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Still Helping Anyway

Great if you're willing to participate by helping us out! SHA2017, in the tradition of the four-yearly hackers festivals, is entirely run by volunteers. These volunteers buy tickets for a lot of money, then they go to the event and spend their time in sometimes hard working, and sometimes without appreciation to make this event an fantastic experience for everyone. This attitude is unbelievable. Is great. Is extraordinary. Like angels. And that is the reason why these volunteers will be called angels.

As an angel, you will be doing important stuff, meet many interesting people and generally have a great time. Angels (if they are not part of a village) live together with the crew (crew or orga are those volunteers who have been working since months on making SHA possible) in Heaven, a village with food supply and recreation areas, some seats with power and cable network and for example midnight cinema.

How do I become an angel?

  • Read all the information on this page.
  • Register your account at the angelsystem.
    • You will not be able to chose any shift at that moment.
    • You can look around inside the angelsystem and see the complete list of available angeltypes.
    • To chose shifts you need marked as arrived. This will be done at the angeldesk in the infotent when you arrive or on request from a member of team vonunteers.
  • If you never volunteered before and have questions you can ask on IRC: irc.freenode.net/#sha2017-angel
  • Please bring a DECT phone as this is helpful for communicating during your shifts.
  • Participate in the angel meetings.
  • If you want to help during build up (before 3th August) please contact us via email at mailto:team-volunteers@lists.sha2017.org
  • If you want to help during tear down (starting 9th August) please contact us during the event.

What would be my job as an angel?

Angels are the heart and soul of every hacker event. Since there is a lot of work to do 24/5 we need help day and night on various tasks ranging from audio/video angels over traffic angels to food angels. Please check the list below. Pro tip: Night shifts are not as hectic as day shifts and often come along with some sort of network access.

Some angeltypes are restricted within the angelsystem. This means that the jobs needs prerequisites or special trainings, which are explained in the angelsystem.

What kind of angels are needed?

Many, really many different types of angels are needed. The following list is not complete and it has not to be. It shows the different fields where angels are needed and gives an impression what jobs are available within the angel world. If you think that there is a task that fits your skills and interest, the angelsystem gives you the detailed list of available angeltypes including descriptions where you can choose from.

The entries are given in the form <team>/<task>. For more general questions you can use the already named contacts, for specific questions you might contact the specific team directly.

On top

No angel can work without food. Without food everything stands still. We have two profesional kitchen crews, but there is the need of many angels to run the whole food supply. Food angels are needed for helping in preparing the main courses, for breakfast and for some small food during the night. Also cleaning and dishwashing, delivering food to angels with long shifts on far away places and more things around running a professional kitchen is to be done.

Working as an angel can be really hard, sometimes physically demanding. We want to provide a little compensation for hard work. Therefore we search people who are well trained in massage or physiotherapy and would use their skills to help other angels.

  • Volunteers/Kitchenhelper
  • Volunteers/Angelmassager

On stage

Your chance to get close to the speakers. All you have to do is get up on the stage, introduce them to the audience and make sure the talk goes smoothly.


You like building things or tear down them? There is a lot of work. And keep in mind: everything that was build up must be torn down.

  • ALL/Build up
  • Bar/Constructor
  • Deco/Constructor
  • Logistics/Constructor
  • ALL/Tear down

Technical Stuff

If you are more into technical things you might have a look here.

  • NOC/Network Plumber
  • POC/Field Telephone Operator
  • Productiehuis/Audio Mixer
  • Productiehuis/Camera Operator
  • Productiehuis/Radio Audio Operator
  • Productiehuis/Video Mixer

Giving Information

You like to gather information, can remember it and like to share your knowledge? This is perfect for these tasks:

  • Harbour/Official
  • Info/Infodesker
  • Info/Presscorter
  • NOC/Helpdesk
  • POC/DECT Helpdesk


If you skills are more into management, you might be a good Coordinator at some teams:

  • Villages/Coordinator
  • Volunteers/Coordinator
  • Villages/Guide


Most angel jobs are about serving.

  • Bar/Barkeeper
  • Bar/Runner
  • Family Village/Kidsangel
  • Family Village/Thing Finder
  • Logistics/Shuttledriver
  • Logistics/Runner
  • Logistics/Off-site driver
  • Security/First Aid Angel
  • Security/Parking Angel
  • Security/Steward
  • Security/Traffic Angel

and many more in the angelsystem...

Questions and answers

Do I get a reduced entrance fee as an angel?

Volunteers won't get any reduced prices. Everyone of us is paying the full price! But since we value your support a lot, we will hand out special limited edition t-shirts for all angels who have done enough shifts at the end of the camp. Additionally you get exclusive access to the Heaven.

What the hell is Heaven?

The Heaven is a place for angels and crew to live, eat, sleep and take a break between their shifts and socialize. There will be coffee, tea, water and sometimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) food. For example you will get during build up and tear down things like Roast chicken served with potato salad, Halloumi and salad wrap with hummus, Beef burgers with choice of toppings, Vietnamese coconut curry, Moroccan couscous, Smoked sausage and Shrimp gumbo.

What is the Shift System?

The angelsystem will be used to centrally coordinate shifts and angels. If you want to register as an angel, you need to create an account for yourself. You can find the Shift System here.

When and where are the angel meetings?

Angel meetings will be held in the Heaven twice a day during the event and twice a day or daily during build up and tear down. Exact times will be announced in the angel system.