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|Has name=Italian Hacker Embassy - Kitchen, Bar and chillout zone: pasta, coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.
|Has name=Italian Hacker Embassy - Bar and chillout zone: coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.
|Has website=https://embassy.italiangrappa.it, https://www.italiangrappa.it/
|Has website=https://embassy.italiangrappa.it, https://www.italiangrappa.it/
|Has contact=embassy@italiangrappa.it (english or italian language)
|Has contact=embassy@italiangrappa.it (english or italian language)

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Village Name Italian Hacker Embassy - Bar and chillout zone: coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.


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Website https://embassy.italiangrappa.it, https://www.italiangrappa.it/
Contact embassy@italiangrappa.it (english or italian language)

Organization ML: https://italiangrappa.it/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/hackerembassy-orga Slack chat: https://italiangrappa.slack.com Fellows ML: https://italiangrappa.it/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fellows

Part of Cluster Cluster:GRAPPolo

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Assigned Field Flowers Field
Description Italian Hacker Embassy - Kitchen, Bar and chillout zone: pasta, coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.

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Interests hackerspace
, bar
, diy
, fun
, music
, grappa
, italian food
italian food
, pasta
Registered on 12 April 2017 23:23:56
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Orga contact embassy@italiangrappa.it
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Village plans ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... run a bar for our citizens, ... play loud music and party, ... build up a big tent
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Planning notes

                 _.u[[/;:,.         .odMMMMMM'
              .o888UU[[[/;:-.  .o@P^    MMM^
             oN88888UU[[[/;::-.        dP^
            dNMMNN888UU[[[/;:--.   .o@P^
           ,MMMMMMN888UU[[/;::-. o@^
          oI8888UU[[[/o@P^:--..   ItalianEmbassy@SHA 
       .@^  YUU[[[/o@^;::---..    Chillout Zone - SHA2017
     oMP     ^/o@P^;:::---..      4 -8 August 2017
  .dMMM    .o@^ ^;::---...        Zeewolde, NL
 dMMMMMMM@^`       `^^^^

Embassy contacts

Embassy call for papers - want to propose a lecture or event at the Embassy ?

This year ItalianEmbassy@SHA will have, like bigger villages in the past hacking events, a dedicated space for lectures & workshop.

There will be an IE@sha eventS calendar parallel to the SHA official one.

Have an idea for something worthing to be heard?

Fill this form or send a proposal to this email


A dedicated zone for breakfast, pasta, coffee, nutella and obviously grappa.

relax, chillout and meet speakers

Here soon more details about food an service

Project and people

This is the PastaCoffe&Chillout tent, Please refer to https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Village:ItalianEmbassy for details about the project and the complete list of people

This page is in progess. Please refer to https://wiki.sha2017.org/w/Village:ItalianEmbassy