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(List of final Neighbourhood Nerds village participants)
(other People potentially interested in joining)
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* Phlox
* Phlox
* cpresser
* cpresser
* hotte
* psy
* psy

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\o We are the Neighbourhood Nerds. We are a bunch of friendly nerds from Karlsruhe, Germany.

We have been to CCC Camp 2015, OHM 2013, CCC Camp 2011, HAR 2009, CCC Camp 2007, WTH 2005 and some even CCC Camp 1999.

We will join SHA 2017.

List of final Neighbourhood Nerds village participants

Nick want seat in large rental tent want rental table partition + chair
Gio yes yes
j0yj0y tbd tbd
Leo yes yes
Hermann yes yes
VoVo yes yes
Fischi yes yes
Hotte yes yes

other People potentially interested in joining

  • obelix
  • Ik4ru5
  • Twiboo
  • Phlox
  • cpresser
  • psy