Torvalds Field

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Field Name Torvalds Field

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Occupation 30 %
Maximum loudness allowed 10
Named after Linus Torvalds

Registered Villages

Page Name Description Website
Village:BBQ #BBQ Village We were at Megabit, HAR2009, OHM2013, FOSDEM, and T-DOSE.

We play D&D, quake, hack & tinker, and provide grilling as a service.

Village:Geraffel GERAFFEL veteran nerds at it's best
Village:Grumpy-Old-Hackers Grumpy Old Hackers Just some grumpy old hackers.
Village:NewKidOnTheBlock New Kid On The Block A bunch of uber nerds wanting to have fun!
Village:Teamies Teamies For all the teamies!
Village:Undefined Undefined |-