Session:Crazy Carts and other Electric Vehicle Hacking

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Description We want to build some crazy electric vehicle with you!
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hardware, outside, hacking
Tags electronics, vehicle, battery
Processing village Village:ctdo
Person organizing User:Xlv
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Starts at 2017/08/04
Ends at 2017/08/04 02:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:ctdo

Since 2013 the Chaostreff Dortmund is proud owner of a TIG Welding machine and has build several Crazy Cart like Electric Vehicles. We will bring some of them for Live Demo and Testing. Also we would like to create a new vehicle with you! We will bring (BLDC-) Motors, Chains, Sprockets, VESC Speed Controllers, Chinese BLDC Controller, Thumb Throttles and of cause some Steel. Nuts and Bolts + the Welder will be present, too!

Maybe we build a driving Sofa? Maybe a driving Mate-Crate? We have a couple of Welding Masks so we can show you how to use a TIG/WIG Welding Machine.

Initially we want to meet on Sunday afternoon and see. Then proceed on Mon/Thu.

(Of cause we have CO2 Extinguishers and all needed Safety Equipment)