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|Has name=Darksystem
|Provides session location=No
|Has orga contact=seb@darksystem.net
|Village frab=No
|Village content space=No
|Village citizen count=15-20
|Village Needs power=Smaller Village (up to 2x 230V/16A CEE/Schuko)
|Village size needed=80
|Village sleepingtents num=3
|Village hacktents num=1
|Village hacktents floorspace=55
|Village brings big stuff=No
|Village Plans=... run a kitchen for our citizens; ... play loud music and party; ... build up a big tent
|Village planning notes=We have one big army tent 6 by 9 meters plus bracing.
Please let us know which area of the campsite is best for a noisy village.
|Village arrival time=2017/08/03
|Village big trucks=No
|Villages vehicles unload time=45
|Villages buildup hours=3
|Villages buildup people before day0=4
|Villages buildup people day0=15
|Village teardown time=2017/08/08

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Village Name Darksystem


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Orga contact seb@darksystem.net
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Needs power
Power comment
Village plans ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... play loud music and party, ... build up a big tent
Village constraints
Village comments plans
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed
Has order interest
Planning notes

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