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Village Name HITR2NDB


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Contact Junk, Fish_, zkyp
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Assigned Field Olsen Field
Description We are Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box, a mix of HITB, Randomdata and 2600NL We hack together, HAR was our first activity as one big village. Which grew out to be Hack in The Box Amsterdam and wicked memories.



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Registered on 10 September 2015 12:35:11
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Abouttheroute Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 22:00 Tue Aug 8 22:00 Noizy Switch,Big Flashlight, ElectronicaMeuk,Vodka
Ardillo Verfied.png Sat Aug 5 19:00 Sun Aug 6 21:00 bad habits
DrHerman Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 13:00
Mend0x Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 16:00 Wed Aug 9 12:00 Stuff and pleasure. Maybe massages.
NebulaH Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 11:00 Tue Aug 8 18:00 Electronic tinker toys...

AVRs / ARMs / Chips / Bus-debuggers

Nemo Verfied.png Hack in The Class
Nicolas Grégoire Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 15:00 Wed Aug 9 12:00 Wife + kids
fish_ Verfied.png Tue Aug 8 17:00 0xf00d, 0xc0ffee, 0xdeadb33f
kaptnkiwi Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 17:00 Tue Aug 8 17:00 myself, hive, more silly games, vanillesuiker
zkyp Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 0xp3n15
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We are Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box, a mix of HITB, Randomdata and 2600NL We hack together, HAR was our first activity as one big village. Which grew out to be Hack in The Box Amsterdam and wicked memories.



An awesome village with probably:

  • A village center, probably a large tent with "dry ground" and some relaxing space
  • Every morning pancakes for the village people
  • Every morning Hack in The Box Coffee
  • May-be content (TBD) like presentations, CTF, dance workshops, etc.


  1. zkyp
  2. fish_
  3. junk
  4. jacco
  5. h3ndr1k (maybe)
  6. itdeal (optional)
  7. l33tdawg
  8. Belinda
  9. rufio
  10. a
  11. Biatch0
  12. (com)buster
  13. Perzik
  14. Itdeal
  15. Potatomas
  16. Ardillo
  17. Cool_Fire a.k.a. cFire
  18. Nemoriety
  19. BusyR
  20. Cherry
  21. DrHerman
  22. Abouttheroute
  23. kr1st1 (friend/colleague of Abouttheroute)
  24. Deceipher
  25. Nico & Mélanie + kids (10 and 13 yo)
  26. Watson
  27. please add yourself


  1. Tables, through SHA orga: 6X
  2. chairs, through SHA orga: 24X
  3. Large TEnts, through SHA orga: 5*15meter.
  4. Tents KL crew, fish_
  5. Kitchen:
    1. Fridge, TBD => On it Ardillo (talk)
    2. Cookingstove, TBD => On it Ardillo (talk)
    3. cookingstuff (knives/pans etc), TBD => On it Ardillo (talk)
    4. BBQ
    5. espresso machine => On it, a normal big coffee machine with 2 cans Ardillo (talk)
    6. waterbag to keep water
    7. Teil (zkyp translate this for me please! --junk)(uhh... TEIL, YOU KNOW A BOX TO WASH DISHES IN) It's a tub or washtub Junk (DrHerman)
  6. Switch + internetgear
    1. Abouttheroute> I can bring one, but it will be noisy :)
  7. Power - iTdeal:
    1. 32A shrooms
    2. slagvast blok 25 meter+
    3. buiten shuko
    4. Slagvast verdeel meerdere
    5. slagvast per x aantal tenten
  8. beamer + Screen?
  9. lights
  10. Audio
  11. ductape / TYRIPS / WD40
  12. Soldering stuff, HITB


  1. Sleeping Bag-Sheet,blanket
  2. personal tent
  3. Air matras
  4. Clean Clothes
  5. camping plates + cutlery
  6. Mugs (thermo keep your drinks hot or cold
  7. Slippers
  8. shower stuff
  9. power + extension cords (convertors GB adapter for KL dudes)
  10. Flashlight
  11. raincoat / umbrella
  12. soap (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  13. ducttape
  14. Earplugs can come in handy (free tip!)
  15. Sunscreen to protect yourself from that evil daystar
  16. knive, spoon, fork, plate!
  17. hammock?

Transport (available for hitchhiking with less gear ;-) )

By car:

  1. From utrecht:
    1. Fish_
    2. junk
    3. Abouttheroute
  1. From Amsterdam:
    1. iTdeal
    2. zkyp (if car is fixed :D) <- lazy bum, you can walk from there
    3. kr1st1 (will be driving, have spots available)


We do food, but only for people within the village. Cooking stuff will be available if you want to cook something for another. HOWEVER: CLEAN IT UP AFTERWARDS!

Shopping list

  1. Coffee
  2. Pancake stuff
  3. Cup-a-Soup / Noodles


  1. Friday:
    1. Evening, Fish_ cooks big pan of surprise! Who's joining?:
      1. fish_
      2. junk
      3. perzik
      4. iTdeal
      5. zkyp
      6. Ardillo (depending on n0m time)
      7. u???
  2. Saturday
    1. Morning,
      1. drinks: Ardillo needs coffee, so will make enough for the whole village... if we have 0xC0FFEE machine
      2. food: Ardillo, will try pancakes, for the whole village off course, volunteers are welcome.
        1. Nico
        2. Watson
        3. Cherry
    2. Afternoon
    3. Evening, Ardillo and Junk, Indian Fusion chef's special (Indian curry with chicken).
      1. Cherry
  3. Sunday:
    1. Morning
    2. Afternoon
    3. Evening (not zkyp due to lack of interest!)
  4. Monday:
    1. Morning
    2. Afternoon
    3. Evening, French team will cook for you (no snails, I promise!)
      1. Méla
      2. Nico
  5. Tuesday:
    1. Morning
    2. Afternoon
    3. Evening


if we need to do grocery shopping

  1. Friday:
    1. Ardillo needs things for breakfast at Saturday: [coffee, filters for machine] + [milk, flower (or alike), oil/butter, eggs, sweet things for pancake, cheese, bacon, raisins]
  2. Saturday:
    1. Ardillo needs things for diner at Saturday: [chicken, curry paste, oil, [ginger, union, carrot, zucchini, Cauliflower], rice, sriracha (Junk, you know), yoghurt, cucumber, flat bread]
  3. Sunday:
  4. Monday:
  5. Tuesday:


Enlisted for a VLNT job? Let us know, more people might join!