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Arrival 2017/08/03 10:00
Departure 2017/08/08 09:00
BuildupTime 03.08.17 10:00
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
Bringing 10GigE driven Storage Device for file-serving, Network Switching Stuff, Cabling, SFPs and shit.
Village Village:Warpzone
Working on
Twitter Commander1024
DECT CMDR (2637)

Network Equipment

Network Switches:

  • HP A5800 series head switch with 4x10GigE
  • 3com 48P 1GigE
  • 3com 24P 1GigE
  • 2x Nortel 24P 1GigE
  • 1x Nortel 48P 1GigE
  • 1x ZyXel 24P 1GigE (sucks dick)


  • 5x SFP+ (1x DK-Lamarr-5 NOC side), 4x Chaos West side, 1 occupied by now. LR-10km


  • 10,20m fiber patch cables
  • Bunch of ~10m copper patch cables
  • lack of short copper patch cables!

Storage Equipment

  • Supermicro NAS (same as 33C3) with n*1Gbps uplink speed. Partly prefilled.

altpwr Equipment

  • personal required equipment to power personal devices. Planning not to require AC for my stuff at any time on campsite.
  • 100m 8mm² uplink cable (acutally 2x 4mm²)


I somewhat came to the questionable honor, to plan and organize network connectivity and altpwr connection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯