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Generated SHA Flag with Name (experiment here)
Arrival 2017/08/02 12-ish
"2017/08/02 12-ish" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Departure 2017/08/08
BuildupTime 02.08.17 13:00
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
  • keymachine (actualy BugBlue is doing the heavy lifting)
  • blanks
  • rad1o badge
  • MD390
  • some beer (Bitter42, whiskey smoked beer)
  • towel
  • tent and campgear like powercables, switch, Nespresso
Village Village:Hack42, Village:deFEEST, Village:toool
Working on
Twitter @re_locker
DECT 5625
Callsign PA1EMF

lockpicking, beer, coffee, fun