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"Villages" are sub-camps. Villages organise themselves, often a community around a topic or region. Villages organise a part of their facillities themselves; they might have their own workshops and might invite the public to their camp.
Multiple villages can form a Metavillage. They can share resources like power, network, tents, ... Talk to your neighbours/friends and see if you want to form a Metavillage.


The Villages signup is currently under construction
If you want to add your village now, please add it manually in the list below, but keep in mind that you will need to copy/migrate that data to the signup form.


  • You will be able to Rent-A-Tent for your village. Details will follow soon.
  • Of course you can also bring you own big tents
  • As of now its unclear how many campers are allowed on the field. Most likely there will be a spot where campers can be parked, including the family-village.
  • If you want to bring lots of large stuff and need vehicle access to the campground please contact us
  • The deadline to register your village will be around end of June 2016.
  • If there are any questions please write to
  • If you want to have your workshops/meet-ups etc included in the official SHA2017 programme, do contact
  • Likewise if your ambitions go further than workshops and you want to run your own stage, the Content team really would like to know who curates your content and if you would be willing to pick up proposals that the Content team does not consider a good fit for a large stage but more for a specific village stage. Team Content would also like to know if you are willing to host workshops related to the main SHA2017 programme.
  • Early buildup will be possible, but we can't have to many people on the field on the days bevore the event. So please try to plan you buildup so you can do it on one day. Day -1 or earlier will be possible for larger villages.

List of Villages

  1. /dev/lol
  2. ACKspace
  3. Anarchist
  4. Area42
  5. Baconsvin
  6. BEECreative makerspaces
  7. Belgian Hackbassy
  8. Bratzenamt
  9. Brazucon
  10. Center for Entropy
  11. CTF Village
  12. Darksystem
  13. deFEEST
  14. Dutchpicknick
  15. Energy
  16. Explody
  17. Fri3d Camp
  18. Frubar
  19. FuWaR
  20. GadgetFriday
  21. Geraffel
  22. HackFaction
  23. HBD
  24. hitr2ndb
  25. ICMP
  26. LaTeX
  27. Idiopolis
  28. ItalianEmbassy
  29. Maptime
  30. Milliways
  31. Mononoke
  32. muCCC
  33. Neighbourhood Nerds
  34. OpenWeb
  35. OWASP
  36. PaparazziUAV
  37. Plan_A
  38. SHA'bit
  39. SafeHarbour
  40. SpaceVillage
  41. Spanish village
  42. Swedish Embassy
  43. Uncivilisation
  44. Westwoodlabs
  45. Yolocation
  46. Evillage
  47. Science for SHA
  48. Your village alphabetically ordered in the list.
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