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|Bringing=Good intentions, good weather, forward-looking statements
|Bringing=Good intentions, good weather, forward-looking statements, shovel, tent

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Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Arrival 2017/08/04
Departure 2017/08/08
BuildupVehicle No
Bringing Good intentions, good weather, forward-looking statements, shovel, tent
Village Village:GadgetFriday
Working on

Stickers on equipment and clothes worn do not necessarily indicate country of origin, preference for given technology or musical genre. Your mileage may vary. Mind the gap between the train and the platform. Void where prohibited. Contraindicated for use in pregnancy. Not to be used in a patient who has an implanted cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator. Free to be used for non-commercial purposes. Remove before flight.

The above text has been intentionally left blank.

Arrival and departure times are estimates, invalid at the time of entry. Accurate times will be measured at time of entry.