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Field Name Lamarr Field

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Generated SHA Flag (experiment here)
Occupation 37 %
Maximum loudness allowed 6
Named after Hedy Lamarr

Registered Villages

Page Name Description Website
Village:/dev/lol /dev/lol /dev/lol is a Hackerspace based in Linz/Austria
Village:/dev/tal /dev/tal e.V. Hackerspace Wuppertal, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.
Village:Aaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaa Amalgam Assembly of awesome Austrian Hackspaces
Village:Campers Campers Bunch of colleagues camping out @ SHA
Village:Chaosdorf Chaos Computer Club Düsseldorf Hackerspace in Düsseldorf, Germany
Village:Chaospott Chaospott Hackerspace Essen, Germany. Part of Chaos-West Cluster.
Village:DasLabor LABOR e.V. Hackerspace Bochum, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.
Village:Energy Energy 42V central station, here you can get some kits to protect your equipment in case a DCDC gets fried.
Village:FuWaR FuWaR Village The intergalactic FuWaR meetup!
Village:Hippocampus The Hippocampus Brain and cognition hacking
Village:LaTeX LaTeX This is the first LaTeX-Village ever on a Camp.

We will sell books about LaTeX, we will give introduction workshops every day, we are present to answer questions, you can visit us any time and get help or info (concerning LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt etc.). And you can come over and just hang around, get some coffee and have a good time.
Village:Magnumchaos Magnumchaos The usual guys that meet up for events like this to chill, hack & relax.
Village:Maschinendorf Maschinendorf Village of the Maschinendeck Hackerspace from Trier, Germany
Village:Mexican Embassy Mexican Embassy The Mexican embassy with delicious food, electronics, nerdiness and party mood!
Village:NOP Not Our Problem Not Our Problem
Village:NeighbourhoodNerds Neighbourhood Nerds A bunch of friendly old nerds from Karlsruhe.
Village:NeuroVillage NeuroVillage A place for all neurohacking and biohacking related activities. We bring some EEG and BCI devices and will continue to do what we did at CCCamp 2015 and some xxC3s.
Village:Opendigitalradio Opendigitalradio We're interested in things combining broadcasting and digital things, mostly DAB. We cook our broth with tasty Software-Defined Radio, a pinch of Amateur Radio, spiced with Power Amplifiers.
Village:OutOfContext OutOfContext (∩☉෴☉)⊃━☆゚.*
Village:PaparazziUAV PaparazziUAV Paparazzi UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an open-source drone hardware and software project encompassing autopilot systems and ground station software for multicopters/multirotors, fixed-wing, helicopters and hybrid aircraft.

Our Village consists of people whose heart is near to flying things. And people which are loving those people in the one and the other way ;-)
Village:SwissVillage Some visitors from Switzerland
Village:UAVP-NG UAVP-NG This is a community driven open source project building modern autonomiously flying multicopter.
Village:Warpzone Warpzone e.V. A Hackerspace from Münster, Germany. Mixed group of software, hardware and food Hacker, with a wide range of Interests. Feel free to visit us :)
Village:YARG YARG Village YARG Village means Yet Another Random German Village. Some Participants are members from RaumZeitLabor e.V., a Hackerspace in Mannheim and we will do things we always do (Raspberry Pi Stuff, Arduino Stuff, a little bit of 3D-Printing, etc.)
Village:Yolocation YoloCation Village Yolocation Village will offer services like VM hosting, OpenFTP, a crapload of virtualised resources to play with, old stuff in general and bad music. We bring VW campers, Unimogs, NetApp's and a lot of indepth infra knowledge. Drop by to have a chat!

Datacenter colocation services in the bouwkeet are cancelled, unfortunately. Please contact SHA2017:orga for possible Physical Colocation of your stuff. Apologies!
Village:Z-Wave Z-Wave Hacking with Z-Wave protocol, SDR, Z-Uno, Arduino,...
Village:ZIL131 ZIL131
Village:ctdo Chaostreff Dortmund Village Chaostreff Dortmund
Village:fnordeingang fnordeingang a small german hackerspace
Village:osso osso Bunch of like-minded ppl with tech background. We'll do something fun and will get back to you once we figure out what that is.
Village:tinoobs TI N00bs Bunch of mates. Not really noobs. We think. |-