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Hi inhabitants of OpenWeb!

Please update your village to the new format. You can do this by hitting "edit with form" at the top of the page, or by clicking this link. Afterwards you can remove this message by removing the "{{upgradevillage}}" tag from this page..

The villages team can assist you when needed. Please contact if you have any questions.

Good luck and happy hacking! :)

A village for people interested in hacking the web in a broad sense. That could mean people building infrastructure like webservers or proxies, frameworks, working on a known CMS or your very own, implementing new standards like http2 etc. Anything Web. At OHM2013 we had a very cozy but rather small Drupal Village. This is a more inclusive successor of that. We'll keep the Drupal evangelizing to a minimum, we promise.

Depending on the number of people joining in this may either be a virtual village without any physical point of presence up to a fully equipped village with a large central tent, presentation stage, catering, free beer and a swimming pool. More likely it would be something in between. Just leave your name below and watch this page for updates.