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Basic description

Please enter a basic description for the planned self-organized session. For more information about self-organized sessions head to Self-organized Sessions.

Add tags describing your session. You might want to use tags provided via autocompletion or add new tags that do not yet exist along the wiki.
Kids session is a kids session.
Check this box, if the workshop is ment for kids rather than grownups.
Short description
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Organizing person
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Select the language one should speak to attend the self-organized session.
Orga contact
Give us an organizational contact information for further questions. This has to be a valid e-mail address.
Related project
If this self-organized session is related to a project presented on the Camp, you can enter the name here to link it to the project page. This field allows only existing Projects.
this field is added because of a bug in mediawiki, where datetime fields ONLY show the date picker when a date picker is loaded on the page. This apperantly how they test their software. So we have to hack around it.


Add times where you like to run your activities here by just pressing "Add another". You can add multiple times, if you like to split your event over multiple timeslots. A self-organized session should have at least one timeslot though ;)

Optional subtitle
Add a optional subtitle for here. The subtitle might be interesting, if you have a self-organized session that consists of multiple parts. For example: Introduction, Hands-On
Start time
Provide a start time so participants now when they should show up.
Duration in minutes
Provide a duration of the event in minutes so participants now, how long it would take.
Location for the self-organized session
Select a location, where the self-organized session should take place within this timeslot. The list contains official workshop locations as well as Villages that provide space for workshops. If you like to perform a workshop at an village you are not a member of, please ask the members, if it is ok in advance.

Free text

Enter a full description of the event here. The field allows using the full mediawiki syntax for text formating.