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Ticket Sale Graph, updated regularly. See this blogpost for more info.
SHA2017 costs an incredible amount of money. We've made budgets ranging from 3500 visitors to 6000 and came to the prices listed in the shop. A ticket pays for the terrain, large tents, angel catering, insurance, facilities and so on and so forth.

There are various tickets for SHA2017, from cost coverage to various supporter levels. In the shop you can also choose to rent village equipment such as tents, chairs and tables if you don't want to bring that yourself. You'll also find parking spots for cars and boats(!) and other optional items such as sleeping tents and t-shirts.

All tickets are listed in the ticket shop.

How to buy tickets?

You can buy your tickets at the online ticket shop. Tickets are only sold via the ticket system, so not on-site!

If you're a volunteer and tickets should run out: don't worry, your team lead can probably get you a voucher which entitles you to buying a ticket.

How many tickets have you sold already?

Not enough, if you haven't bought one yet! For the grand sum see the image in the top right corner of this wiki page.

Will there be day-tickets?


Why is the price so high?

We have kept the tickets in line with the CCC and EMF camp. This is simply needed to have a positive budget and not involve heavy commercial sponsoring.

As a comparison, staying on a camping and having a regular vacation, has the same price. You won't get the lectures that we have at our event, of course.

Some note that the CCC Camp 2015 ticket for cost coverage was set at 220 euro. This was correct, until that number has updated to 240 during buildup as it appeared the coverage costs where higher.

I cannot afford a ticket!

We don't have the budget to offer a low-budget ticket in the shop. If however you cannot afford a ticket, but feel you can make a unique contribution to the event, please contact us (tickets(at) We can look into the possibilities.

€ 42 for parking?

The site doesn't have parking space for 2000 cars. For SHA a custom parking terrain will be built with 2000+ plates and various bridges. The parking ticket allows building this infra, preventing hundreds of cars to be stuck in the mud when it rains.

If you want to park your car somewhere else and travel by public transport, this is possible as well. Then you don't need to pay for a parking ticket.

Can you explain what exactly causes the extra costs?

This is very hard, because a direct comparison between events (for example OHM and SHA) would lead to very misleading figures. For example, at SHA we will have a much more expensive terrain: it has some critical basic infrastructure already in place (such as fiber, power, water, sewage) so we're saving in those areas. Some events (like HAL and HAR) had some brick buildings, and saved on tents and sanitary facilities. Sponsors paid for a lot in the past and now we're going to rely on them less than we have before. Every number we release now will be compared to other numbers and might raise even more hard questions than it answers.

However, we are looking into ways of being more transparent, but please understand that this takes some time.

Why is there a surcharge for credit card payments?

A credit card payment provider does take a percentage from each transaction. SHA2017 has very good payment provider (Stripe ... kudos here). However, we also want to discourage CC payments, because there could be fraudulent transactions.

How can I pay for my ticket?

We accept wire transfers to our Dutch bank account, credit card payments and iDeal.

Paypal was an option the first day of the ticket sales, but they decided to withhold the money and because of this, we had to disable this option. Tickets that were already bought via Paypal will remain valid, even though we can't access the amounts paid.

My payment provider requests an address, what should I put there?

Croeselaan 18

3500 HG


I want to buy my ticket anonymously

We can help you with this. Please contact us in a way you feel appropriate and we can come to an arrangement.

Will there be day tickets?

We have not planned on providing day tickets at this time.

How can I download my ticket?

Before the event, we will generate tickets that you can download from the ticket shop.

I need an invoice for my ticket

If you have purchased a business ticket, we can provide you with a VAT invoice. Your company name will be on the invoice then.

Can a foreign business get an invoice at 0% VAT?

Reverse charge is not applicable, even for businesses with a VAT number, because that is for exported goods, while the event is considered a service. The place of performance is Zeewolde, Netherlands thus we have to charge Dutch VAT (21%).

I would like to buy a corporate ticket

We have multiple business tickets available. We can provide an invoice with VAT for these tickets.

I really like your event and want to contribute to the event by buying a more expensive ticket

We have two tickets available that will meet your need. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these tickets to get a voucher.

I need the address of the recipient to initiate an international wire transfer

Stichting IFCAT
Graan voor Visch 18515
2132 GW, Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

I want to bring my kids. Do they need a ticket as well?

Children under 6 get in for free. Between 6 and 12 the ticket is € 50. Between 12 and 18 the ticket is € 100.

We use the "start date of the event" to determine age.

I'm a disabled person with a person accompanying me.

A single person officially accompanying a disabled person gets in for free. Only you will have to buy a ticket. Please send an email to and explain your situation. Then we will get back to you.

I'm a speaker, do I need a ticket?

In general, everyone should buy a ticket. Exceptions can be made for speakers.

Can I bring my campervan / trailer?

Currently, we're working with the terrain owner on the number of camper vans the terrain can handle and what the conditions are. When those answers are clear, they will be announced to the buyers of tickets and in the ticket shop. :)

Can I join with the U-Boot in the harbour?

Please use a chinook to fly in the U-boot as the water might not be deep enough to join over water. That said, this is a special case and we're amazed that this question is asked frequently. Please get in touch with the Harbour Master! :)