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There are 887 villagers with a profile page on this wiki. The total number of profiles is 962, but some did not specify a village.

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Name SHAFlag Village Arrival Departure Bringing
!Frankie Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
0st3n Verfied.png Village:Baloon Captains Alot of crap
0xchrisb Verfied.png Village:OutOfContext
14mRh4X0r Verfied.png Village:Free Software Foundation Europe
1sand0s Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
5717CH Verfied.png Village:deFEEST A hacker event.
@Jilles_com Verfied.png Village:Campers
@JurreJelle Verfied.png Village:Campers
@ndy Verfied.png Village:Geeks on vacation Interest

Fun  :)

ARTDANION Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol Eva777
Abcdef Verfied.png Village:Queer Feminist Geeks
Abouttheroute Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb Noizy Switch,Big Flashlight, ElectronicaMeuk,Vodka
Aivs Verfied.png Village:Z-Wave
Alain Verfied.png Village:Grumpy-Old-Hackers Fridge, Beer, Whisky
Alex Verfied.png Village:osso Beer
Alexander Verfied.png Village:Freifunk Village:Foodhackingbase
Aliekens Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy The bare minimal to survive, as I'm only staying two nights. Fri3d Camp stickers and flyers.
Alpha Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village
Amir Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG Village:SwissVillage Lots of copters, banner, flag, solder equippment, multicopter replace parts.
Amoksepp Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Andi Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Andi Verfied.png Village:Geraffel
Andreas Verfied.png Village:Opendigitalradio
Andreas Verfied.png Village:Family Village 2 kids & wife(6 w, 4 m)
AndreasBec Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG Racequads, UAVP-NG HW-0.24-mini, RC stuff
Anko (SpeedyG) Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock a good mood and probably some stuff...  :-)
Ansi Verfied.png Village:Heaven myself
Antarez Verfied.png Village:BBQ grills
Anton Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
Anton Verfied.png Village:hashRU big-ass tent, kleine gas bbq, 40l koelkast, drank, gezelligheid, vermoedelijk ook nog wel andere dingen..
Any Verfied.png Village:v01d Stuff
Anykey Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife + 3 Sons (14, 10,5) and too much stuff to mention
Arbi Verfied.png Village:v01d iStuff
Ardent Verfied.png Village:Emulator Village -Soldering, ESP and Arduino stuff + 10m RGB led strip

-Power cables(70m+), power strips + light / Generic tools + crimping pliers / 40 port Gbit switch

Ardillo Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb bad habits
Arianestolfi Verfied.png Village:Explody Open Band anonymous noise making webchat application, percussion instruments, kazuos, microphone
Arikia Verfied.png Village:Explody I can help coordinate group snacks/decorations
ArjanDJ Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Armada Verfied.png Village:Emulator Village CAT6 F/UTP 100m roll, Small flatscreen TV, Nintendo Switch, SNES, N64, Virtual Reality headset
Arne Verfied.png Village:BlinkenArea
ArticCynda Verfied.png Village:Hardware Hacking Area energy harvesters, PCB etching equipment, USB weather stations, unlimited positivism
Asby Verfied.png Village:CTF Village
Askarel Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy Power cables, electronics, beer
Astra Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Astro Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
Atluxity Verfied.png Village:Norwegian Embassy
Atrox Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Aurel Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Avarrish Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Avel Verfied.png Village:hashRU Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Axel Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG
BOfH Verfied.png Village:Moose 100m CAT 5, 50m extension lead, fridge
BabyGnome Verfied.png Village:Bratzenamt
Bademeister Verfied.png Village:FET-FlatEarthTheory Tent, Laptop & me
Baerli Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Barbarska Verfied.png Village:NOP
Bart Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Bartzi Verfied.png Village:Trustworthy Engineers Matelight
Bas Vermeulen Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife + 12yo daughter, a 6x4m tent and games.
BecHa+Alisa+Charlie Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation Tea! Lots of tea! & spices for "chai"

a small tent;

some "geek flags" (T-shirts Quilt)

Alisa (14) & Charlie (11)

a Squirrel Blanket...

an UnCiv graffiti

3 bikes

Large camping table for the village (8 people)

Some projects for Alisa & Charlie

Bee Verfied.png Village:Mononoke
Ben Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
BenV Verfied.png Village:JuNe Rules Mike and Jake

Soldering stuff Whisky

BenjaminWand Verfied.png Village:Heaven
Benny Verfied.png Village:EMF
Beowulf Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Bernd Verfied.png Village:FET-FlatEarthTheory Hackertent (max 3x4)

SleepingTent(s), Table, Bench, CampingKitchen (small...for coffee & eggs) for 4; -> FET-FlatEarthTheory_SHA2017

Betz Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy 3d-printer, 2d laser printer, angle grinder, electric screwdriver, TV for presentations, kitchen tools
Bigred Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab
Bilal, BGHabibi Verfied.png Village:Explody Wacom tablet, essential oils, massage skills, some datasets to do some deep learning experiments ;D
BillieGrace Verfied.png Village:Explody
Bitcloud Verfied.png Village:PaparazziUAV
Blaat - PA4RVS Verfied.png Village:fifo HAM Radio stuff, electronics, soldering iron, PA6SHA Callsign
Blechmarie Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village
BoRRoB Verfied.png Village:Maptime
Bobo_PK Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village Strom

Kabeltrommel 50m 2 Mehrfachsteckerleisten Powerbanks 5500 mAh + 2000 mAh


S5 Huawey y360 2* DECT 8 Port Gigabit 48 Port Gigabit (might need configuration) 50 Meter Cat5e CAT 5 Kupplung/Verlängerung 4* Cat 5e zwischen 3 und 1,5 Metern 2* Raspberry Pi 2* Ladekabel USB 2* Netzteile USB

Licht / Light

Tetrislampe USB Spherelampe LED-Würfel (löten) 10 LED-Schaumstoff-Sticks Glaskopf LED-Beamer LG PG60G 1280*800 (500 Ansi Lumen) VGA+HDMI+Chinch(nur mit Adapter) DLP-Beamer Acer P7200 1920*1080 (4000 Ansi Lumen) VGA+HDMI+DVI+Chinch White blanket Einhornlichterkette Kravatte Brille

Music 2* Nanoloop 1.7 1* Nanoloop 2.7 2* Gameboy Classic Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS 5* Große und Kleine Klinke-Stecker zum löten (Jack big/small) 5* Mikrofonkabel (muss noch gelötet werden) (cables need to be soldered with jacks) 3* Kleine Klinke-Chich (5m, 1,5m) (jack to chinch) Logitech z523 Kopfhörer (kleine Klinke)


Sharpie Hotgluegun Batterien Akkus Tabak Zahnbürste + Zahnseide Shampoo Klebeband Frischhaltefolien Durchsichtiges Tape Strohhalme Becher Plastikteller Brotdose Taschenmesser/Moltitool 2* Schraubendreherkit Ohropax

BramJM Verfied.png Village:Localhost GoPro
3d pen
Brian Shaler Verfied.png Village:Explody
BugBlue Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Village:Geraffel 2 Pulsejets, Tent, Partytent, SlushIce Machine
Burner Verfied.png Village:Sauna Finland PRKL
Calamarim Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Talks & help in coordinating ItalianEmbassy@SHA2017 self-organized events
CanisLupus Verfied.png Village:Warpzone
Carell Verfied.png Village:SHA512 Four
Casandro Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage GPS Disciplined oscillator. Several Raspberry PIs as Stratum 1 servers.

UDP-controllable RGB LED strip

Chaosdav Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday MicroView arduino, Gameduino2,
Chotee Verfied.png Village:Technologia Incognita
Chris Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife, 1.5yo daughter, van
Chris MacNaughton Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife + 2 Daughters (5y & 2y)
ChrisC Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Christian S Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
Christine Verfied.png Village:Family Village I'm being brought by WebSpider ;)

Feel free to stop by our tent any time, we're bringing (geeky) colouring pages, water balloons and toddler activities. Also, a baby play pen, feel free to join!

Christoph Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
Cinder Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Whiskey, some audio gear and maybe some Lego
Clee Verfied.png Village:FuWaR
Clefty Verfied.png Village:Moose brompton, rubiks cubes, toys, small kettle, mini fridge
CoD Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Talks and workshops on Zanshin Tech, ItalianEmbassy@SHA2017 self-organized events
Columbia19 Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa @c3troc: Beim CCC Camp 2015 im Ziegeleipark Mildenberg wurde die dort zum Zweck des Touristentransports betriebene Bahn von den Camp-Besuchern dekoriert und verschönert. Diese Bahn haben wir als Modellbahn nachgebaut.
Commander1024 Verfied.png Village:Warpzone 10GigE driven Storage Device for file-serving, Network Switching Stuff, Cabling, SFPs and shit.
Corby Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Count Zero Verfied.png Village:fnordeingang
Crnf Verfied.png Village:Warpzone
Crypt Verfied.png Village:EMF
Csk Verfied.png Village:Geraffel
Cursive Verfied.png Village:osso
DMT Verfied.png Village:deFEEST
DRE Verfied.png Village:Family Village Some hardware, Pi, Arduino, Laptops and more tiny little things...

And my son (13), and most of all a lot of energy learn and see, enjoy the atmosphere and make stuff.

Daan Goumans Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Dabaum 2er0 Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Daniel Verfied.png Village:1838
Daniel_RaZZor Verfied.png Village:Warpzone 3x Sg30 Zelt / 10x BierzeltGarnitur
Dark Blue Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab Joy and happiness
DarkJavi Verfied.png Village:Spanish village 3dprinter,projector,leds
DarkRiver Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG will bring HW0.22-mini, HW0.23-mini, HW0.30-mini, NGblc-4mini
Dave Verfied.png Village:Family Village Village:Family Village Playing Field Caravan, wife, 1.5yo daughter
DavidH Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace NXTstep cnc, Harmonograph
DeadB33f42 Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick See Village page
DenkBrettl Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Der_PeFi Verfied.png Village:Freifunk Village:Family Village 48 Port Gig switch, EL Lights, WS2812 Lights,
Diesel Verfied.png Village:blup Myself
DigitalBrains Verfied.png Village:deFEEST
Dimmu Verfied.png Village:BBQ Campinggear

And everything that I can fit in the car that might seem useful

Dirty C Verfied.png Village:blup 2x GS724Tv4

long cables power cables

Discobalcactus Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Dist Verfied.png Village:Sauna Finland PRKL
Dominik Verfied.png Village:Explody Arduinos, tessel, hardware, coffee machine
Domse Verfied.png Village:Mainframe
Doris Verfied.png Village:LaTeX most of the stuff
DrBunsen Verfied.png Village:fnordeingang
DrHerman Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb
DrOps Verfied.png Village:Warpzone Village:Family Village me & my daughter (15) & a guitar
DrRetro Verfied.png Village:muCCC
DrS Verfied.png Village:Solderfriends
DrScream Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Duckbuster Verfied.png Village:blup Myself
Dutchy Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Døre Verfied.png Village:ICMP Love, Peace, Reiki and a pencil
EL Castor Malo Verfied.png Village:fnordeingang
Eal Verfied.png Village:Free Software Foundation Europe
Eddieadams Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Edgar Verfied.png Village:Plan A
Edwin Martin Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife Jolie and daughters Rosalie (12) and Leora (15)
Eisbaer Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Eischylos Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village
ElJorge Verfied.png Village:Solderfriends
EleRas Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Elessar Verfied.png Village:v01d Stuff
Emzy Verfied.png Village:Brigadoon
Entropy Verfied.png Global
Eren Verfied.png Village:Explody
Erica Portnoy Verfied.png Village:Explody
Erictapen Verfied.png Village:Freifunk
Evakes Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick Beer
Evelyn Austin Verfied.png Village:Tsja...
Exi Verfied.png Village:Darksystem
F Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Good intentions, good weather, forward-looking statements, shovel, tent
F0x Verfied.png Village:lainchan
F4V0 Verfied.png Village:Geraffel
FFAA5E Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab
FabLabTruck Verfied.png Village:Hardware Hacking Area The Truck
Fabio (naif) Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy myself and grappa :-)
Far Verfied.png Village:Family Village Village:Family Village Playing Field 2 adults & 1 of 5 year old
Feddy Verfied.png Village:blup Tent, DJ-equipment, Odroid XU4, Chess board and pieces, laptop, a book or two. And probably some C2H5OH and the like.
Femke Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Fenrir Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Village:Milliways Goed verhaal, lekker kort
Feuermurmel Verfied.png Village:Chaos Bodensee Village:SwissVillage
Fischi Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds Tent, MIDI equipment, Switch,
Flashover Verfied.png Village:SHA512
FlatZeppelin Verfied.png Village:SHA512
Florian Overkamp Verfied.png Village:Family Village Xizzy and 2yo son
Florz Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone Village:Heaven
Fluffly Verfied.png Village:SHA512
Fr333k Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Fredl Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Fridgefire Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab
FriedZombie Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab
Fugazi Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick lot of gear...:)
Fuselage Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Hot Oil, some potatos, a Z80, etc.
GNF Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Arduino's, Gameduino, Gameduino 2, Poga, Midi Shield, Papilio Pro
GN_bt Verfied.png Village:GNUMPF-POSSE stuff
GN_sjs Verfied.png Village:GNUMPF-POSSE myself
GN_zIp Verfied.png Village:GNUMPF-POSSE banging PIXELFLUT
Gadse Verfied.png Village:Frubar General Fluffyness, bad puns, and a good helping of "hey that's cool, can I help you?".
Geogoeroe Verfied.png Village:Maptime Maybe a Designjet plotter?
Giaco Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Moka
Gio Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds
Gloegg Verfied.png Village:fnordeingang Cyber barrier tape

Cyber packing tape

GonZo2000 Verfied.png Village:Heaven
Gori Verfied.png Village:Family Village two adult and two <10 hackers
GraPghaST Verfied.png Village:Yolocation Yolocation: A Popup datacenter
Graa Verfied.png Village:SummerOfPwnage lego
Graciosa Verfied.png Village:Family Village son 8y
Grievus Verfied.png Village:Localhost 2 Persoons slaaptent (Remie en Milan)
Griffon Verfied.png Village:v01d
Guffer Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace Myself, PhilSwinbank, soot chucker, tent, 'lectric coolbox, power, etherweb, Euro's, GSOH, sleeping bag, some pi's and other associated junk
HB9EGM Verfied.png Village:Opendigitalradio DAB+ Transmission things
Habbie Verfied.png Village:fifo my daughter Ella (7 years)
Halcyon Verfied.png Village:rootfs
HappyHappy Verfied.png Village:Family Village 2 grownups, 1 boy 9y, 1 girl 6y
Harley Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Harzi Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG Village:SwissVillage
Hauke Lampe Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
Hdisk Verfied.png Village:Brigadoon
Henne Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village
Henning Verfied.png Village:Freifunk
Herger Verfied.png Village:FuWaR
Hermann Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds
Hetti Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Hmpf! Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday 4 rolls of ducktape, raspberry pi,
Hobbybob Verfied.png Village:Area42 Lasers for the Lounge.

Laser for project Laser Sea Flamethrowers on the towers.

HoelShare Verfied.png Village:Warpzone
Holedigger Verfied.png Village:Maptime
Holger Verfied.png Village:Mainframe
Homer1491 Verfied.png Village:Bratzenamt
HonkHase Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Geraffel
Hotte Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds
Huebi Verfied.png Village:Plan A Optimus Prime comes with me. He needs four passenger parking spaces to rest and to stay calm.
ICE Verfied.png Village:NOP
IanD Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
Iksypsilon Verfied.png Village:Family Village 3 kids (5,7,9) and Melle.
ImreJonk Verfied.png Village:Freifunk Freifunk hardware and knowledge from Amsterdam Wireless
Interfisch Verfied.png Village:ctdo
Internet Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy Tesla Model X 75D
Iomf42 Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Isi Verfied.png Village:Solderfriends
Itelchan Verfied.png Village:FuWaR Village:Mexican Embassy
IvarG Verfied.png Village:Moose
J B Verfied.png Village:Family Village Girlfriend, 2.25 year old son
JD Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace Sleep Tent, Craptop, LED Lantern, Clothing/Required things, MicroUSB cable + charger,Chair, Stuff to stick to the badge, USB Powerbanks, Gummy Bears?
JHR Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
JackMcCrack Verfied.png Village:Darksystem
Jakob Verfied.png Village:FET-FlatEarthTheory
James Morrison Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
JanHenrik Verfied.png Village:Warpzone Village:Foodhackingbase Driving Armchair, Crimeprotektor (fogger), Copter
Jappyjump Verfied.png Village:1838 Flamingos, 2 great fancy pvc logo banners for decoration
Jarkman Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace Spork making kit, installations
Jarkwoman Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
Jasper Verfied.png Village:EMF
Jay2k1 Verfied.png Village:Frubar
JayJay Verfied.png Village:blup Mijn grote broer
Jedi Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Geraffel F00
JeeSfyDee Verfied.png Village:SummerOfPwnage 1 big tent, 1 kartent, 1 big van, plenty to-do's!
Jeffmeister Verfied.png Village:SHA512 The Jefferettes (Lieke)
Jennifer Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase Mate Tea
Jenny Verfied.png Village:Queer Feminist Geeks - Campervan

- Soldering Station

- Battery Drill

- Jigsaw

- 1 mechanic Stapler

- 1000 Drywall Screws

- 5+ Straps

- 1 Box of Tools

- 1 Tarp

- 2 Rolls of Duct Tape

- 1 Coffee grinder

Jens Verfied.png Village:Plan A
Jesis+ Hervé Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation a small sleeping tent

tarp below tent and our beds etc for sleeping a simple party tent a cooking table a picknick table two folding stools three folding chairs a gas burner/cooker a small gas furnace (2 pits) (so we have three pits in total) a wind/shadow cloth of about 3x2,5 to hang from the party tent side

Jeti Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase InstantPot Lux 60
Jinxxproof Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Jobj Verfied.png Village:Localhost Village:Belgian Embassy Tentstuff

4-person Tent (storage and servers)
carpets for main tent
4 or 6 LAC tables
2,5mm² extention cord to power the tent
Long UTP cable to connetc tent to LAN
Power Distribution Blocks
1KVA backup UPS

fire extinguisher
First Aid kit

Small Peltier Fridge (25~ish liter)
Cooking burner (with gas capsuls)
cutting boards
cooking knives
diswashing sink/spunges/soap

24Gig+4SFP Gig Switch
VPN-server (NUC)
2U 4core Dell server SAS-raid, ESX installed, SSD with ISO images

Blinken Lights
LocalHost Flag + pole
Raibowisland Banner

Joona Hoikkala Verfied.png Village:Explody
Joost Verfied.png Village:hashRU
Joris Verfied.png Village:Family Village 8 yo daughter, tent, things...
Juergen Verfied.png Village:Plan A
Justa Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation DOME

Beer Tap (to Village:TechInc, with Piele)

Coffee machine



Small Fridge

Kai Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation Big tent (for 6 people or more, it has a diameter of 5m). Let me know in advance if you need a spot.. The tent could stay until the 9th, but only if that's useful: I need it back on the 9th.
Karezma Verfied.png Village:Campers
Keizerflipje Verfied.png Village:BBQ Tent
KingSpin Verfied.png Village:Localhost Stuff, laptop to game, 2 sleeping bags.
Kopfzu Verfied.png Village:bimseln Tent
Kramse Verfied.png Village:Baconsvin Network gear and vaporizers
Krunch Verfied.png Village:FSUGAr
Krunz Verfied.png Village:YARG Arduino, LEDs, Lots of Electronics
Ksiu Verfied.png Village:Family Village Husband and 3,33 yo son
KygecHuk Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Beer, laptop, tent.
L Verfied.png Village:Spanish village
LaKoon Verfied.png Village:Heaven Soldering iron

Several tools

Lara Daan (Kai's niece) Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation Sleeping bag
Laufab Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase Delicious additions to the various tastings.
Lay Verfied.png Village:Darksystem
Leandra Verfied.png Village:Heaven Village:SwissVillage Arival Time will be updated later :) but its somewhere in the Afternoon, Evening
LentGames Verfied.png Village:Localhost 2person tent for me and KingSpin

Good feelings

Leo Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds
LeonH Verfied.png Village:Pizza
Libbymiller Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
Libertina Verfied.png Village:v01d Pink Stuff
Lies Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Littelfair Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Ego
Lizette Verfied.png Village:Family Village Large Playing Field Multiplicities
Localhorst Verfied.png Village:C4outpost
Logan Cale Verfied.png Village:Evillage
Lorphos Verfied.png Village:Explody VR stuff, FPV quadcopter, kids, rocket, r0cket, PiPlay DeskCade
LuciferSam Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy
Luke Verfied.png Village:Explody
Lukkie Verfied.png Village:fifo
Luto Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
M10tech Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday LotsOfExperienceAndStrongStories HomeKit ESP32 ESP8266 solderiron
M1P3 Verfied.png Village:Mainframe Electronics, SpaceMen - Big Mainframed still standing robot, soldering stuff, Lot's of LED's
M4173 Verfied.png Village:Mainframe
M4RTIN Verfied.png Village:gramels Village Village:Geraffel
MC Verfied.png Village:Opendigitalradio SDR and stuff
MScroggs Verfied.png Village:EMF
MacGyver Verfied.png Village:hashRU
MacLemon Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa Lots of solar-powered blinkenlights to brighten up the Village!
Macxim Verfied.png Village:gramels Village Wlan-Geraffel
Manduca Verfied.png Village:Family Village Girlfriend and 2.5yo son.
Manfred Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Mech keyboards and first aid kits.
Manolis Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Marc Verfied.png Village:Family Village Village:ctdo two kids (9y, 11y)
Marc Verfied.png Village:Plan A good mood
MarcYulyvee Verfied.png Village:NeighbourhoodNerds Stuff, Bastelkroms
Marco d'Itri Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy
MarcoLoveEDU Verfied.png Village:Queer Feminist Geeks
Markus Verfied.png Village:Heaven
Markus Verfied.png Village:Plan A
MarkusBec Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG Fun :-)
Marlur Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase Village:1838 Tons of hardware, gadgets, whiskey, beer, good mood
Martin Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Martin Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
Martonis Verfied.png Village:Emulator Village
MasterLuke Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Mastro Gippo Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Tesla Model S P85+
Mat Verfied.png Village:EMF
Matgro Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy
Math1985 Verfied.png Village:Maptime
Matthijs Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Mattronix Verfied.png Village:wehost stuff
Mauro Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy
Maxim Verfied.png Village:UAVP-NG Village:SwissVillage
Mbr Verfied.png Village:AR
Medicio Verfied.png Village:NOP Copters and lots of spare parts, soldering tools etc. Arduino and progressing(!) Blynk knowledge. Friendly smile :-)
Melkman Verfied.png Village:NOP
Mend0x Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb Stuff and pleasure. Maybe massages.
Merel Verfied.png Village:Tsja...
Meskio Verfied.png Village:Anarchist
Mic Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Electronics, Village PA and Instruments, Geraffel, 3D-Printer, VooDooFoo
Micha Verfied.png Village:LaTeX 50m power cable, 15m+30m network cable, small gbit ethernet switch, tent, bicycle
Michal Stefanow ( Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation null
Mitch Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy Village:Hardware Hacking Area Soldering irons and other tools for Hardware Hacking Area
MoepMan Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Moko Verfied.png Village:YARG
Monokles Verfied.png Village:rootfs Bad jokes, and maybe even a tarp.
Moss the TeXie Verfied.png Village:LaTeX his Head, some peripheral stuff (typesetting, soldering and otherwise)
Motu Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Mouzz Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday
Mr.Breaker Verfied.png Village:Family Village 1 girlfriend & 1 baby
MrsPink Verfied.png Village:v01d More stuff
MrsVentoux Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Mte90 Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Myself, Mozilla stickers and 7 talks
N3nc Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase
Nea Verfied.png Village:Explody
NebulaH Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb Electronic tinker toys...

AVRs / ARMs / Chips / Bus-debuggers

Nemo Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb Hack in The Class
Nette Verfied.png Village:YARG
Nice Human Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Nick Farr Verfied.png Village:Explody Suits.
Nico Verfied.png Village:Free Software Foundation Europe
Nicolas Grégoire Verfied.png Village:hitr2ndb Wife + kids
NielsJ Verfied.png Village:blup Tent, other things to be filled later
Niklas Verfied.png Village:Warpzone Ultrasonic Phased Array, OtterControl (including vehicle), Laser 'n stuff
Nilpferdschaf Verfied.png Village:Brigadoon
Ninab Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Noby Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Noisy Maikel Verfied.png Village:Tsja... Bottle of whisky, racebike, laptop, yubikeys, smartcards, library full of Ansible scripts and heaps of energy.
Nord Verfied.png Village:Labitat
Nordin Verfied.png Village:Milliways Tent and a wee deck chair = the good life.
Nos Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
Number3nl Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick My son and gear
ON8LTE Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy Soldering setup,

coax (3m WFM),...

ObiWan666 Verfied.png Village:Geraffel DEC PDP-11, electronic Stuff, Oszilloskop, Labornetzteile, Notstrom 5,5 kVA,
Obri Verfied.png Village:SwissVillage
Ojad Verfied.png Village:SHA512 Microscopes and soldering irons.
Okso Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy switch 24xGigabit, bunch of Wemos, dremel
Olaf Verfied.png Village:Freifunk
Olf Verfied.png Village:Solderfriends
Ollahigga Verfied.png Village:YARG My Husband
Opti Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Skateboards
Otter Verfied.png Village:Sauna Finland PRKL
P0lyg0n Verfied.png Village:Z-Wave
PHK Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone music
PJOTRA ♦ Verfied.png Village:SHA512 Luna & Demi
PT Verfied.png Village:Campers
Palandir/OE5DLH Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Pascal Verfied.png Village:Plan A
Pascal Scheffers Verfied.png Village:Family Village Wife, son (13) and daughter (11); tent; some colorful lights.
Patrick Verfied.png Village:Freifunk Village:Family Village 3 Boys (11y,9y,7y)
Patrick alias MarvinGS Verfied.png Village:Mainframe
PeeZee Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy * Medium Tent
  • Cisco Catalyst 4507
  • The one-and-only real IPv6 Christmas Tree (fully operational of course)
Peekhaatchuu Verfied.png Village:YARG
Pete Verfied.png Village:muCCC
PeterC Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase Food Chemicals
Petzl Verfied.png Village:Belgian Embassy * Medium Tent for my self
  • Lots of LED lights
  • 24M tower for Radio station
  • Washing machine (if it fits in the car)
  • A fence for keeping the dangerous animals inside
  • More lights
  • a Dinosour
Phicoh Verfied.png Village:Technologia Incognita
PhilSwinbank Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace
PhilmacFLy Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Phoenix Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Talks and workshops on Zanshin Tech, ItalianEmbassy@SHA2017 self-organized events
Pholker Verfied.png Village:Geraffel
Piele Verfied.png Village:deFEEST
Pierre Verfied.png Village:Evillage Good karma.
Pim T. Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Ping Verfied.png Village:Sauna Finland PRKL
Pl3x Verfied.png Village:v01d
PoempelFox Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Pokon Verfied.png Village:deFEEST
PoltoS Verfied.png Village:Z-Wave A lot of Z-Wave stuff, Z-Uno, SDR tranceivers
Pope Verfied.png Village:Geraffel Poke 54290, 65
Ppuk Verfied.png Village:SHA512
Prodigity Verfied.png Village:ACKspace
Pronto Verfied.png Village:American Embassy Village:Milliways
PsychiC Verfied.png Village:ACKspace Radio Stuff
Pusher Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Beer
QuantumCypher Verfied.png Village:American Embassy Village:ItalianEmbassy The Trap Life with me.

It's in my heart, it's in my soul, it's in your memory.

Quorth Verfied.png Village:Spanish village laptop, really nice soldering station, enthusiasm
Quux Verfied.png Village:Grumpy-Old-Hackers Tesla
R0nd1ra Verfied.png Village:v01d Stuff, Panzertape und Kabelbinder
RFguy Verfied.png Village:muCCC Lockpicks, key cutting maschine, Vector Network Analyser, Spectrum Analyse, up to 8 GHz
Rabbit@Net Verfied.png Village:/dev/derp Brompton, bicycle tools
Rabenkind Verfied.png Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
RainerW Verfied.png Village:Magnumchaos Sleep Tent 250x250cm

Desk 100x100cm Chair

Raipat Verfied.png Village:NeuroVillage EEG and other biosignal aquisition devices
Ralf Verfied.png Village:YARG
RalfZ Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage Tbd
RamShadow Verfied.png Village:v01d Tools, Stuff and Power
Rampone Verfied.png Village:C4outpost Fun, Server, network, free bifi, and trying out ad hoc mobility
Ranzbak Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Loads of dickpics
Ray Verfied.png Village:muCCC Bluetooth Lockpicks, 3D printed keys
RayTracer Verfied.png Village:Magnumchaos DECT 3971

Village Tent 600x300
Sleep Tent 200x200

RedDog Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
Reemster Verfied.png Village:Localhost
Relocker Verfied.png Village:Hack42 Village:deFEEST Village:toool * keymachine (actualy BugBlue is doing the heavy lifting)
  • blanks
  • rad1o badge
  • MD390
  • some beer (Bitter42, whiskey smoked beer)
  • towel
  • tent and campgear like powercables, switch, Nespresso
Remi Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Salto door lock (without programmed card), jumperwires and arduinos and an easy button

inductie kookplaatje, 5x5 tent

René Verfied.png Village:GadgetFriday Arduino, Philips Hue, Raspberry Pi, LED's, more LED's
René Pieters Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock Sophie en Isabelle
RicharD Verfied.png Village:Family Village Nils (12Y)
RickP Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
Rikk3rt Verfied.png Village:Campers
Rnbwdsh Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol 4 Xbox 360 Controllers + Dongles

Backup laptop


Cookies :3

2nd sleeping bag+blanket+mat+tentspace

2 Defect LG G3 Android Smartphones (if you have a useful project, you can have them)

Robert Verfied.png Village:Family Village 4 hackers: 1 boy 15yr, and two girls 13yr, one adult friend,

and a five person tent.

Rodecker Verfied.png Village:fifo Bicycle
Roland Verfied.png Village:Family Village Me and 1 kid (3 yo)
Roo Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Rooky Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Roosted Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Vla and stroopwafels to bribe the germans of course!

And perhaps some SHA2017 badges... And some electrons to a power outlet near you...

Rose Kennedy Verfied.png Village:Family Village Village:Family Village Playing Field 5 month old, 4 year old, and 47 year old Homo sapiens sapiens, large red outdoor Fat Boy bean bag lounger
Russ Verfied.png Village:EMF
Russell Verfied.png Village:Bristol Hackspace Diesel bike if it makes it that far.
Râu Cao Verfied.png Village:4e5a53c * Personal tent (have room for one more person if necessary)
S U M M E R Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
SAm0815 Verfied.png Village:Geraffel
SHA512 Verfied.png Village:SHA512
Sagi Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Sander Verfied.png Village:Emulator Village Soldering stuff, electronical parts, arduino, my awesome hacked version of Looping Louis. Beer and booze
Sandzwerg Verfied.png Village:Warpzone
Saskiii Verfied.png Village:Queer Feminist Geeks Mario Kart and Splatoon
Sawugo Verfied.png Village:Foodhackingbase the One Ring Workshop
Schmidi Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Schneider Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Scm Verfied.png Village:Freifunk
Scope Verfied.png Village:Family Village Village:American Embassy - Wife and 2 kids, 3 & 1

- RISK and some other board and card games

- An unpatched windows xp laptop with lots and lots of sensitive information on it

- 100's of innocent (and free!) USB drives to scatter across the fields.

Scrollergirl Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Sean Verfied.png Village:Campers Laptop
Seb Verfied.png Village:Darksystem
Seb Verfied.png Village:Mainframe Camp15 sdr
Sec Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Seccubus Verfied.png Village:Area42 Blue toothe beacons
Sem Verfied.png Village:NewKidOnTheBlock
Sha-Fs Verfied.png Village:blup Me, myself and I
Shadghost Verfied.png Village:American Embassy Village:SummerOfPwnage Village:Milliways TBD
Shadow Verfied.png Village:Milliways Mead, Belgian beer
Shawn2609 Verfied.png Village:BEECreative
Shoaloak Verfied.png Village:SummerOfPwnage /dev/urandom
Shylo Verfied.png Village:Uncivilisation table (seats approx 6) + 1 chair;

extra tarp; small tent; cooler + food to share; tea + coffee; cooking set (including spices); solar-powered lamp; eco bug repellent; small tent; ton of stories...

Sidd Verfied.png Village:Squatters United
Sigyn Verfied.png Village:Dutchpicknick
Silent Tommy Verfied.png Village:Technologia Incognita
Silentbob Verfied.png Village:Evillage
Simon Verfied.png Village:Darksystem
Skyp Verfied.png Village:v01d
Sling Verfied.png Village:Heaven A bag of meat and bones controlled by a neural network and powered by ingestion of deceased animals. Pretty cool huh.
Smári McCarthy Verfied.png Village:Explody Tent, laptop, power strip, quadcopter.
Snarf Verfied.png Village:muCCC
Snarf43 Verfied.png Village:Opendigitalradio Stroopwafels
Sofaecke Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
Softbuilder Verfied.png Village:Bratzenamt
Sprawl Verfied.png Village:/dev/derp Basic woodworking tools, 48port-GigE-Switch, 1000 Glowsticks
Sprite_tm Verfied.png Village:deFEEST Aanhang, bunch of ESP32 modules, anyone need me to take anything from China?
StackZT Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy Talks and workshops on Zanshin Tech, ItalianEmbassy@SHA2017 self-organized events
Staschek Verfied.png Village:Travellers Village
Stef Louwers Verfied.png Village:Family Village wife and 1,5 year old son
Stefan Schmidt Verfied.png Village:Milliways myself
Stefan-K Verfied.png Village:LaTeX
Stefan.keller Verfied.png Village:gramels Village
Sten Verfied.png Village:ItalianEmbassy
Stephan (buzo) Verfied.png Village:Family Village Staying with Elke and my two kids
Sugarray Verfied.png Village:bimseln
Sunny Verfied.png Village:muCCC
SuperQ Verfied.png Village:Milliways
SuperVirus Verfied.png Village:Warpzone
Surfer Verfied.png Village:SHA512 Wife
TD Verfied.png Village:EMF
TJvV Verfied.png Village:TkkrLab partytent, myself
TKffTK Verfied.png Village:Sauna Finland PRKL
TTH Verfied.png Village:/dev/lol
Tarwin Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage Friends =)
TeKay Verfied.png Village:Frubar
Tefre Verfied.png Village:Moose
Tell Verfied.png Village:osso Good faith
Tesla23 Verfied.png Village:ChaosZone
Tessel Verfied.png Village:Tsja... Risk: The Game of Global Domination
Thali Verfied.png Village:Attraktor
The Scrabi Verfied.png Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage My self, and a lot of happiness.
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