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Hi inhabitants of Geraffel!

Please update your village to the new format. You can do this by hitting "edit with form" at the top of the page, or by clicking this link. Afterwards you can remove this message by removing the "{{upgradevillage}}" tag from this page..

The villages team can assist you when needed. Please contact villages@lists.sha2017.org if you have any questions.

Good luck and happy hacking! :)


Geraffel (orig. russ.: “БзґѳЎЎэф”) makes a lot of noise in the middle of the camp so you won't sleep at night.
AKA a bunch of veteran nerds with a nasty setup, hosting a hacker camp every 2 years since 1999.

[IF the lost BASS can be recovered!!1 :-D AND also the missing INCREDIBLE WALL OF FOG will hopefully be resurrected aswell!!1]


File:HSoO 20150813 143512.jpg
some honky haze signalz on old h/w

Planned Night Talks:

Title: Sounding Rocket Experimente mit COTS
Speaker: fuselage
Language: German
Duration: Talk 45 min + Video 15 min
Date: tbd

Idea junkyard

  • esp8266 WLAN throwies
  • Modelrocket with TM
  • 50kg Kartoffeln
  • Synthy Foo
  • 3D Foo


  • Prusa i3 1,75mm single head ABS/PLA
  • Tons of Arduino Nanos
  • Doppelfritöse 2x 2l