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Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Arrival 30.07.2017 20:00
Departure 09.08.2017 12:00
BuildupTime 02.08.17 12:00
BuildupVehicle Camper or Mobile-Home
Bringing 48 Port Gig switch, EL Lights, WS2812 Lights,
Village Village:Freifunk, Village:Family Village
Working on
Twitter @das_Pefi

We intend to arrive at 30.07. late evening from hamburg. We are a familiy with two kids (4,5 and 7 yo) and there parents. our interests: communicating with people, staying informed, sewing, hacking (iot, esp8266, mqtt, node red,...), soldering, freifunk, music, gaming, exporing cool stuff, politics, cosplay,

don't hesitate contact us at dect number 3426.