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SHA2017 Budget

Since SHA2017 is a non-profit event that is run by volunteers, we want to give the information on the finances. This is to show the visitors how the ticket price was defined and where the money is being spent on.

The legal entity behind SHA2017 is the IFCAT foundation. This foundation was set up to run the previous event, OHM2013. Since then the board members have been replaced by people from the Projectleiding team. Since it is a Dutch foundation, we're not allowed to make a profit and the board members are liable for the financial results of the events.

IFCAT / OHM financial result

IFCAT foundation was started with funding from the HXX foundation, the legal entity that organized HAR2009. While OHM2013 was a successful event, there wasn't a lot of money left. About 12.000 euro was left in the bank account. After paying outstanding bills, we had about 10.000 euro left as capital to start the SHA2017 organization. The accountant is currently closing previous years. This might result in a small amount of tax return, but details of that are unknown at this time.

SHA2017 expenses

The terrain has a maximum capacity of around 10.000 people. Since we believed that this was a too large event, we've set a limit to 5500 people. The previous event had 3000 visitors and the CCC camp 2015 around 4700. We expect that there will be somewhere between 3500 and 5500 visitors at the event. Since we can't predict the exact number, we have made a budget for 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000 and 5500 visitors. In this page we will explain the 3500 visitor budget. We've asked teams to provide us with a budget based on these numbers. Should there be more visitors, the teams have more funds available to make the event more great by adding services.

The numbers int the expense overview are based on the numbers of the previous event, combined with input from the team specific budgets. This results in a total of 905.000 euro expenses for the event. Added to this we're reserving 25% of the expenses for unforeseen costs, which makes it a total of 1.113.250 euro. In the following table you can see the costs per team/project. There might be slight changes over time to match the budget with the real costs. Some expenses could be redundant, but we didn't want to take risks on some areas by not putting them in the budget at all. All values x1000.

Team / Expenses Cost Explanation
Terrain / Terrain rental 80 Rental costs of the terrain, including
Terrain / Tents 80 All tent rental for the event
Terrain / Portocabin 30 Reserved for the portocabin complex rental
Terrain / Sanitation 42 Toilets, showers, water input system
Terrain / Cleaning 10 We want to hire people for cleaning the sanitation during the event
Terrain / Furniture 20 Tables, chairs and everything related
Terrain / Fences 5 Parts of the event have to be fenced of for permit or safety reasons
Terrain / Signs 4 For traffic plans we are required to rent traffic signs.
Terrain / Water 3 Water usage for during the event
Infrastructure / Power 55 Renting power generators, cables, diesel etc.
Infrastructure / Waste 4 Waste disposal
S&S / Security 27 We are required to have sufficient security people at the event at all time.
S&S / Parking 42 The farmland of the neighbor will be rebuilt into a parking lot.
First aid 10 We have to train and hire specific people to take care of the First aid
AV / Camera/recording 50 Cameras, beamers, etc. are required to record all lectures at the event
Logistics / Transportation 25 All equipment needs to be transported to/from the camp area
Logistics / Machines 6 Machines like a Manitu and everything related
People transport 10 Shuttle busses to transport people to/from the field
Content 35 Content team, speaker arrangements., everything related.
Family village 15 All arrangements for the family village and the children.
Volunteering / General 5 General costs volunteering team
Volunteering / Catering 48 All volunteer food arrangements
Volunteering / T-shirts 6 Volunteer t-shirts
Organization / Hiring people 24 For previous events, some people from the PL-team dedicate substantial time to the organization of the event. They will get paid to compensate that they can't spend time on their day job. This is a minimal amount and similar to previous events.
Organization / Cleanup 25 We expect to need to hire people to clean up the terrain. This money is reserved for this expense
Organization / Insurances 26 Several insurances are needed for running an event this size.
Organization / Finances 10 For the event we need an accountant, payment providers and bank accounts.
Organization / Travel expenses Orga 15 The organisation would need to travel to suppliers, other events etc.
Organization / Promotion material 15 For promotion we will make posters, stickers and have to send those by mail.
Organization / Leges 7 The costs needed to request all necessary permits.
Organization / Foundation 3 Cost that are made by the foundation during the SHA2017 organization.
"Smaller" expenses
Maps & Traffic 2 Costs for the handling of traffic. E.g training for volunteers.
Lounge 5 Arranging the Lounges
Tickets & Entrance 8 Wristbands, entrance infrastructure, etc.
Bar 5 Cold storage, Fridges etc.
Communication 1 Communication about the camp that isn't covered by promotion material
Villages 2 Available budget for team Villages expenses
Sysadmin 3 Hosting the SHA server / application infrastructure
Buildup / teardown 5 Additional costs involved for the build-up / takedown team
Permit 5 All expenses made for applying for the Permit
Infodesk 2
POC 6 Building the event DECT network
Badge 20 The SHA2017 Badge
Safe Harbor 10 The SHA harbor, ferry etc.
There is no game 10 There is no game terminals around the field
Maker village 5 Reservation for possible maker village/project

SHA2017 income

The aforementioned costs of 1.113.250 euro needs to be covered by ticket sales, bar/food, merchandise and donations/sponsoring. This is broken down in the following table (values x1000).

Income source Euro explanation
Ticket sales 723 207*3500. This is after VAT is deducted from the ticket sales.
Bar 70 An estimate of 20 euros per person spending over the entire event
Merchandise 11 Depending on the number of sold t-shirts and hoodies we have income from this as well.
Stimulerings fonds 16 Fund for supporting the creative industry funded SHA2017 for
Sponsoring / Donation 40,5 We've received cash donations from three organisations that have contributed to events in the past as well
Parking Place 49 Given the costs for preparing the parking terrain a separate ticket was needed. The costs match the planned expenses for the parking area.
FoodCourt 4 We expect a percentage of income of the food vendors
Total 916 Total expected income from the event.

As can be seen from the total this just covers the expected expenses from the event. Since we believe we've made a conservative budget and thus can successfully organize the event with this income. We hope to receive more donations / sponsoring to cover for example the No Game project and SHA badge. We have asked if teams can be conservative with their budgets as well.

The ticket price was based on these expenses. While a higher ticket price would have made it more comfortable to organize, we felt it should be in the line with previous events. As can be seen on the CCC Website, the 240 euro ticket covered their cost. Given that we are limited in accepting cash sponsoring, the ticket price was set to 250 euro.

We've added feel-good tickets and business tickets with a higher price to have additional income. With this income we can fund visitors that are unable to afford the full ticket price. Visitors can e-mail us with this request en the Projectleiding Team will decide on this. Unfortunately we don't have the cash-flow available to have a discounted ticket in the ticketshop itself (see IFCAT/OHM result).


  • What will happen to any money that is left after the event?

Should there be any money left after the event, this will be fully dedicated to the next event that will be organized. However, running a foundation with infrastructure, bankaccounts, storage etc. does bring costs that have to be paid.