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== People ==
== People ==
* [[User:harzi|harzi]] (staying in hotel nearby)
* [[User:harzi|harzi]] (staying in hotel nearby), DECT: 4279 - Vanity HARZ
* [[User:Klaus|Klaus]] (coming with campervan)
* [[User:Klaus|Klaus]] (coming with campervan)
* [[User:maxim|maxim]] (coming with Camper so staying at Camper parking) +2 kids
* [[User:maxim|maxim]] (coming with Camper so staying at Camper parking) +2 kids

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Website https://ccc-ch.ch/
Contact sha2017@ccc-ch.ch
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Description Some visitors from Switzerland

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Registered on 2 February 2017 22:21:38
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Other villages by tags...

Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Amir Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00 Lots of copters, banner, flag, solder equippment, multicopter replace parts.
Feuermurmel Verfied.png Mon Jul 31 19:00 Wed Aug 9 12:00
Harzi Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00
Leandra Verfied.png Mon Jul 31 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00 Arival Time will be updated later :) but its somewhere in the Afternoon, Evening
Maxim Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 18:00 Wed Aug 9 6:00
Obri Verfied.png Tue Aug 1 22:00
Wene Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00
XTaran Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00 Raspberry Pi based LoRaWAN stuff (Gateway, Node) and a bunch of Raspberry Pis, Odroids and other embedded ARM- and x86-based SBCs in varying cases (Wood, Aluminium, Acrylic)
nuess0r Verfied.png Tue Aug 1 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00 Bicycle, bike repair tools, Arcade game controller with built in Raspberry Pi with Recallbox and a lot of games on it
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All people from Switzerland (or feeling comfortable belonging to it) are welcome to be part of the SwissVillage.

Mainly, people from the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland (CCC-CH) and the Linux User Group Switzerland (LUGS) will be part of this village.


  • harzi (staying in hotel nearby), DECT: 4279 - Vanity HARZ
  • Klaus (coming with campervan)
  • maxim (coming with Camper so staying at Camper parking) +2 kids
  • nuess0r (Ruum42)
  • Obri (Chaostreff Basel) (coming with campervan)
  • Vecirex (CCCTI, CCCZH, CCC-CH, p≡p foundation, StopBÜPF)
  • Venty (CCCZH, Hackerfunk, LUGS) (sleeping in XTaran's campervan)
  • Wene (Ruum42)
  • XTaran (CCCZH, Hackerfunk, LUGS, Debian.ch) (coming with campervan)

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Please add in alphabetic order.


  • Discussions and preparations of actions against the two Swiss mass surveillance laws BÜPF (lawful interception law) and NDG (secret service law), which were passed in 2016.
  • Soft-/Hardware hacking.
  • Hacking on p≡p and demos on how to easily encrypt emails.
  • Tin foil hat contest
  •  ?