hackerspace Bochum, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.  +
Village:Dutchpicknick +Friendly Nerds from all over the Netherlands  +
Village:EMF +EMF organisers and other various Brits.  +
Village:ESPR +Village of the ESPR CTF team  +
Village:Emulator Village +A small village with emulator developers, come join us if you're interested in emulator development. We will also be gaming on either the Nintendo Switch, Wii, SNES or N64 on a projector, come join us once it's dark outside.  +
Village:Energy +42V central station, here you can get some kits to protect your equipment in case a DCDC gets fried.  +
Village:Evillage +We speak French and English. Mainly oriented about security research, 0days, and fun :)  +
Village:Explody +This village is hosting one of the major content tracks focused around Internet Freedom. We blew up Noisy Square, but kept all the good bits.  +
Village:FET-FlatEarthTheory +FET-FlatEarthTheory_SHA2017 is a small Hackertent by a bunch of Germans, loosly connectet by interests of participation, hacking and havening good days; OpenBench-Policy:Visitors and friends are welcome. Drop in and say hi :-)  +
Village:FSUGAr +A group of friends mostly from Belgium.  +
Village:FUNDANES +FUNDANES are a group of Danish friends visiting SHA2017 to have fun. No mundanes, only FUNDANES! We are all from the IT industry, working with security, hosting, development etc. Home of the NYAN 18 LED badge kit.  +
Village:Family Village +Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-  +
Village:Family Village Large Playing Field +Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-  +
Village:Family Village Playing Field +Making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for 16-  +
Village:Foodhackingbase +Food Hacking Base is an open community of people who are into food, drinks and bio.  +
Village:Free Software Foundation Europe +The Free Software Foundation Europe is dedicated to spread software freedom as one way into a Free Society. We do lobbying & public relations and we offer legal advice and interest representation of and for every Free Software project. This village is hosted for and by our members, friends and supporters to offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. Let's put the hacking back into politics!  +
Village:Freifunk + * free and open wireless community networks * networks in general, especially wifi * long haul radio links * aiding refugees   +
Village:Frubar +We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing.  +
Village:FuWaR +The intergalactic FuWaR meetup!  +
Village:Future Shells of Skullerud +Anti-nationalists still self-identifying as northerners! Ⓐ Everyone welcome!  +
Village:GadgetFriday +GadgetFriday! Home of the beer drinking Nerd since 1995. We love soldering, beer, soldering, more beer, hacking, playing boardgames, arduino's, FPGA's, Gameduino's, retro gaming, embedded gaming, retro coding, FPV drones, 3D-printing, 3D-milling, MSX, C64, NGC, BigClive.com, Bob Ross and much much more! Our jr girl-nerds love youtube vlogs, whatsapp, Lego Friends, Cisco Swag, Fanta and anything pink, cute and with big gloomy eyes. Our Sr. boy-nerd is a biology specialist, and can identify any breed of locust and is addicted to snickers.  +
Village:Geeks on vacation +Geeks on vacation.  +
Village:Geraffel +veteran nerds at it's best  +
Village:Godspeed +Just a small group of colleagues hanging out at SHA2017 for the CTF and for tinkering with hardware, software and self-hosting. Interests include the CTF, Club-Mate, video games, beer, virtual reality, and watching movies on a (relatively) big screen.  +
Village:Grumpy-Old-Hackers +Just some grumpy old hackers.  +
Village:Hack42 +Hack42 tempHQ  +
Village:Hardware Hacking Area +The '''Hardware Hacking Area''' is a huge area in '''the Belgian Embassy Village in Flowers Field''' for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things.  +
Village:Heaven +Here will be paradise  +
Village:Hippocampus +Brain and cognition hacking  +
Village:ItalianEmbassy +This year ItalianEmbassy@SHA will have, like bigger villages in the past hacking events, a dedicated space for lectures & workshop, chillout zone, coffe nutella and pasta.  +
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Kappannello +Italian Hacker Embassy After Talks Meeting dedicated tent  +
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Labs&Workshops +Italian Hacker Embassy Labs and Workshops dedicated tent  +
Village:ItalianEmbassy-PastaCoffeandChillout +Italian Hacker Embassy - Kitchen, Bar and chillout zone: pasta, coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.  +
Village:ItalianEmbassy-Talks +Italian Hacker Embassy - Talks dedicated tent Schedule of activities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSCKHi039t3EeP2OXxpLZe2qjFa0r3DDQegGagfod7KK4P7hS8fbjit_aPOe8i-goMY9HjtRoaEibaf/pubhtml?gid=439514713&single=true  +
Village:JuNe Rules +We love whisky  +
Village:LSB +We've come on holiday by mistake! Suffolk Gophers (users of the Go programming language) & Perl 6 Team Members. Old school UNIX hackers.  +
Village:LaTeX +This is the first LaTeX-Village ever on a Camp. We will sell books about LaTeX, we will give introduction workshops every day, we are present to answer questions, you can visit us any time and get help or info (concerning LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt etc.). And you can come over and just hang around, get some coffee and have a good time.  +
Village:Labitat +Copenhagen hackerspace  +
Village:Localhost +We are to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Toublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. We're not fond of rules. We have no respect for the status quo. You can quote us, disagree with us, glorify or vilify us. About the only thing you can't do is ignore us. Because we change things. We push the human race forward. And while some may see us as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.  +
Village:Magnumchaos +The usual guys that meet up for events like this to chill, hack & relax.  +
Village:Mainframe +Village of the Hackerspce/FabLab Oldenburg  +
Village:Maptime +Maptime is an international grassroots movement for all things mappable. During SHA2017, there will be workshops, and a MissingMaps Mapathon: mapping for humanitarian purposes.  +
Village:Maschinendorf +Village of the Maschinendeck Hackerspace from Trier, Germany  +
Village:Mexican Embassy +The Mexican embassy with delicious food, electronics, nerdiness and party mood!  +
Village:Milliways +The restaurant at the end of the Universe  +
Village:Mittelab +This is the village for members and supporters of Mittelab, the hackerspace in Trieste, Italy.  +
Village:Moose +Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese).  +
Village:NOP +Not Our Problem  +
Village:NeighbourhoodNerds +A bunch of friendly old nerds from Karlsruhe.  +
Village:NeuroVillage +A place for all neurohacking and biohacking related activities. We bring some EEG and BCI devices and will continue to do what we did at CCCamp 2015 and some xxC3s.  +
Village:NewKidOnTheBlock +A bunch of uber nerds wanting to have fun!  +
Village:OWASP +OWASP Chapters of the Netherlands and Germany welcomes everyone interested in App Sec.  +
Village:Opendigitalradio +We're interested in things combining broadcasting and digital things, mostly DAB. We cook our broth with tasty Software-Defined Radio, a pinch of Amateur Radio, spiced with Power Amplifiers.  +
Village:PancakeVillage +Bunch of CYSO nerds. We love hacking, games, Arduino's, VR, drones, 3D-printing and beer. And more beer. Did we mention beer enough times?  +
Village:PaparazziUAV +Paparazzi UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an open-source drone hardware and software project encompassing autopilot systems and ground station software for multicopters/multirotors, fixed-wing, helicopters and hybrid aircraft. Our Village consists of people whose heart is near to flying things. And people which are loving those people in the one and the other way ;-)  +
Village:Pizza +People making DIY Pizza for EFF charity and hungry hackers.  +
Village:Plan A +Guys and friends from Germany  +
Village:Poflove +We are Povlove, stop by and eat poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) with us!  +
Village:Purrfect Space +Silent at night, hacking during the day.  +
Village:Queer Feminist Geeks +A home base for queer & feminist geeks  +
Village:RandomSH +We are Random Swedish Hackers  +
Village:Register your DNA for a better world +(on saturday) Register your DNA for a better world via https://www.matchis.nl/  +
Village:Riscufefe +Despite the constant negative press riscufefe Who can figure out the true meaning of "riscufefe" ??? Enjoy!  +
Village:SHA512 +A village for Digital Forensics enthusiasts and their accompanying family (~ 30 people)  +
Village:SHApperlot +4 dudes from South Tyrol and Austria  +
Village:Sauna Finland PRKL +Finnish embassy @ SHA  +
Village:Solderfriends +ham radio, 3d printing, tool hacking  +
Village:Spanish village +A bunch of Spanish nerds  +
Village:Squatters United +Band of stragglers and misfits, with no forethought or organisational skills. We didn't have the pre-planning to make or join a village longer than two days before SHA.  +
Village:SummerOfPwnage +Summer of Pwnage / Securify goes SHA!  +
Village:Swedish Embassy +We are back to build a midsummer/penis pole, bring surströmming, aquavit, and be drunk and/or high as usual.  +
Village:SwissVillage +Some visitors from Switzerland  +
Village:Syntax +We're a bunch of IT students at SHA2017.  +
Village:THS +The Twente Hacking Squad (THS) is a team of students & PhD students from the University of Twente (The Netherlands) interested in computer security.  +
Village:Teamies +For all the teamies!  +
Village:Technologia Incognita +We are the Amsterdam Hackerspace.  +
Village:TheDropBearsRevenge +A village for any Aussies/Kiwis at SHA2017.  +
Village:TheMiningShack +We will focus on GPU mining (etherium, zcash etc). We will suck up all available power ;) with our custom mining frames and large amounts of GPUs on site.  +
Village:TkkrLab +Hackerspace in Enschede / Twente / Netherlands / Europe / World / Universe  +
Village:Travellers Village +Mei Travellers, this is a village for all of us.  +
Village:Tsja... +The technopolitics village Tsja... is a meeting place for people and organizations interested in the political dimensions of technology. We're doing talks, workshops and meetings in an open structure. You're invited to contribute!  +
Village:UAVP-NG +This is a community driven open source project building modern autonomiously flying multicopter.  +
Village:Uncivilisation +Squirrels & people from the UnCivilization mailing list , and friends ; interested in topics of commons, collapse, ethics, sustainability, anarchy, community, utopia.  +
Village:Warpzone +A Hackerspace from Münster, Germany. Mixed group of software, hardware and food Hacker, with a wide range of Interests. Feel free to visit us :)  +
Village:YARG +YARG Village means Yet Another Random German Village. Some Participants are members from RaumZeitLabor e.V., a Hackerspace in Mannheim and we will do things we always do (Raspberry Pi Stuff, Arduino Stuff, a little bit of 3D-Printing, etc.)  +
Village:Yolocation +Yolocation Village will offer services like VM hosting, OpenFTP, a crapload of virtualised resources to play with, old stuff in general and bad music. We bring VW campers, Unimogs, NetApp's and a lot of indepth infra knowledge. Drop by to have a chat! Datacenter colocation services in the bouwkeet are cancelled, unfortunately. Please contact SHA2017:orga for possible Physical Colocation of your stuff. Apologies!  +
Village:Z-Wave +Hacking with Z-Wave protocol, SDR, Z-Uno, Arduino,...  +
Village:bimseln +bunch or people and famillies  +
Village:blup +A bunch of friends having a good time.  +
Village:ctdo +Chaostreff Dortmund  +
Village:deFEEST +Het is geen feest als deFEEST niet is geweest!  +
Village:fifo +A bunch of friends from IRC who want to stick together  +
Village:fnordeingang +a small german hackerspace  +
Village:gramels Village +a bunch of friends of gramels  +
Village:hashRU +Students and friends from the Radboud University (RU)  +
Village:hitr2ndb +We are Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box, a mix of HITB, Randomdata and 2600NL We hack together, HAR was our first activity as one big village. Which grew out to be Hack in The Box Amsterdam and wicked memories. YEAH! http://www.hitr2ndb.nl  +
Village:muCCC +Village of the Munich Chaos Computer Club  +
Village:osso +Bunch of like-minded ppl with tech background. We'll do something fun and will get back to you once we figure out what that is.  +
Village:rootfs +rootfs - all paths lead to root  +
Village:tinoobs +Bunch of mates. Not really noobs. We think.  +
Village:toool +pick all the things  +
Village:v01d +v01d village is home to a collection of people from different ERFAs and hackerspaces plus a bunch of freelancers. we will -- as usual -- run workshops, provide space for workshops, throw a party and set up our dome. "v01d is the new shit"  +