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During the camp we will run a free shuttle service between railway station Nijkerk and SHA2017. A total of 5 shuttles will back and forth, a trip will take +- 20 minutes (+- 12km).


This page is a stub; it is incomplete, possibly incorrect and should be added to.

Daily schedule:

Departure SHA2017 Arrival Nijkerk Departure Nijkerk Arrival SHA2017
xx:40 xx:55 xx:00 xx:15
xx:10 xx:25 xx:30 xx:45

The first shuttle will leave at 08:40. The last shuttle will leave at 21:10 Trains from Utrecht arrive at Nijkerk on :23 and :53. Trains towards Utrecht leave from Nijkerk on :05 and :35

Outside the standard operating hours the shuttle will run on-demand (phone/sms/telegram/whatsapp/signal your ETA/request to +31 6 49 240 390)