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Please read before you start to fill in the form!

  • Do not use square-brackets ( "[" or "]" ) within the form fields, as this will mess up the wiki page you are editing
  • Do not use the pipe symbol ( "|" ) within any form fields
  • There is one exception for the rules above. You can use the stated characters within the free text field at the end of the page

Public Information

The following information is shown on the page of your village. They have an informational purpose for visitors of your village page and It will be shown within a info-box, its purpose is to inform visitors of your village page. Please fill in all the information you'd like to provide. Note that all fields can be accessed by visitors, web-archives and search-engines requesting pages from the wiki.

Exact Name
This name is used to generate a SHA Flag. You can experiment a bit with your flag name here.
You can put links to websites describing your village into this box. If you have multiple URLs, you can just separete them by a comma (",") which will allow the wiki to parse them properly.
Official contact
You can provide some information here, how a person might contact you in case of interest or questions. For example a mail address, website, IRC-Channel, (DECT) phone number and/or the name of a specific member. Please do not try to create a link to a user page, as this will result in a broken village page.
Short description.
Place a short description about your village into this field. For detailed information use the Free Text field below. Please do not use any wiki-code except line breaks or lists within this field.
Select related villages
If your village is related to other villages, select them here. Only existing villages can be selected, so you might want to amend this field after a related village did register.

When villages are placed on the fields we will try to place you close to the villages in this list.

Part of a Cluster
If your village is part of a cluster, please select it here.
Add interests that villagers in this village have / and to describe your village. You might want to use interests provided via autocompletion or add new interests that do not yet exist along the wiki. Hint: It is normally wise to use interests that other villages share rather then creating new, unique keywords. Unique interests will only be shown on your village but filtered on other pages.
Provides location for sessions
Selecting yes or maybe in this field will add your village to the list of self-organized-session / workshop locations. This will allow you and other people to add and schedule sessions that will show up within the session calendar.
Assigned field
Field assigned by the orga
To be filled in by Team:Villages

Orga information

The orga-information is used to help persons from different teams to organize everything necessery to help villages to develop. This information is not shown on your villages wiki-page directly, but can be read by any visitor accessing the wiki using the View source button. It also can be edited by all users.

Mail contact for orga team
Please provide a valid e-mail address here. This email-address will be used by the orga to contact you. The emailadress can also lead to a list, if non-subscribers get through.
On site orga contact
You can provide some information here, how we can contact you on the camp site. A DECT number would be nice.
Village track on the schedule
Do you want the village hosted talks to be on the schedule? You'll be e-mailed by the content team
Village can host submitted talks
The content team can plan some talks, that where submitted to them, in this village. You'll be e-mailed by the content team
Number of citizens
How many inhabitants does you village expect. Please give an approximate number here
How much Power do you need?
Size needed Floorspace:
Enter the size you will need to build up your village. Please give us an estimated size in squaremeters.

If you dont know the size yet, please put in an estimate. Don't leave this field empty please. Only put integers into this field!
We can not garantee that we can you provide the space you requested.

Tents Number of big Hack- Kitchen-, Whatevertents
If you want to build up some bigger tents, please tell us how much. The security team needs to know about them.
Big Stuff
Will you bring big things/installations besides tents? Antenna, Watchtower, Sauna, 40' shipping-container, ...? If yes, please elaborate in the text-field below.
Special Vehicles
Do you bring one or more special vehicles (kitchen-truck, hackerspace-bus, ...) as a part of your village?
Village constraints
Please select some basic constraints of you village. The orga will use this to find out how to categorize your village and if there necessary constraints to keep in mind when villages are placed.
Anything else?
Please provide any important information about your village here that has to be provided to the orga but was not asked in one of the questions above.

Your main Village Page

Put the detailed description for the village into this field. This will show up as the content of the village page: