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Village Name Explody: Breaking out of the box

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Assigned Field Flowers Field
Description This village is hosting one of the major content tracks focused around Internet Freedom. We blew up Noisy Square, but kept all the good bits.

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Interests internet freedom
internet freedom
, ai
, robots
Registered on 2 December 2016 23:22:23
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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Arikia Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 I can help coordinate group snacks/decorations
Bilal, BGHabibi Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Wacom tablet, essential oils, massage skills, some datasets to do some deep learning experiments ;D
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Nick Farr Verfied.png Wed Jul 26 0:00 Thu Aug 10 0:00 Suits.
Smári McCarthy Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 22:00 Wed Aug 9 7:00 Tent, laptop, power strip, quadcopter.
Tom Lowenthal Verfied.png No longer attending.
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EXPLODY: Breaking out of the Box

Remember Noisy Square? We blew that up and made EXPLODY!

In short, Explody is focused around "Internet Freedom" efforts and being a nice, quieter spot close to the woods. We plan to have a "drop in" area for folks who want to secure their devices, along with hosting a ton of workshops and citizens from the EFF, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Localization Lab, The Internet Freedom Festival and more--all part of the official program!

Also, we promise we'll have the best coffee, come get the Italians and us into a competition. :) Come #netfreedom and chill.

Net Freedom Drop-In Area

We're proud to be hosting many workshops in the big tent, but we've got a 5x5 tent designed exclusively to help you secure your devices. Think of it like a cryptoparty running throughout the event. We'll be setting this up a self-organized session as soon as we get firm commitments for topics and times.

Principles & Agreements

In addition to the SHA2017 Code of Conduct, which we respect, we expect Explody camp members and visitors to hold themselves to an even higher standard of inclusivity and excellence.

Our camp members come from a wide range of nationalities, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, body types and religions. Many of those in our camp are survivors of traumatic experiences, harassment and oppression in various forms. Our camp members play an active part in efforts against nearly every *ism or *phobia you can think of.

As such, we need to define unacceptable behavior to preserve Explody as an "excellent" space. This is not an exhaustive list, but to be clear:

  • Explody is not a place for trolling or debating the validity of one's existence or expression
  • Explody is not a place where sexual language, imagery or behavior is welcome.
  • Explody is not a place for loud or intoxicated behavior. (Take that to Milliways)
  • We respect pronouns
  • We spend more our time building, not attacking
  • We focus on strategies rather than issues
  • We practice self-care. That includes quiet time at night to sleep. We maintain our health, energy and well-being throughout the event

Anyone in our camp is empowered to ask you to leave if you show with your behavior that you have a problem with any of this.

What did we order?

  • The 300 m2 Tipi tent used by Noisy Square last year.
  • 2 5x5 Orga Tents
  • Almost all the kartents provided to speakers

What are we thinking about ordering?

What are some projects we want to do but haven't quite defined enough?

  • Uncanny valley Snowden

Camp Members who need to fill out their Wiki User Page

  • Trammell
  • Holly
  • David
  • Ipek +1
  • BrianS
  • Huertanix
  • ErinM
  • TomL
  • Billie
  • NedaS
  • EricaP
  • Arikia
  • Chelsea
  • Joona?
  • chinmayi?