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Village Name RetroGaming - Cancelled

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Description THE biggest and best retrogaming area on any event. Ever. Seriously. We're bringing 200m2 of pure arcade classics, like multiplayer race cabinets of Daytona, SCUD, Outrun2 and Sega Rally. Various 2 player lightgun cabinets like Time Crisis2, Rambo and Virtua Cop. And what about whacky and weird Japanese arcades like Puri Puri Poogie, Panic Park, Propcycle and Pang Pang Paradise. But wait there's more! Besides arcades, we also have an area dedicated to all your favorite retroconsoles complete with relaxing couches, multiplayer setups and frikking everdrives. Insane stuff, right. See, this only possible on SHA. And of course you can play Asteroids on a 1w laser. Wow, just wow..

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Interests retrogaming
, arcade
, videogames
Registered on 21 March 2017 22:47:13
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Village plans ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... run a bar for our citizens, ... play loud music and party, ... bring light installations, ... bring some special machines, ... have any other unusual installations, ... bring/build big stuff
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Unfortunately the village got cancelled and is not on the field.